Fightstick TE on NeoRageX


Okay so you’d think this phenomena would get more attention with all the fighting game enthusiasts who have purchased a fightstick te, but the damn thing doesn’t work with NeoRageX.

We all seem to have the “stick in UP position” problem for the stick direction with trying to play games on NeoRageX. Even with all the fixes for Windows compatibility, this doesn’t seem to change.

Now I know that people are able to get this stick to work with MAME, but the problem is, I just cant get MAME to bloody work ha. MAME32 doesn’t detect games, Kawaks sucks etc etc.

So does anyone have a fix yet?


I had a similar issue with NeoRageX when I tried to get my Virtua Stick High Grades to work. I couln’t get the joystick to register. I ended up using Nebula as an emulator instead.


You guys using the xbox or ps3 TE?


NeorageX won’t register POV switches if you’re using the 360 TE.
You have to use the program PPJoy for it. It will bind keyboard keys onto your joystick.


So how do I go about this? PPJoy doesn’t seem to detect my 360 Stick movements under any setting. It just sits at “Reading Joystick Input” and doesn’t pick up any movements. The sticks DOES work on other programs, mind you. Whats the go… :crybaby:


Try xpadder maybe?


Well on the option of PPJOY, there should be a box where you can enable POV switches.


Do the switches on the TE to make it use analog work?


I’ve tried it on the LS, not RS and it shows it on the PC as an input.


Problem solved

I’ve now gotten the fightstick te to work with NeoRageX.

Firsty I’ll go over why I had to come to this solution.

MAME apparently works fine with Fightstick Input, but finding the games and configuring for each individual game can be a bitch.

NeoRageX is extremely easy to get to work, like classical emulators. However, joystick compatibility doesnt appear to have been updated since NeoRageX 0.9.

I’ve stuck with NeoRageX because of its ease of use, and accessability.

PPJoy has problems detecting your fightstick, hence you will have problems mapping joystick movements to keyboard commands.

Xpadder works 100% with the Fightstick, so mapping joystick movements and commands to keyboard are a breeze. Keep NeoRageX on keyboard input, matching your Xpadder configuration, and problem solved!


why use NeoRageX? does it have games not present in Final Burn Alpha or MAME?