Final character has been decided


Supposedly, the final character has been decided. Accourding to Peter, one of the characters has gotten so many votes that even if everyone else that hasn’t voted all voted on one other character that wasn’t aforementioned character, this character would still make it in.
EDIT: This is coming from something Peter posted on eventhubs, btw.


Think they’ll wait until the weekend?


Dude, so many threads.

He posted these on Neogaf, I didn’t see the eventhubs one.

Someone posted “Peter already knows who’s going to win…”, to which he replied, “Yep, I do”.


This concerns me greatly, even though Eliza is the favorite to win, it’s only assuming that the vote would have been split between Annie and Minette. There’s no way Eliza would have gotten 60% of the vote by herself. The llittle girl community must have went full in on Annie or Minette.

The fact that Rav didn’t want to post the results is probably because a the vocal minority would have raged about it, and he’s still working things out with Paypal.

I have a terrible feeling Minette won.


I’ll be happy whoever gets in, I stuck with my same characters for as long as possible (Voting first for Marie, then Aeon, then Eliza, and Minette.) and although I’m sad that Marie isn’t in, I’m happy with the results.

Of course Mike Z, Alex and the guys put a lot of effort and work into designing and coming up with these characters, so no matter who it is they would be good.


I guess we’ll find out next week who the winner is. If it’s not Eliza, I’ll push for her in the second running.


So did Panzerfaust seriously not make it? What the fuck is wrong with people?


They have different taste in character design than you do.


This makes me really interested in the final vote counts. Hopefully those are released along with who won.


How some characters made it this far is beyond me.

Minnette? Someone whose Gameplay will revolved around 'accidentally" beating her opponents got in over actual serious characters with cohearant styles?

I’m not saying I’m pissed off because my character I wanted to get in, what makes me pissed off is that so many characters with actual good fighting styles and storylines were rejected for…her.


Yup. A character inspired by Dan, Roll, and TvC Frank West

BUT SHE’S NOT A JOKE CHARACTER, GUYS. I PROMISE. Her attacks had better make looney toons sound effects or I will riot.


Background and story mode character who was popular and received a lot of attention long before any of the crowd funding ever started.

Also, viable TvC Roll with level up mechanics sounds pretty cool and is just as coherent as “time travel stuff” or “tanks for hands”.


Okay let’s take a look at this chart again:

United States / 米国 : 65.1%
United Kingdom / イギリス : 5.1%
Western Europe / 西欧 : 6.1%
Eastern Europe / 東欧 : 0.8%
Japan / 日本 : 6.2%
South Korea / 韓国 : 0.4%
China / 中国 : 0.05%
Mexico / メキシコ : 0.9%
South America / 南アメリカ : 1.3%
Africa / アフリカ : 0.1%
Russia / ロシア : 0.4%
Australia / オーストラリア : 3.3%
Middle East / 中東 : 0.2%
Canada / カナダ : 6.6%
Other (please specify) : 3.5%

In order for one character to have a 60% win rate, that means 92% of the US would have all voted for one character.
Or 46% of the US and 100% of all the non-US countries all voted for the same character.
Or some sort of combination in-between the two.

How is it statically possible that one character could get 60% of the votes?

There is no way, the voting would have to be rigged. No one group has that much voting power outside the US, and I seriously doubt most of the people here voted for one character.


What Ravidrath said was that 60% of the voters had voted already, and that the based on the trend set by that 60% it is unlikely that the current leader would lose. Basically, he is saying that out of every 10 voters the plurality is voting for the current leader. so Assuming that this trend continues (which we have no reason to assume that it would stop) it is very likely that the current leader will win


Let’s say that Aeon get’s an obligatory 5% of the vote, and there’s still 40% of the vote up for grabs, that would have mean 55% of the vote would have been split between the other characters. If the other two characters got at about 7.5% of the vote each, that’s only 40% of the vote for the currently leader. That’s a huge lead, but it’s not decisive.

If you look at that chart again, one character getting even 50% of the total vote would be highly improbable, so if the lead character already has 40% of the total votes, then they are not going to get much higher than that. with 40% of the undecided votes still up for grabs it’s still very possible for whoever is in the lead to lose.

So how is he saying that he’s certain that he knows who’s going to win?

To even get into the top four, the characters would have had to have averaged around 25% of all the total votes. They said Beowolf was only 8 votes away from getting into top 4 so the split is probably closer to 20% average per character.

In order for the victory to be certain, one of the 3 character’s popularity would have had doubled, while the other two character’s popularity dropped by almost a 1/3rd. This so called voting “trend” makes absolutely no sense.


So there’s only two options from your reservations.

Either their voting trend is completely wrong. Or it’s fixed. Which do you honestly think it is?


I can’t tell either way, I was just shocked to hear Peter talking about that he was certain that he knew who was going to with with 40% of the vote still left undecided.

It’s really going to boil down to what percentage of the vote the winner got. If it’s over 50% then it’s very suspicious. If it’s 60% then it’s completely rigged.

I’m pretty that they admitted earlier that the previous rounds of voting where pretty close. For there to be a runaway winner now would mean a massive change of heart from most the players.


That’s not her gameplay, that’s her visuals. Her gameplay is zoning with a lvlup system, and yeah this sounds more interesting (and definitely more “this game could use it”, as we have a severe lack of zoning) than most other characters.


He doesn’t? He is saying that given the votes so far, one char is VERY likely.

Assume the following:

  • 1000 votes total
  • 60%(600) cast so far
  • Chars ABCD, votes split A:250(41%) // B:150(25%) // C:100(17%) // D:100(17%)
    Now, for the remaining 400 votes to change the winner, the %ages would have to change from 40-25-17-17 to eg 10-38-26-26. You can see that this is not too likely.
    – Even if you make the %ages a load closer, say 200-150-150-100 up to now (33%-25%-25%-17%),
    To get a change in leadership you’d have to get something like say 15-30-25-29; halving the %age of the most popular character up till now?

The bigger your voter turnout, the less likely the %ages are gonna change between days (plus we have 3 votes done already where Ravid can check whether some characters have heavy fluctuations).
Even if the %ages are relatively close, for the 2nd place to suddenly overtake the first, something “big” has to happen. Ravid deems that unlikely (most probably rightfully so).


That’s what I’m trying to say. He isn’t saying that one of the candidates has already locked up the spot, what Peter said was that statistically at the rate that the voting is going it is unlikely that the leader will be overtaken.


Not really. Even for round 3 he said spots 2-5 were damn near tied and 1st place ran away with it for that round