Figuring out Links, Combos, etc

I was wondering how do you guys find out links, combos, infinties, etc. without developers giving you the info. Just mess around and find it? read frame data? talk to secret agents? What be going on?

My guess is that it’s just pure messing around.

its all about understanding the game mechanics. basic sf4 combos consist of chains/(super)cancels, links, and/or juggles. chains are pretty much set in stone, and most of them are fairly common knowledge. links are a bit more advanced, you can either just spend time in training mode or read frame data. juggles (imo) are some of the more cooler things to mess around with and definitely require a bit more in-depth research and training mode. on top of that you have fadc & fac options which can be pretty flexible. once you understand the basic mechanics, just go crazy and experiment. but to be honest, sf4’s combo system isn’t all that complicated.

Yeah I figured.

When it comes to a game…let’s say alpha 3 or Capcom vs SNK, does the same apply?

well actually I didn’t understand much of anything until i joined SRK.

whats the best way to get down the timing though on links or cancels, I heard you can use a metronome but that did not work.

Just keep on practicing. Remember, a link is when you press the normal after the other recovers so you already have kind of an idea to when to press it.

The best way to get down links is straight up muscle memory and repetition. If a visual cue helps that is great.

Repetition, repetition, repetition. Do the combo 10 times in a row - if you mess up, start over.

I have heard stories about pro players doing 100 reps per combo in Training Mode - that’s not to say that you should try that many, but just to give you an idea as to the repetition.

Also, this is a bit more of an advanced technique, but you may want to look into plinking or double-tapping at some point if your execution is decent and you are still having trouble with one-frame links.