Fightstick turns off after closing USF4

My q4 keeps shutting off when I exit out of USF4 on PC. I have tested the stick extensively and it doesn’t have any problems aside from this one. On a fresh boot on of my pc I can connect my stick, open up USF4 and as soon as I close it the stick turns off as well. The problem is that I replug the stick and the it will power on and blink a few times but then shuts off. I have tested other games such as sf x tekken and KOF and the problem does not occur in those instances.

moving to tech talk

This is very strange. Does it do it every time?

Yes, and without fail. Lately I’ve had success in unplugging the stick and then replugging it in. Before it wouldn’t work at all unless I rebooted.

While I stated before that it wasn’t the stick, something made me question that. I’ve recently been using a Chronosmaxplus with my Xbox ONE TE2 stick on the PC and the problem does not occur on that stick at all.

Does it do it in both ps3 mode and 360 mode? Honestly, if it only does that on usf4 I wouldn’t worry about it. Weird, but nothing worth spending money to resolve IMO.

Yeah it does. Its pretty random as well. It seems like the problem occurs is if I close Ultra and leave the stick plugged in for a while. Then it won’t work at all until I reboot. If I uplug right away theres a chance it will work without a reboot.