Filling in dremel mistakes on a plastic case?

In carving out an opening for a DB25 connector on my SE FightStick case I’ve opened it up a little too big above and below the connector. Is there a good way to fill in those openings around the connector to cover up my mistake and make the case airtight?

Are you going to be painting over it? You can always try epoxy.

JB weld + paint over it.

This stuff looks pretty good, I might order some for future mods and repairs.

Would hot glue work?

Yup, hot glue is whats holding in my cords in the opening of my 360 sticks.

Can hot glue be painted though?

I dont think that would work too well.

Im sure you could find something similar to this plastic epoxy at your local hardware store, something that can be molded, sanded, and painted.

Hot glue will not work

Buy some plastic epoxy. It should come in a double tube that you squeeze out and mix. Ive used it before and it works well and is sandable.

Ive never used jb weld on plastic but it might work…