Film student question about evo 2k12


Hey everyone,

Im not new to the community but ive also never really spoken up about… well anything. Been playing marvel and third strike since the dreamcast days, used to train at a little joint called “frank n sons” back in the day with Duc Duo and Aries, and jumped on the ssf4 and umvc3 bandwagons pretty quick, getting all hype about “the return of fighting games” in the mainstream anyways.

Ok first post intro’s done, now i have a question, maybe you guys can help me out. Im currently a film student in southern california and i really enjoy those “in between- this-is-what-the-fgc-and-evo-is-all-about” little montages they do between sets and games. They are really well done and would like to study and analyze if i had the chance, who knows, maybe someday i could be a cinematographer on a major stream.

If anyone could point me to wherever they are hosted, that would be really cool. If not, thanks much anyways =)


Super Arcade is where The Run Backs ate held. There’s also a regional matchmaking sub forum on this website to find SoCal locals and they have a Facebook page for UMvC3, SFxR, and etc.

Stuff like this is not hard to find if you look hard enough.


A lot of the socal stuff is done by Red Rapper. He’s done a variety of documentaries, trailers, stuff like that, for the FGC.

You can look him up on facebook, youtube, SRK, twitter, pretty much everywhere.