File recovery programs

Quick question. Do these really work?

I got an old computer that screwed up and I ended up reformatted winxp multiple times on it. The problem was really the graphics card and I made it worst by reforming with a scraped up winxp home disc, which happened while tilting the computer while the disc was running. SMART (Another question: will disk doctor fix this?). I had a lot of text files that I’d like back. It’s been sitting down stairs collecting dust for a few years now. Should I just give up?

Uh… did you put these files on there after the last time you reformatted? Because that completely wipes out the drive of everthing.

Wrong Forum =\

Nope, just reformatted a bunch of times. Windows doesn’t start now tho. I need to get the windows xp disk fixed or the comp is just going to sit there. I’m not buying windows again. That’s why I want to know if I can recover the files, otherwise, I won’t bother.

Didn’t used to be.

File recovery programs like Easy Recovery do work. They can even recover formatted files. However in this case you will need to pull the drive and put into a working PC and run the program from there since this PC won’t start.

As for disk doctor - it should repair the XP disk as well.