Filia General Resets and Mixups




You can always combo into an air hairball after a successful air to ground hit of I have yet to see a time where you can’t do it.

In any case, I am confused. If you are hitting them out of the air with, could they just tech roll away?


After the delay, you should be close enough to the floor to score a free OTG.

Edit: I’m not ONE HUNDRED percent sure though, I have no one to help me test and the lack of training mode options is making me salty. But it seems to work pretty well whenever I throw it at the end of a combo online.

Edit2: Just tested with a room mate. It seems restands are better than ground bounces for continuing a combo; but if you get a ground bounce you can link it into cr.LK with the proper timing.


Maybe we can turn this into a reset thread.

j.HP, airdash

After the j.LP if you land and hold forward, you will cross under and can reset with a c.LK. Alternatively, you can land and not walk forward once they start to block correctly for a left/right mixup. If you mix this up with the OP’s reset, it should get pretty damn confusing for the opponent.


cr.MP > jMP > (delay so the combo drops) > j.LK > IAD > j.LK > Land LP will let you get a combo in (Tested on PW, gtg but will test on rest later)


Just tried this out myself, glad it works on peacock and painwheele because those two always seem weasel out of filia combos because of how small and light they are. Just wish I could confirm if you can indeed combo after it.


I believe it’s situational for whether it’s techable or not. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Because of that, I’d use it as either a last resort, or a way to get a quick unscaled ~1000 damage as a finisher.


Ah… can someone make a video of this? Im not too sure if im doing this right.


Basically what happens:

You launch with HP, do a j.HP air dash j.LK then you delay the j.HK so that you cross under them and hit them from the opposite side.


I assume this is known, but w/e

*delay *j.LP > j.MP > j.MK (1 hit) xx AD

depending on timing of the AD, the j.MP hits normal or crossup.
Works on Painwheel, haven’t tested yet on anybody else.


So, should I turn this into the generic Filia reset thread? I mean, as a reset-based character she’s probably going to need one. Unless we want to keep it a trade secret, of course.


Yeah, make it an complete Reset Thread. Though it’s probably going to be overloaded really fast.
It’s amazing how often I get crossup resets because I suck and drop my combo.

E: Also I’m beginning to think it’s better to go for Air Resets than grounded ones.
While one has much less reset options here (left/right/throw instead of highleft/lowleft/highright/lowright/throw):

  • It’s less telegraphed (you can reset at pretty much any point during an air combo; so opponent never knows when to expect it; the grounded ones are “I’m going to reset you now, try to defend”),
  • Throw is actually useful (at least I haven’t found anything to follow up a grounded throw with outside of the corner, and airthrow goes into HK Hairball > Samson > s.HP > another Aircombo/reset)
  • And one can deal more guaranteed damage - restand happens fairly early and if you include crossunder resets this generally means your combo only deals ~2600 damage meaning you need a LOT of resets; if you continue after the restand you can deal ~3500 before resetting.


Dropped your combo? No… no … that was intentional


I posted this one in another thread but I’ll put it here too. I use double’s hornet bomber but should work with other assists.

After a HP launcher, I cancel it into a delayed HK Hairball and call in hornet bomber at the same time. The hairball causes me to cross under to the other side so hornet bomber crosses up. Mix it up with LK hairball to make it ambiguous on what side you will be.

A variant is c.MP launcher and using c.HK to slide under them and call in the assist.


Have you tried Ground throw > HP Ringlet Spike > Gregor Sampson??


OK, thread updated. For now I’m just quoting everyone’s individual posts, I’ll be fixing everything to look prettier soon.


Oh god this is so good. Much, much love.


Alternatively, if you want to make this easier chain the j.LP into j.MK. The MK will whiff and you’ll land sooner giving you more time to cross under


Some resets I found fuckling around in the lab. Might be shit, might be decent, haven’t tested em out too much yet.
No-assist version of the double assist crossunder reset:, s.hp, hk hairball, dp.pp. Or,,, dp.pp.
Costs meter of course but its an option if you lose your assist. You can delay to choose which side you want the super to go off on, and since the super has zero frames of startup(according to the srk wiki) the enemy has to choose a side to block on preemptively, making it a true 50/50. If you cancel into the super too early you will cross under them and the super will continue the combo, although this can be useful if you are comboing them out of the corner and want to put them back in it.

In the corner:, sj adf, air throw, air mk hairball, air throw, air super.
Airball OTGs them, and will put them high enough to air throw usually. Use a instead of the throw after the hairball if you think they are getting wise to it.

Random midscreen reset: s.hp, sj hk, adf
Like the corner combo, the lk will hit them after the, preventing the ground bounce. Unlike the corner combo, it lands you on a random side. If you hit them on the front, you can air chain and continue the combo. Otherwise, free crossup.

Not really a reset/SF style oki set-up: If you end a combo with a on an airborne opponent(such as after a without having used an otg, the knockdown will be untechable. I shouldn’t have to elaborate on the usefulness of this ability.

Note, these setups should work on every character but the timing varies and on some characters like Cerebella, a few seem almost impossible to hit sometimes. The cross-under reset is one unfortunate case. I’ll update later if I see that they fail on other characters.


might as well post stuff i find here…though it seems like this forum is dead until the patch hits.

Corner cross-under reset: OTG, hit),, call assist or DP super.
Works on all characters except for double, filia, and ms.fortune. Setup is a bit different on parasoul, you need to do a OTG, hits), It still a bit inconsistent but this is the best way I’ve found to do it. I’ve only tested this setup off throw, but it should work off any move that puts their ass on the ground.


in the corner. Have only tested on Valentine so far.,, s.hp drop combo here jump forward air grab, heavy airborne hairball, fenrir drive.

You have to figure out the timing on the air grab on your own but what I can tell you is that they have to be as low to the ground as possibly for the combo to continue after the air grab. Whether or not fenrir drive comes out, is dependent on how low your air grab was, and how many hits of hairball actually landed. The fenrir drive just barely counts as a cancel. Wish I had recording equipment so I could put a video :frowning: