Figthing with makoto

…who get’s owned ?? oro with sa2 and sa 3 or makoto with sa2 and sa1 …

how to do that with oro against makoto , all i know was air throw and air parry this bitch … still ain’t working

SA2 may be the way to go here, Makoto is best played up close and cornering the opponent. That just happens to be what Oro needs for his unblockables…

As shown in Jinrai’s video, low fierce beats her low forward cleanly. As far as anti-airs go, I am not sure…haven’t found a real solution to her j.forward other than parry. Maybe go for dash-under and try to land s.strong.

As Streak has pointed out, short chicken feet is a perfect anti-throw move. Use it whenever you think she’ll go for command grab.

Um…not really a whole lot more to say, playing and fighting her comes down mostly to yomi.


I feel pretty confident going air to air against Makoto. I do a lot of jumping straight up and popping out a quick j.RK if they jump, or landing with j.RK if they dash in, or double jumping.

Also I think a blocked Hayate gets you a free xx fp command grab.

keep distance and pop roundhouse kicks :eek:

Actually, if you block her dash punch, you MAY be able to walk forward slightly and get a free s.strong. I don’t know, though.


And when they figure out to jump forward and parry that, airthrow that shit. :smiley:

oh yeah not to forgot that makoto take stun quite easily as chun …

  1. air throw her alot
  2. i think sa1 is needed sometime , the ex 1 i mean
  3. sa3 …

what are some of oro’s tougher matches? i know he does so well against ken, but does he do well against chun li also? who else gives him a tough time?


I think Oro’s worst matchup is Ken. All he has to do is turtle and Oro’s screwed. As for the unblockable loop, good luck launching him…

There was a vid a-cho once where Ken just stood there in his idle animation for several seconds at a time, waiting for Oro to dash in and eat a ducking Forward XX Shippu on reaction.

Naw, Chun is worse (the one character that truly scares me). They play a similar way in this matchup, but:

  1. Chun has a better low forward and super than Ken.

  2. Chun has better pokes than Ken.

  3. The unblockable loop is damn near impossible to get consistently on Chun, whereas it’s quite easy on Ken.

Ken ain’t fun, but I think Chun is noticeably worse (at least 6.5/3.5 in her favor IMO). Your only chance at beating her is successfully trapping her in a Tengu Stone blocked string every time you get meter.

EDIT: The problem here is that, because of his unblockable loops, Oro is theoretically the best character in the game. Based on this he beats every character, but in reality the problem is that you usually need a lucky parry in order to land that loop; this gets more and more difficult to do as you reach higher levels of competition.

BTW, I think this is also why you virtually never see Japanese players use the Tengu Stone combos from s.strong. They require the same luck to land.


Oro vs Chun is bad too, but I feel that she’s slightly more beatable than Ken. If Oro/Chun is 3.5/6.5, then Oro/Ken is at least 3/7. But that’s just my possibly uninformed opinion.

On a useless note, Oro has a true 100% combo on Chun-Li only… :wink:

EDIT: And in theory, C-Kim and S-Kyosuke are the best characters in CvS2.

Hm, the thing is that I’ve never played against a Ken who knows to whore low strong against me. That’s a poke I don’t know any answer to, but the rest of his stuff is manageable at least somewhat.

And vs. Chun, I may just not know certain priorities that would help. Need to test some things in that matchup further…

EDIT: You are absolutely right. Also, Dark Sakura is the best character in Marvel. :wink: