Final Artwork

Hey everyone.

I’ve been going through some random TE templates lately in the last year around and I found a character in SSF4 that I wont change whatsoever and I got a template of her now,but it isnt to great. What I’m wondering is if anyone would be willing to make my dream stick art for me since I’m no good at all with photoshop. I have a somewhat idea of what I would like. If anyone is willing to help you would make my dream stick come true. If not thanks for reading anyway, appreciate the time. :smiley:

When it comes to the pictures, I got a few choices. I’ll list them all in order of which I would like the most on the stick.

TE Fightstick regular plexie.

Juri Pic 1
Juri Pic 2
Juri Pic 3
Juri Pic 4
Juri Pic 5

Also, I’m very fond of having other pic’s in the backgrounds, such as this for example: Pic BG Example

Also, Purple would be the best color for the look of the template since Juri’s colors are purple.

If anyone would be willing,you would make my day and life happy by helping me out.

No takers so far? understandable. its a big project to someone like me.