Hey, as my name suggests, im new to the fgc and Im looking for a nice octogonal fightstick or an easy mod for around 90 dollars because I also want to purchase tekken 7(total 150) though my price range might change, any suggestions are welcome.

there are stickied topics in this forum that will help you in this decision. I’m not trying to come across as a total asshole, but the mods do issue infractions if you don’t follow the rules.

You’re not getting a PS4 stick with an octo gate for $90 unless you find something pre-owned. Cheapest option is probably a Qanba drone modded with a Sanwa JLF and an octo gate. At that point you may as well add Sanwa buttons too, which well exceeds $90.

You aren’t going to find anything that cheap (all together) unless it’s used

Also nothing comes stock with a Octogate. If anything I urge you to avoid octogates.
If you have to borrow a stick in the future, chances are it be a square gate. Learn how to use a Square Gate

Key is to think in L shape movements instead of circles

If you want to play on an octogate get an octogate. I’ve never had to “borrow” anyones fight stick in all the time I’ve been playing fighting games at tourneys or locals. You should always have backup buttons and if you can afford it a backup lever in case if you’re going to a major tourney which is sounds like may be pretty far down the road for this guy anyway. If you want an octogate, get one. Don’t let anyone else’s opinion deter you from that. With that said, look on Ebay for a used stick and just order the gate for whichever lever the one you orders comes with. You should be able to find a Qanba Q1 or a mayflash or something around your price range. Both of which can be upgraded. But look around on that site and check the Trading area on this site as well. Good luck.

The Drones are about $80 which is in his budget, and you can buy a Sanwa octogate for about $7 dollars.

Though of course personally I’d suggest sticking with square gate.

My old Qanba stick was a real cheap one, and that even came with an octogate to change out if I wanted, so maybe the drone would too?

Also, I’ve had my cheap old Venom arcade stick for nearly a couple of years now and haven’t changed the buttons/stick out from the crappy original ones. I do plan to… but it’s done me fine for all this time and he is new so doesn’t really have to worry about high quality parts just yet.

(I do admit however that I think the stick is holding me back as I think the switches hold a direction for too long even after letting go)

Drone’s stock lever is unique and won’t accept any gates besides the stock one. If he wwnts an octo gate, he needs to buy a JLF.

Better yet, a LS-56. The 56’s characteristics are great for that restrictor profile.