Final Burn Alpha emus and Vista

Anybody running either GGPO or nFBA on Vista? I switched over to Vista a couple of days ago and the graphics lag horribly while playing 3s on either.

Wondering if anybody encountered the same problem and how they fixed it.

I get full FPS with no lag on my Vista laptop, what are your comp’s specs?

Core 2 E6750 @ 3.4GHZ
8800GTS 320MB

should be more than sufficient. Under windows XP it ran perfectly, I dont know what happened when I upgraded to Vista.

i figured it out. its vista’s aero theme thats lagging it. once i switch to vista’s basic theme, it runs perfectly smooth.

I have an idea, just quit Vista and you will have no more problems. Problem solved, now rep me

Did you overclock that processor? It’s like 2.66 stock isn’t it? If you did, I’d like to ask you about it.