Files required to get MVC2 on PC?

Anyone have some sort of guide to get this game working on PC?
I want to play this on PC, but im not sure how.
I’m guessing you need a emulator and the rom itself…

Thanks in advance. :lovin:

I just got this about a month ago. I think there are different programs you can use, but the one that I use is called NullDC. If you have MAME, there are usually some players who are willing to help you. Just look for those who are hosting up a game of MvC2 or ask. From what I hear and from my own experience, the lag sucks really bad. MvC2 + lag = I’m sorry, but I can’t do this.

I don’t use it to actually play anyone because of what I mentioned above, but it is useful in testing out your custom mixes before burning them to a disc. :tup:

p.s. Keep searching. I have seen some guys post vids on Youtube where they are playing MvC2 on their Vista OS, and it runs very smoothly and looks clean as a whistle (lol), but they mention how they can only play for like 20-30mins before needing to turn their comp off in danger of over-heating.

Over heating, wow really?
I have an OK pc i guess, would a 7900GT be suffice?

You mentioned you got it a months ago, could you post some download links?
Btw, i have MAME, but i dont think there is a rom for it yet.

Well, it’s not for MAME, but when I was playing on MAME, I ended up chatting with a guy who had hosted MvC2 for NullDC on some sort of fileshare. He had the program and the image in one package so it was pretty cool.

Damn, if your comp runs Pacific Fighters at 80% function, then it might do MvC2 pretty ok. It would then be up to who you were playing and where they were. It seems to play ok for this guy (entertaining commentating lol):

Just keep looking around though. Can’t really do too much else. I’ll leave it at that as you might be advised to direct this thread to the tech talk or pc games thread. Not sure, but be advised.

Is that the only way to do it?
Seems so confusing :S

How’d you get it working on PC? You can PM me if you wish…


PM sent.

I’d be careful about what you discuss here…

If anyone wants it, Pm me.

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works perfectly on my pc, no slowdown at all, but sometimes the sound glitches up and i have to pause+unpause to fix it. then again, im running xp with a 8800GTX, quad6600, and 2 gigs of ram