Filia Basics & Combo Thread - Bad Hair Day!


This is my go-to BnB, works in Slightly Different Edition and the current PC beta (8-17-2013). Adjust the ending based on how you see fit.

airdash jHP, jHK
jLP, jMP, jMK xx airdash jMP, jHK
jLK, jMP, jMK xx HK hairball
ground dash cancel *
MP, cHP xx HK hairball xx Gregor Samson (QCB KK)
LP updo xx Fenrir Drive (DP PP)

I will come back and update a bit when Skullheart is back online. Most of the stuff below should be more or less the same, with the exception of the ringlet loop.


Let’s organize all of the information for Filia combos here. There are just [S]two[/S] three rules:

[]Use a damage ratio of 1.00. For reference, 1v1, 2v2, 3v1 and 3v2 all give a 1.0 damage multiplier.
]Say which character(s) you tested this combo on; some characters are heavier than others and air combos may or may not drop.
[*]Make the combos easy to read. If you just bunch up a ton of information I’ll possibly ignore it. I can’t be bothered to decipher what you mean if you’re unorganized. I’m not trying to be rude, I just don’t want to have to spend ~2 hours in training mode because you were unclear about what you meant.
Preface (Please Read First!)
Since the combo system in Skullgirls is so free and open, this thread will be a little different from combo threads for other games. I’m going to list the most reliable ways to put your opponent in a certain state, then a BnB combining them all, followed by more advanced combos. Any move followed by a number means the amount of hits you should be letting the move hit for (in the case of multihit attacks.) The syntax for combos is going to be Street Fighter style, with a newline being put after every segment that IPS recognized segment/chain; meaning you can mix and match chains to your will.
This should allow players to figure out what they want to do with the character, instead of following every combo to a tee.

Filia Basics

Getting In:
IAD j.HP, j.HK*
IAD j.HK**
IAD j.LK***

  • Basic high damage attack. Hits high, so it works on crouching opponents, and if you train your opponent to block low you can mix them up with this for ~3000 damage at the start of a combo.
    ** j.HK lifts Filia’s hitbox up a little bit, so against certain characters this can cause a crossup. I haven’t figured out how to follow this up though, so if anyone else has please reply to the thread and quote me
    *** Apparently can crossup like a Magneto tridash. I have yet to get this to work reliably in a match, but if you can reply and quote me

Reliable Crossup:

No idea. j.LK, j.MP, and j.HK all cross up but I can’t actually figure out how to score a combo with them outside of training mode. Reply and quote me if you know a good, tested and reliable way to crossup.

Reliable Restand:
(j.LP/j.LK), j.MP(3-5), j.MK(2), airdash,*
j.MP*, j.HK*

  • Using a light stops your opponents upward moment. Use this to get the right positioning.
    ** This should put the opponent either at a restand or very close to a restand. Make sure to put them low enough so that the j.HK won’t cause a ground bounce.

dp.P, qcb.KK*
st.HP, [hold up-forward for follow up]

  • Use the invincibility frames on Filia’s uppercut to score the hit, and confirm it into super for good damage and the possibility to follow up.
    If anyone knows more reliable ways to anti air, reply and quote me

Meterless Combo Ender:
[…], st.HK, qcf.P*

  • Use different strengths based on your distance from the corner. LP is if you are in the corner already, MP is if you are near, and HP is if you are mid-screen.

Go-To Ground Bounce:
j.HP, airdash
(j.LK/j.LP), j.HK

Note: In many situations this can be teched. I haven’t quite figured it out yet (damn you lack of training mode options!), but hopefully when we get a decent training mode I can hit the labs to make this viable.

Let’s Combine it All! Bread and Butter!
st.LP, st.LK, st.MK, st.HP,
j.LP****, j.MP, j.MK xx airdash, *
j.MP, j.HK*****, *
st.LP, st.MK, st.HP, *
*** xx airdash, *
*j.LK, j.HK, *
cr.LK, st.MK, st.HK xx qcf.P***********

***** Timing varies per character. Generally, you want your opponent slightly lower than your jump arc so you can connect with all 6 hits on j.MP
****** Should restand
******* Usually done at the arc of Filia’s jump (as close to the last moment possible as you can). Note: This is particularly hard to time on Cerebella
******** Strength based on the distance your opponent will fly/how close you are to the corner at this point

Damage: 4417
On j.HP, j.HK jump-in: 5755

Works on: Ms. Fortune, Peacock, Filia, Cerebella, Valentine, Parasoul

Double: The ringlet at the end whiffs (as does anything else you can do after the st.HK). You can replace the last st.HK with a HK Hairball if you plan on following up with a super.
Damage: 4282

Painwheel: Due to her tiny hitbox, MK into HP whiffs. Skip the standing medium kicks; otherwise the combo works as advertised.
Damage: 4110

SRK Community Combos

The following combos have been submitted by other members of the SRK forums. If I didn’t give you credit I apologize, you can bug me for credit if you’d like

Alternate BnB
Credit to douglam.

*cr.LP, cr.MK, st.HP, *
*j.HP xx airdash, *
j.LK, j.HK, *
OTG cr.LK, st.HP, *
j.LP xx airdash, *
j.MP, *
cr.LP, cr.MP
, *
j.MK xx qcb.HK

Corner Loop
Credit to Genow.

(st.LP/c.LP/st.LK/c.LK), st.MP, st.MK, cr.HP xx qcf.LP

Alternate Corner Combo (High Damage Yield)
Credit to Ened.

OTG cr.MK, cr.HP xx qcf.LP, st.MP, st.MK, cr.HP xx qcf.LP, cr.LK, st.MP, st.MK, st.HP xx qcf.LP, qcf.LP, st.MP, st.MK, cr.HP xx qcf.LP, st.LK (restand) st.MP, st.MK, st.HP, j.HK xx airdash, j.LK j.HP, st.LP, st.MP, st.MK, st.HK xx [srk.HP xx srk.PP] / [qcb.HK xx qcb.KK, srk.HP xx srk.PP]

7630/8470 damage

vs. Double:
OTG st.MP, st.MK, cr.HP xx qcf.LP, st.LK (restand) st.MP, st.MK, st.HP, j.HK xx airdash, j.LK j.HP, st.LP, st.MP, st.MK, st.HK xx [srk.HP xx srk.PP] / [xx qcb.KK, qcb.HK xx srk.PP]

6400/6820 damage

Corner Juggle
Credit to maziodyne. Stolen from

[j.HP, j.HK, cr.LP~LP, cr.LK, cr.MP], cr.HP, st.MK, cr.HP, st.MP, st.MK, cr.HP, st.LK, st.MP, st.MK, cr.HP, st.LP~LP, st.MP, st.MK, cr.HP xx qcf.LP, cr.LP, cr.LP, st.MP, st.MK, cr.HP xx qcf.LP, st.HP, j.LK, j.MK xx qcf.HK xx qcb.KK

/ = or. This sequence should work on every char that isn’t Cerebella or Double

Loop = MP > MK > cr.HP > LP Ringlet

Corner throw combo/ anything into HK > OTG cr.LK > Loop > LK > Loop >

If the combo didn’t start with cr.LP or LP follow with cr.LP/st.LP > LK > Loop >

HP > j.LK/LP > j.MP > airdash > j.LK/LP > j.MP > Land LPP

If you want air hairball stuff: HP > j.MK (2) > HK Hairball

if you want to leave them in the air after air hairball to throw them: cr.MP > HP > j.MK(2) > HK Hairball

If you want them grounded to do a throw assist reset, call mortuary drop/etc while you input LP, press LK and watch magic unfold.

This is, uh, super confusing and I’ll organize it better and add damage values in a bit

It’s not possible to use a damage ratio of 1.0 if your combo takes two assists. Standard should probably be something else.
EDIT: I am dumb.


Damage: “This combo is a showstopper!”

Lies. Try a team of three versus team of two!

also, a combo

cr.LP, cr.MK, st.HP jc j.HP adc j.LK, j.HK otg cr.LK, st.HP jc j.LP adc j.MP, cr.LP, cr.MP jc j.MK qcb.HK
Damage: 4184
Works on: Double, Filia, Ms. Fortune, Painwheel, Peacock, Valentine

Replace cr.LP, cr.MP with st.MK, st.HP to make it work on Parasoul!
Replace cr.LP, cr.MP with st.LP, st.HP to make it work on Cerebella!

SUPER confusing. I just put the basic loop up in the OP.

It’s important to note LK should be used before the LPs … as doing cr.LP > LK will make it count as LK having started the chain, as well.

In heavier characters, the loop becomes xxx > LK > let them land cr.MP > cr.HP

Instead of complicating things further, I just appended your note after the combo. Thanks for the heads up.

thanks. I’m sorry for being an unorganized mess lol

Here’s a corner throw combo. Works vs. anyone except Double, the 2LK section is really hard vs. some (might be impossible vs. Cere).

otg 5MK 2HP xx 236LP, 5MP 5MK 2HP xx 236LP, 2LK 5MP 5MK 2HP xx 236LP, 2LP 5MP 5MK 2HP xx 236LP, 5LK (restand) 5MP 5MK 5HP, j.HK AD j.LK j.HP, 5LP 5MP 5MK 5HK xx [623HP xx 623PP] / [214HK xx 214KK, 623HP xx 623PP]. 7630/8470

Timing of the loop is different for every character, vs. Cere do everything as fast as possible, vs. lighter ones (especially Peacock) delay 236 LP after 2HP and juggle them really close to the ground . 5LK has a huge amount of hitsun so it’s really easy to restand with.

vs. Double:
otg 5MP 5MK 2HP xx 236LP, 5LK (restand) 5MP 5MK 5HP, j.HK AD j.LK j.HP, 5LP 5MP 5MK 5HK xx [623HP xx 623PP] / [xx 214KK, 214HK xx 623PP] . 6400/6820

Double drops so fast that I couldn’t get HP updo to connect after Gregor Samson. Also for some reason ending the combo with 5HK xx 214HK xx 214KK, 214MK xx 623PP doesn’t work because MK hairball triggers IPS. This might be a bug because you can substitute hairballs with updos and it’ll work.

We’d definitely need the first post to have every combos under spoilers with videos.

cr.LP, cr.MK, st.HP jc j.HP adc j.LK, j.HK otg cr.LK, st.HP jc >>> j.LP adc j.MP <<<<, cr.LP, cr.MP jc j.MK qcb.HK

How the hell do I make this work? Been sitting here for 30mins trying this combo but I can’t get that j.lp adc jmp part down for shit.

Launch, jump forward, do a j.LP and right while that is hitting hit LP+MP together for a dash, then hit MP again. I got it to work on my second try.

You could also try doing LP+HP for your airdash, so you don’t have to lift any fingers to press j.MP.

Also Pobega: You might want to update how the combo works on Cerebella with modifications and everyone else.

We should also find a midscreen combo that doesn’t use an OTG, so we can abuse post DHC combos after Fenrir.

Honestly, damage-wise I feel like using up the OTG early in the combo yields more damage. You can launch into j.HP xx airdash, j.LK, j.HK for pretty decent damage (in training mode, that ALONE does 3085 from a raw HP launcher). Anyway, doesn’t DHCing reset your OTG counter? I thought you get one OTG per character?

Original post updated. You have to let me know when you edit your posts, SRK doesn’t magically update me :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, you only get one OTG per combo, but if you save your OTG, you could do the DP super and DHC into a super that whiffs. (like valentine’s scalpels or catelites) Then you should be able to do another combo by OTGing them when they land. Since DHCing resets the damage scaling back to 80%, it should yield huge damage!

The main issue I can see if that the only useful restand tool Filia has is her j.MP, and that causes heavy damage scaling (and eats up two combos in the air).

Though I guess using a DHC to reset the scaling to 80% would be a fantastic way to spend two meters.

What about something like this?

st.LP~LP, st.HP, j.MP, j.MK xx airdash, j.MP, j.HK, cr.LP, cr.MK, st.HP xx srk.PP

Works on everyone - 1/2/3 Meters = ~4.6/5.7/6.9k damage

:d:+:lk: > :d:+:mp: > :hp: xx Jump Forward, Air :mp:(5 hits) > :mk: xx Air Dash Forward, :mp:(5 hits), Land, :lp: > :d:+:mp: > :hp: xx Jump Forward, Air :lp: > :mp:(3 hits) > :mk: xx :qcb:+:lk: xx :qcb:+:k::k:, Land, Dash Forward, :mp: > :mk: > :hp: xx Jump Forward, Air :lk: > :mp:(5 hits) > :mk: xx :qcb:+:lk: xx :qcb:+:k::k:, Land, Dash Forward, :lp: > :mp: > :mk: > :d:+:hp: xx :qcb:+:hk: xx :dp:+:p::p:

Character specific versions of the above combo below:




Midscreen Combo vs Double (4.3K without super, with super it’s around 5.5.k and carries from corner to corner)

cr.LP > (LK if you want to hit confirm) cr.MP > airdash j.MP > j.HK (re-stands) > cr.LP > cr.MP > delayed cr.HP > Dash cr.LK > HP > j.LK > j.MP > Airdash > j.LP > j.MP > j.HK (Re-stands) > LPP > LK > MP > MK > cr.HP > HK Hairball

if you want air hairball oki just do MK > HP > j.MK > HK hairball at the end

I don’t understand what you mean, care to explain? Notation seems right and the combo works. AD=air dash obv.