Fightstick that works on Wii and PC?


After lurking these forums for some time, I’ve decided to get a fightstick. I have both a Wii and PC, so I was looking for a stick that would work for both. Originally, I was going to get a TvC stick and an adapter, but then I thought I should get 1 for me and another for my brother. My budget is around $100 in total for both sticks.

I think my best bet would be either 2 Hori Wii Sticks with adapter, or a PS2 Stick (with adapters.) The thing is, I want to upgrade these sticks in the future, but I can’t solder at all. So I would prefer one that are easier to mod, but if they aren’t I’ll need to look for a mod shop in Toronto and get them to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

After searching a bit more, I think I should get a Tekken 5 stick if I do choose the PS2 route. But I need some opinions. What should I go with? Hori Wii or Tekken 5? (or any other PS2 stick) Thanks in advance!

Btw: Hori Wii: 39.99 at Fry’s, so $80USD in total (about $86 CAN)
Tekken 5: I’ve seen for $15 used o.O But I don’t know the true price.
For the Hori Wii, I found a Mayflash Classic Controller to PC adapter I could use. And the PS2 has a lot of converters, lol.


You can use both the TvC and the Hori stick on your PC if you use a program called glovepie. Use google to find out what else you’ll need.


Wii Fightstick

Cool, I just read up about GlovePIE. That would be good, but I don’t have a Bluetooth adapter. I guess I could buy one then, or get a mayflash converter. The adapter would be cheaper though. And LordFu, yeah thats the converter I was talking about. Thanks for confirming it works! I was worried lol.

Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t allow me to buy 2 TvC sticks :frowning: I guess I should get 2 Hori Wii Sticks then. Unless there’s a PS2 stick I can get for cheap that could be easier to mod or something.

Thanks for the input. :slight_smile:


I can’t imagine you getting 2 sticks of Good quality for under $100. If you get the Hori Wii Fightstick, expect one of the button microswitches to die out in 6 months if you use it every day. If it breaks you can replace the microswitches with sanwa buttons switches, but it is not a “simple” swap job.


Really? Darn… Does the Tekken 5 have a similar problem?
Maybe I should get a good stick now, and buy a second one later. But it would be best if I could practice with my brother.

Well, I think the max I could go is $120. (For 2) Would that give me more choices?


T5 sticks have similar mod than the Wii Hori, both are horis with Hori parts, best advise, wait and save a few more bucks and buy 2 TvC sticks, or try the forum outlet, sometimes cheap ps2 sticks appear and can fit your budget.


Hmm…I might do that, but the thing is, my dad is paying for them. I can’t justify $160 for a video game genre to him :frowning:
I managed to convince him to get them for about $100 (maybe $120). So I was thinking to get a Hori Wii and mod it later, but now I’m having second thoughts…