Fightsticks xone/pc: the situation so far?

Hello everyone!
After few days spent trying to understand what “pro” fighstick would be the perfect one for me, I’ve found that there are few difficult choices and, sadly, there is not a perfect solution (at least for me).
I play KI on XONE, ULtra SF IV on Win 10 and I’m ready to start with SF V and KI on Pc. Until now I played always with a x360 pad, so it’s time to buy a fightstick, maybe the best one working for Xone and Pc

But wow, 200€ in Italy for a mad catz TE2 or Razer Atrox or Hori pro V kai, so maybe it’s better to check which is the best.
And now problems arise…

After a little (not too little) online research, I assumed that the three sticks I mentioned are the only pro solutions, but whereas any fighstick working on the X360 (or in x360 mode, like Hori V kai) would work without problem on PC, sticks for Xone must be remapped to work well in win 10, and only 6 buttons will work 'cause RT and LT are triggers and at the moment WIN 10 doesn’t recognize them, no way.

The situation is the same for both Mad catz TE and razer Atrox, and both companies says that’s Microsoft’s fault.

With SFV and KI arriving to PC something is changing, at least for Mad Catz that has released new drivers for the TE2+ (pc/ps3/ps4) and it seems they work well. But no mention about TE for Xone.

So the only choice I see to obtain a good fighstick working perfectly with Xone and Win 10 is the Hory V Kai, using in x360 mode when playing SFV (and other games) on my pc.
Reviews are quite good even if Hori has not Sanwa components. I read somewhere that Razor Atrox users had few problems. My real regret is for the TE2, that would be my favourite, but not without LT and RT buttons working.

As far as I know this is the situation so far. People using x360, PS3 or PS4 Sticks should be ok playing SFV on win10, Xone players should buy another stick.

I’m not 100% sure about this, can you confirm?

Which fighstick Xone&PC players are going to buy?

thanks and sorry for any mistake, English is not my first language.

When KI released on PC MS promissed it would fix its Xbox one drivers in the near future. So if youre patient an Xbox one stick should work on PC sooner or later.
Another option is to buy a last gen stick for cheap then install a Brook Ufb in it.

Last Hori Hrap work with X1/X360 and PC sadly it doesn’t have the new Hayabusa butons.

You’re right, this is the only reason I’ve been waiting so long for Microsoft XONE update (at the moment the MadCatz TE2 is still my first choice, for Sanwa buttons)
If the Hori had the new hayabusa buttons (I’ve read the specific thread and your comments about it) I would go for it.
Maybe in the future Hori will build a stick for XONE/PC with these buttons, and that would be a good alternative (or there is one already?)

Personally I’d buy a Qanba Q4raf. Dual modded, and it identifies exactly as an Xbox 360 controller, complete with both the LS and RS analog axis (RS is not selectable or usable, LS can be used with the mode switch), and in PS3 mode, it identifies as a Qanba joystick plus (or something) on the PC natively, works without drivers (but would need xoutput or X360ce to work in SF5 in PS3/PC mode). The nice thing about the PS3 mode is, all of the buttons are buttons now, instead of LT/RT being Z axis, so older games would be able to use them (The Xbox 360 trigger buttons are difficult for some non xinput games to identify), and you STILL have the mode switch to switch to analog mode, so old, good stuff like SF2 hyper fighting on Callus can work on a Qanba in PS3/PC mode without having to use Joy2key to deal with the problematic trigger “Z axis” or any other tools.

the PS3 mode mapped as pure buttons and still being able to use the analog axis for the joystick is far more useful than I would have ever imagined.

You still have the option of a brook adapter or PCB UFB if you ever want to actually use a console.