Final Boss Guesses?


First of all, any chance we could face MULTIPLE bosses? Look at the various forms of Onslaught, Apocalypse, and Abyss. Or Cyber Akuma?

Anywho, my numero uno hope is that its Shin Galactus

Power cosmic = psycho power = satsui no hado


I’d like Shin Akuma to be a secret battle.

Maybe even Q.

Or a team of them both.


It seems obvious you’d be getting the usual super-hyper giant. Galactus?

IMO the end boss for MVC 2 was probably the weakest. I mean, you just fight Slimer. Onslaught is probably my favorite boss in the VS series.


Omega Rugal.

Seriously though, I would personally love to see the last fight be made up of a team of ‘Bosses’, maybe 2 from each side.
Something like M.Bison, Wesker, Dr Doom and someone else (I don’t know enough about Marvel to choose another ‘Iconic’ Villian). They could be faught in a random order when you get to the end with them all being on the same team, or one after the other (Same match though).


yeah abyss was done poorly. The fact that it wasnt a real giant monster at the end, and rather was a giant sphere. Also the middle form was either really stupid and easy, or an annoying chore. And the first was just an amalgamation of other characters or their good attacks.

Mind you, I thought the same of Onslaught aka Juggerneto.

Apocalypse wasnt really THAT tough, but at least was somewhat original. Just a shame he got overused.

Galactus makes the most sense (especially after getting fucked over in Ultimate Alliance and NEVER doing anything about it). Also, Galactus opens the door for sub bosses (similar to how Cyber Akuma or even fucking Goro work). Gimme Silver Surfer, Nova, or even a Capcom character made into a herald (Wily? Tyrant? Whatever).

Living Tribunal would be a dream come true, even though he could blink you out of existence…without blinking…

it kinda sucks having to pick either a capcom boss or marvel boss. One of each, both together, or all three, would satisfy the fans the best


Why y’all acting like it’s not going to be Galactus or Apocalypse for the Marvel side?


Apucalypse has been done and he’s not really relevant these days .

Personally, i’d love it to be Anihilus or Cosmic cube powered Red Skull.


Apocalypse wasn’t in MvC1 or 2? Whatcha talkin about?


He was the boss in X-men vs Street fighter and Marvel Super heroes vs Street Fighter.


Galactus would be dope. Capcom side, it would be cool if it was something like the whole Umbrella Corporation being led by Wesker.


Annihilus before Galactus? No thanks. I don’t want second best. I want the 4th or 5th most powerful being in existence. Seeing Pheonix would be nice, considering Jean Grey gets ignored in every one of these games (yet Rogue makes it)

Either that, or Tupacolypse

You have to beat him with a driveby, but then a few months later your characters die similarly


apocalypse was in messiah war and is suppose to be in x-force in the fall but hes already been used.


In Annihilation, Annihilus captured Galactus and drained him dry. Besides, aside from eating planets, he dosn’t really do jack and he’s really not that bad.

Annihilus destroyed countless galaxies before being stoped.

He’s hardly second best .


Dude Chris Redfields in the game and u cant forget Cyber Akuma so it Cyber Zombie Shin Galactus!!! I called it!!!

Or Cyber Zombie Shin Galactus or Cyber Zombie Shin (insert marvel superbad dude)!!!


Army of Marvel Zombies lead by Doctor Wily piloting a robot Galactus. Best boss fight ever.


Stan Lee




The final boss is usually Marvel’s villain of the month.

So… Sentry/Void?


The Void.


Sentry/Void makes perfect sense with Siege and everything, and given Super Skrull, it looks like they recognized Secret Invasion in this game. The guy is pretty much built to be a video game boss, what with his multiple forms. Makes much more sense than Galactus too.