Figuring links out


sorry if thins has been answered but i read the execution guide and never seen anything answering this. how do you figure what combos as far as links go i mean if I’m try to figure a combo out if i hit the second button and it doesn’t come out I’m too early buut how do i know that move combos at all?


So, on a technical level you could look at frame data and figure it out from there based on recovery frames and start up frames and all that good stuff.

On a practical level, it’s all already done for you. Go to the character specific forums and look into the general FAQ thread or the Combo thread for you character. Most likely every combo will be listed.


so just sitting there and figuring it out is out of the question?


Given that one frame links exist…yes.


You could figure out some basic ones, sure, it’s not impossible. It’s just not worth the time and effort IMO though, especially not when you can find out literally every link, cancel and FADC combo simply by going to the correct thread.


also can anyone slink any 3rd strike guides just started playing that there is plenty of ssf4 but no 3rd strike

#7 - That has some basic parry guides and guides on a few (sadly not all) characters.


Look for C-Royd’s 3S tutorial videos and Renic’s character guides. - e.g. on Renic’s videos. - e.g. on C-Royd.

There’s a lot more than these two.



You can figure out whether two attacks will link by viewing your character’s frame data.

By looking at this page, you can see that Ryu has several attacks which leave him at +5 on hit. That means any attack with 5F or less startup can be linked afterwards, with 5F moves being frame-perfect (1F) links.


He asked about sitting in training mode and figuring things out by trial and error, not looking things up on the table.