Final art goes here


post your entries here. its been kinda quiet so lets not wait till the last minute. please keep comments off this thread. make a new thread should you want to bitch. and like i said before 50 bucks goes to the winner.


Where are all the entries? I guess everyone is saving their piece for the last moment so no one can outdo them eh?

Ok since I’m going out of town tomorrow I won’t be able to post my pic so I might as well post it now. Here is my entry piece.



Uhm… Mine isn’t as good as the one before me. But I’ll try…



Sigh… since my both of my comps had hideous viruses… I couldn’t really DO ANYTHING… so much for Soul Calibur II, this’s all I could do… with no BG…:bluu: sucks…



Alight, sorry for being late, the internet is down at my school so I had a hard time posting this…

This pic took 40+ hours, all done in Photoshop no color sampling from a photograph either. All hand done no cheatin’ so enjoy.

I think I may have spent too much time on Ryu, heh heh…

For some ultra-rez pictures of just Elena go here…
Almost full size piece

50% size reduction

Only download the picture once and save it if you want to look at it again, cuz I don’t want you raping my bandwidth.

I won’t be able to answer your replies easily or at all until, Wednesday or Thursday… maybe l8r… grrrr damn the net…


I have arrived…

My A drive is uber da Ass. It took so long for me to get the damn pick of the disk and into my documents.

Color pencil is the medium. I stayed up to about 5 this morning putting on the finishing touches.

Kandoken- Sorry to hear that man. You my boy and I love you, but thats what happens when you depend on a machine to do the coloring for you.

The pic is too big, so youre gonna have to go to my site. Sorry for the inconvience Sweet. (scroll down, its the last pic.)


well i forgot about this contest. i know i wont win but i drew this just now for fun. i only had the basic colour set with my markers :rolleyes: