Fightstick TE control panel screws


Does anyone know the specs on these screws? I want to replace mine with stainless hardware as I’ve only had the stick for a week and I already wore the paint off of the lower left one (my wrist rests on top of it). I haven’t even taken them out yet to see what type they are but if someone already knows I would appreciate it.



give lowes/home depot a try - metric size 4 with a .7 thread count?

they have a screw adapter/sizer guide there
also look up custom fasteners once you officially determine the correct size. i got some a few days ago but my memory is wonky tonight

too much rain here - good luck


We covered this already…

But here – just in case –

I bought new screws online for my HRAP cases.

The screws on the TE sticks use size 3 metric heads (Allen wrench/hex key). Hori HRAP SA/SE sticks use size 4 metric heads (hex key).

What I bought online were size 2.5 (hex key) but worked fine with the HRAP cases. Size diameter screw size as the HRAP SA/SE panel screws.

Not sure where you’re going to find size 3 or 4 cap socket screws (that’s what the control panel screws are called).

People have had success in getting replacement screws for the TE sticks from Mad Catz when they asked…