File Recovery/Undelete Programs?

Okay, so I finally got my internet connection working, but in the process alot of my files had to be wiped out and promptly deleted [a unwelcome cost of getting my internet working again]. So I have to ask, is there any file recovery/ undelete programs that I could use that would be of great help to me.

There are loads of file recovery programs out there, the problem you face is none are free and none are cheap either really. Also (obviously) it’s not guaranteed to get you your files back. It’s hit or miss really.

Actually there are some freeware programs which will do that, although none (not even the non-free ones) are 100% reliable.

Sadly I don’t know the name for the recovery program I used back when I accidentally wiped my complete external drive, but it was quite good. I was able to get back most of my MP3s, images and RAR-/ZIP-archives.

I think the name was something with “Photo Recovery” and it was a DOS program (but it worked flawlessly via DOSbox).

That’s all I have right now.

you should restore your files to a separate drive so you don’t overwrite what you are trying to recover.

this is free and pretty good ->

oh god

just wondering, is there any free software better than recuva in 2013? because of the recycle bin’s size limit that i didn’t know about, a few gigs of files couldn’t be restored from the bin and just disappeared entirely since so much was sent to it at once. i’m running a deep scan with recuva now, but a few preliminary scans with it turned up nothing.

next day edit: after running several full scans with different settings in recuva and glary undelete, none of the files i lost are showing up. in the results, it sometimes shows really obscure files that i deleted eons ago. but the big files i deleted last night aren’t listed anywhere. god damn windows.