Film schools in canada? I need help!


So I wanna move to canada, but i wanna study first.

Im in the film/video line and would like to find a good school to join in Canada to get my degree so I can work after Im done studying and gradually work towards citizenship.

The reason Im doing this is due to my country (singapore) having a REALLY crappy industry for film/video and the US requires a number of years in the film unions to be able to obtain gainful employment.

I know this isnt really the place to ask, but from a fighting gamer to others… Help? <3

Id like some recommendations and such, thanks! Enlightening information about how to gain immigration to canada would help very much as well!


What exactly are you looking for? I would just suggest the Toronto Film School (at the RCC Institute of Technology). A lot of Hollywood shoots are done here due to our tax incentives, and you can EASILY get shit done here with Government grants (they throw TONS of money at home grown tv, movies, documentaries, etc). Also, as a film maker or whatever, the Toronto Film Festival is one of the best in the world, and is right in your backyard.


Thanks for the reply! I just talked to a rep from the school, seems like they offer a film diploma then a degree in business admin which is online. So I could finish my diploma, then work and do a business admin degree online… Does that sound good?


yes it is good. Toronto Film School is pretty good here, and I dunno the name but there is one in Vancouver or BC that is pretty good, and gets a lot of big celebrities going there to learn early on.

actually, it’s Vancouver Film School. It’s where Kevin Smith (Jay and Silent Bob) went to school and where he met most of the people he casts in his movies.


what about a degree though? i mean going to VFS is cool and all, but I think Id need a solid qualification, lest I just do an online course while im studying?


No idea, you’d have to talk to the school. I only know that those are pretty much the big two film schools to go to. Vancouver is probably the better of the two, just due to the people you’d meet

edit:keep in mind Kevin Smith dropped out of film school before he graduated, and was given an honorary degree later on. You’re going there for knowledge, whether you graduate or not is a different story :slight_smile:


I can’t be precise because my memory is failing me but I do believe I’ve been told about good film schools in Vancouver as well. Stay the fuck out of Quebec (Advice that goes to anyone, no matter the situation).


Judging from your name, I hope you aren’t going to school to make those kinds of movies. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well im aiming to work and eventually migrate to canada, not just gain knowledge. I would love to be part of a bigger industry. Im from Singapore. So I would need qualifications. I already have a diploma in Mass Communications, anyone from the industry know of just how much qualifications do you need to be able to work in Canada?


Vancouver Film School is a pretty big name, though I’ve never personally studied there.

Also, I just happen to be a writer, both for a living by day and to follow screenwriting dreams by night, so if you ever need some writing done for a bukkake – or any – script, PM me and we’ll talk.


My old room mate went to school for Filming/media. He said it was a joke and the reality is, there is next to no job placement.


Having been to film school and been in the industry for a few years, I would not go to film school. Something business or marketing related would be better while doing film stuff as your main hobby. Going to the same school as a film school and maybe taking the courses, meeting the people, etc.

But needless to say, it’s a tough life and I really wouldn’t recommend it for the light of heart. About 90% of the people I knew from film school aren’t doing film related anything and the film degree is worthless even in the film industry.