Filter on GodWeapon could use a bit of work

The cut from 25 to 10 minutes is nice though.

lol, pretty funny, I bet he was surprised too

I hate godweapon filters. Its so annoying. Typing in caps, profanity… Its like being in msn chat.

I also think it should go. It’s not worth it.

Oh, now that Nox found a way to make money, it’s definitely worth it…for him. Of course, if everyone just goes to another server (which I recommend), then he’ll be forced toeither remove the bots or shut down the server.

What he needs to do is lower the ping quota. Im so sick of koreans and other foreigners joining with kawaks and mame who knows what.

Nah, I like foreigners being able to come in.
There are a couple guys from Europe who I play that have like 110-140ms in GW.
The 300ms’ers are a bit ridiculous but they usually leave pretty quickly.

I remember PSO and RO had filters like this.
You couldn’t say ‘basement’ because it had the word ‘semen’ in it.

nail on the head.

“deal with the annoying bots or pay me so you don’t have to” is the order of the day.

What’s funny is that he has a filter for the word Hoe. Hoe? I don’t get the whole no swearing thing. Play on Anti3D, we don’t run that crap.

That’s what we should all do. GW’s ads are becoming too anal and stupid. There are other servers out there.

First of all the curse words was a test because supra is making a new bot. Second of all the word hoe was used for like 3 days y’all need to stop bitching so much for free service sound like a bunch of kids crying over a word that cant be used. Kyokuji I’m sorry u got silenced over the bot but it needs to be fixed and now we know something that needs fixing sorry for it having to be you as a test subject. The bot has some problems here and there which he is currently trying to fix. Now if you want to take your small army of 5 ppl to another server do so. But don’t threaten me with stupidity as in lets boycott godweapon? Boycott how your not even paying for shit. When the server dies it dies and its not gonna be because 3 ppl hate the bot its gonna be because I don’t wanna pay anymore. You swear I found a way to make a little money its the same people donating so no the bot isn’t working as we intended. But its staying because it works when no Admins are around. I get alot less aims now asking for help with spamers and shit. As for the filter… The filter doesn’t have any curse words I already asked the admins to remove them like 3 weeks ago. They are only going to filter racist stuff which i personally don’t like. As far as ping quota the ping was reduced from 500 to 180 how much lower do you want it to be? It’s been that low for like 4 months and I see this somewhat as a new thread so I am assuming were bitching over 180 ping connects now? It’s not going any lower then that and moosehead your an admin of the server if you got a complaint come to me and it will be fixed no need to add to the fire.

that’s a bit tacky moosehead. you shouldn’t talk down about a fellow admin/server owner.

charging consulting fees for freeware [via your favorite instant messaging application]…i don’t really understand.


I don’t see anywhere in his post where he’s talking down “a fellow admin/server owner.”

He’s just saying to play on anti3d.

  1. "What’s funny is that he has a filter for the word Hoe. Hoe? I don’t get the whole no swearing thing.
  2. Play on Anti3D, we don’t run that crap."

I guess you missed the implication?

  1. He is referring to NoX. He’s obviously trying to insult him indirectly.
  2. It’s fine if Moosehead is looking for traffic, but I didn’t know that running a Kaillera server would put one in direct competition. It’s not like there is money making involved. So using #1 to support #2 is a bit tacky.

Why do we need filters for curse words 0_-…pfft its kaillera.

“we don’t run that crap”= he’s referring to the filter, not nox or anybody. I see no insults.


I gotta quote myself…? XD

“What’s funny is that he has a filter for the word Hoe. hoe?”

How is this not insulting him? It’s as if he’s laughing in his face.

“we don’t run that crap”, is a direct statement based on the first.

plus, the curse words were there for testing and fixing. Not sure why all these babies feel the need to complain.