Filming at EVO

is filming allowed this year? if this has been answered already, please direct me to the appropriate thread. thanks and take care.


yeah i was wondering about this too

Maybe bang the macine recording will be ok? as long as we dont upload it ? i doubt recording or any kind during SF the movie will be allowed, due to we get to see it first, and MANGA would not appreciate it if we leaked it on the net and they lose lots of money.

All are stuff will be checked at the door i was informed this earlier

NO ! wiz CLEARLY stated that recording for BOTH FILMS are prohibited.

EDIT: sorry for being a nazi but i thought wiz made this damn effin clear

i’m not interested in recording the movies. is it okay to record match vids this year?

last year’s rules were “nothing from the day of the finals”, i remember alot of peeps recorded on the day of the finals though, none of it turned up on the net, so it worked out

Except for Daigo v. Justin that appeared in its entirety on a Japanese site (and promptly disappeared after its appearance I may add).

there wasn t alot of japs in the crowd, i m assuming it was that fairy sugiyama

wait, we can record us playing rounds, but no finals right? cuz finals are on the dvd?

We have no problem with people recording matches, as long as it doesnt interfere with running the tournament. People who gather to tape a match but arent in the designated areas cause problems.
Any matches taped are not to be publically placed on the internet without approval from EVO2K. Also there is to be no recording of Bang the Machine or Street Fighter Generations, and anyone caught in the act will be prosecuted.

thank you sir.

thank you for the clear up

all i really care for is the trash talking in the background for example,the whole ec. vs. wc matches evo 03 that shit is awesome, but there was none of that on the 04 dvd hopefully that returns