I just picked up a HORI PRO ex FOR THE 360 from play n trade san jose
just letting everybody know they have hella fightsticks
they got the hori pro ex for the 360 and the hori fighting stick ex 2 for the 360

i also saw a lot of the real arcade pro 3SA’S in stock too for the ps3, good shit.
that asian guy there was really helpful too, bought a few buttons so i can mod this stick.

we played a couple of rounds too, those guys are pretty good.

Gotta check that out. Where in San jose

by little ceasars, silver creek plaza
1807 E Capitol Expy, San Jose.

how much for that 360 hori? non modded

what’s the return policy?

anyone check this out yet? hrap ex would be so nice

i was at their store today.

they got a shit load of new sanwa buttons now, purple pink red white gray, too many to list. good stuff

Buttons are 6 bucks though =(

there are better alternatives on this site…

but if you can’t wait, you can’t wait.

awesome stuff

people are great i had good service they were even offering modding service!!! :smokin: $6 a button i really dont mind rather than waiting 2/3weeks online we got a local store here in the bayarea even jlf sticks and different colored ball tops you cant complain about that i love how they had a variety of colored buttons from passion red, light blue, solid purple, neon green, yellow, gray, pink, orange, light red, and white:wow:!!! and they even have octagonal gates THANKS WHOOISODIS!!:wow: got everything modded and im loving my fightstick!!!I feel satisfied!!

dude they even have HRAP SA 2!!! sooo clean^-^

does anyone know if the have JLFs there or just the buttons?

How much are the HRAP 3 SA?
Is it really HRAP 3 SA, or HRAP 3 with the SA stick and Hori buttons?

I am going to probably buy one since the TE stick doesn’t work with PS2 games or Tekken 5 DR.

+1 thanks

i just got back from play and trade and i must say this is prob. the best game store around. they have all the best stuff.

$6 a button is kinda crazy, maybe they’re ordering from lizardlick or something–then it would make sense. anyway, good to know. thanks for the headsup.