Fillia Assist Thread: Because the Dynamic Duo can't do it alone



I would like to make this a thread primarily discussing assists that help Fillia and what assists Fillia can use to help others on your team.

I’ll update this post with stuff as we find it.

EDIT: Updated! tell me if there is anything wrong or broke or something.

Good Fillia Assists
HP Updo - DP+HP - great get off of me, can follow up with a combo from point character.
LP Updo - DP+LP - the DP that I personally use, its safer and can be used in pressure after an unsafe move to stuff counter-hit pokes or jump outs and can also be followed up.
HK Hariball - QCB + HK - good for a lot of stuff including pressure or allowing for mix-up. Can also be used in combos, though the scaling might not be the best.


Cerecopter DP+HP. This is a pretty good assist.


Hornet Bomber DP+kicks - gets people off of Fillia, can be used to be help with pressure and mixup. HK version can be crouched under, but has longer range, LK cannot be crouched under. Choose wisely.


PAINWHEEL (Cruel Lilly). Combo extender and blockstring extender. good stuff.


Napalm Pillar (charge down, up+kick) - this does everything you can possibly think of or more.
Video reference guide!

Naplam Shot (charge back, forward + punch)
Combos at 0:44

Assists for Parasoul
HK hairball. Applies pressure and lets Parasoul do stupid low-high mix-up.


George’s day out?


Mortuary Drop qcb + throw - ticks throws after pressure strings, resets, etc etc
Savage Bypass - qcf+kicks - good for pressure and forcing people to block puts people into the corner.


At the moment I’m using Valentine’s Mortuary drop as a tick throw, but it’s not particularly safe for Valentine if the opponent likes to press buttons. I try to use it during a string so that the throw goes off right as they come out of blockstun.


well obviously double’s hornet bomber
even without the invin
it has to be respected, has to be jumped or crouched under, or blocked; if it’s jumped we do pretty decent air to air so it’s not that bad. if it’s crouched well with filia’s air mobility that’s a free overhead. if they block it then because it’s active for so long you get multiple mixups from it
that’s using it offensively
defensively it’s a great get off me move, that spaces the opponent away from you if they do block it


Parasoul’s Napalm Pillar (charge down, up+kick)

Fantastic AA, tons of invincibility, and can be used to crossup if you do an IAD over the opponent.


I don’t think HK version is the best for Filia. Opponents can crouch it after the 1st hit and escape. Also you can’t really convert into a combo if it hits midscreen. You can super but that’s about it.

I think LK Hornet Bomber is the best version (most of the time). You get a combo after LP~MK(call assist), LK even midscreen, it can’t be crouched under and keeps them in blockstun forever. You get to do what ever you want if they block it. Also it has some invincibility so it’s also ok anti air. For matchups where you can get in without too much effort it’s the best version IMO.

Versus Peacock or Parasoul backed with Hornet Bomber, using the MK version might be a better choice because HK HB beats LK HB for free when called around the same time (right now at least, this might change if they remove invin from HK version). MK version helps you get in and it goes pretty much even with HK HB, who wins depends on who called first etc. Also you get a combo if it hits midscreen, unlike HK. I haven’t played against good Doublecocks though, just testing in training mode.


I’m running Filia and Peacock. Peacock is lacking an AA so im running updo as my assist ( haven’t decided which version will work best yet). Peacock has great projectile assists but i dunno which one will match Filia best. Her s.Hp does a hit when she pulls the gun out and then shoots which is nice, but i kinda like her bombs too. Her item drop tracks and could be nasty for resets and possibly combo extension, but i need to experiment with it more. I wish you could input Bang!Bang!Bang! to do multiple shots instead of just one from the qcf.Hp version.


I’m also having trouble determining the best version of Updo to use, been going with M just because it was in the middle.


I was just messing around in training mode with Filia and Painwheel, I must say I found a fantastic use with Painwheel Lily) assist:
In the corner here’s what you can do:
IAD j.hp, assist), j.hp IAD j.hp, and then whatever you want. It’s a 4086(depending on your timing it can vary, if you do it really fast you’ll get more damages, if you hit after Painwheel’s last hit you’ll get less damages) damages starter anywhere on screen for a combo, which is huge. Now since I only know Filia’s crappy combo here’s how much damages it did:
(corner)IAD j.hp, (call assist), j.hp IAD j.hp,,,,,, xx HP updo xx fenrir for 6702 damages which is pretty good for a crap combo. Not only that but Painwheel’s assist hits low, which mean moar mixups and mindgames.
You can even use that assist off a hitconfirm cr.lpx2,
cr.lpx2, (call assist), j.hp IAD j.hp, into whatever. Does 2679 damages. I thought about replacing my Parasoul with Painwheel but everytime I look at Painwheel’s normals (especially that, DO YOU SEE HOW SHE BENDS HER GODDAMN LEG ARHJDSHF) I’m like dear god that must hurt so bad.


I use H because of the larger damage and reach.


Anybody messing around with Fortune’s assists? I’m torn between st. MK, Beheaded, and Fiber Uppercut. >_>


Cerabella’s CeraCopter to put more pressure down?


i play valentine/filia with savage bypass hk and hairball hk as an assist just to get them in a corner quicker


at 0:44 there’s a sexy combo with Parasoul’s napalm shot assist.


okay that was pretty
i wonder if its mid screen too


The j.HP, j.HK, airdash, j.HP, j.HK only works off a forward jump in the corner


Well you can do it midscreen with Painwheel’s so maybe it is possible if you do it fast enough?


I didn’t try it on EVERY character, but as a general rule of thumb it’s not worth going for. Personally, mid-screen I tend to do IAD j.HP, call assist, crossup j.HK. A ton safer, and the damage lost isn’t TOO bad.


Napalm pillar all the way! And I highly suggest her fk hairball to back up parasoul’s dirty high low game. I’m currently running these two as my team and they work so very well together.

You can use the napalm pillar in a number of ways, such as anti air, pressure extender, ambiguous mix ups on incoming characters, easy combo extender, and to push opponents into the corner. The pressure extender can be used after ending a ground chain into Filia’s standing hk into assist, so the assist keeps your hk safe, then you can run in and go low, air dash in, go for throw, etc. Or you can do a simple ground string, such as cr jab jab cr lk into call assist then jump straight up and choose to either go for air dash or delay airdash. If it hits, you can wave dash up and get an otg combo. After you kill a character and the next character is about to come on screen, stand in that sweet spot where you characters keeps switching directions right before the opponent comes in, call your assist and then air dash, or you can call your assist then do a jumping attack if you thinking they will press buttons. You can also do a ground string in the corner and then call your assist afterwards to get a free otg into drill loop combo. Lastly, you can do a lot more air dash fierces when you have pillar backing you up, your opponent will be more likely to jump in the air and block, allowing you to pressure people easily in the corner.

As for Parasoul on point, simply do a chain, call your hairball assist, dash in and go high or low, but since the hairball has so many hits, you can take a second to watch you opponent to see if they instantly stand guard it and then go low. You can also set up a tick throw. If the assist hits, you can dash forward and get a free launcher into air combo afterwards.

As for the sake of some visuals, I posted some videos of me playing in Ohio on Sunday in the Skullgirls video thread. If I’m allowed to link them here, I’ll certainly do so, but in the meantime, just copy these links and put a ‘h’ in front of them.

Any constructive criticism or tips will be much appreciated. I’m going to practice the different drill loops for each character soon, I missed a number of them simply because I assumed it was universal. I’ve got a lot of combos to remember in my future.


I know I’m going to be studying more of you later, Toiyet. Integrating Napalm Pillar into your hitconfirm/pressure was exactly what I was looking for!


I finally updated this thing! SMNC is addicting. Time to get back to Fillia!

Oh and I am finally running another character so I use Mortuary Drop with Valentine too for tick throws. I need to figure out a good combo afterwards. So far I just go into Fenrir Drive because why not.
Oh and HP. Updo allows for some really strong pressure for Valentine. Though I have gotten happy birthday lol.