Fightsticks in London

dunno if this is the right place to post but here goes.

Been causally looking around London for a few a few weeks now for a SE fight stick and have had no luck in finding any 360 sticks. Found PS3 sticks and asking my local gamestation they seem to think they will be getting more ps3 sticks in the end of april but no 360 sticks.

Anybody know any stores around the London area with any SE 360 fightsticks?


The 360 sticks are pretty hard to come by lately. Seen a few ps3 ones about however.

In the same boat as you m8, been up all round Oxford street, Tot Crt Rd, nowt. so have decide to go with the custom route. :wgrin:

i’ve seen a few for sale on avforums (uk site) lately, people cant get on with them so are getting shot of them for around the retail price

worth having a look there also keep an eye on the official site and amazon, they do keep popping up for the retail price

other alternative is ebay as the price seems to of dropped a little now

i am from belgium, and have orderd my te edition for 360 in a gameshop in my town. i expect it to come out next week.