Fightstickasia & qanbashop trustworthy sites to order from?


Looking to buy a sticks from these sites but they look kinda sketchy, anyone know if they’re safe to order from?


I never ordered from them before but I think they should be ok to order from Qanba is a pretty known brand now so I don’t think they would screw you over on purpose.

Why are you choosing these two sites to order from if you’re not sure about them? There are so many other places to order sticks from. They also have their sticks on ebay if you feel like you trust ebay more.


I ordered my Qanba from eightarc, which is probably a safer alternative …


Lol, they are both fine. If you’re in the US, however, there’s no reason at all to order from them, as eightarc offer a superior service and range.


Yea, I just found out was the official distributor, my bad guys XD thanks for the help