Final crisis VS Secret invasion

SO what are more waiting for both coming out at the same time and both of them are described to be something huge

We know some Stuff about Secret invasion like its about the skrulls posing as Marvel heroes and that Nick Fury will make is big big big (what Bendis said) return
and we got almost of a year guessing who is a Skrull or not

On the other hand nothing is being revield about Final crisis but artwise its going to be better cause SI got Yuu and i personally dont like is art (like NA)

The problem I have with Secret invasion is that the skrulls have been pwned countless times by all the heroes. They just don’t seem like a big enough threat for me to really care.

I also am not a big fan of Yuu. Sometimes it’s hard for me to figure out what is going on in some of his panels.

As for Final Crisis, it looks like it deals with multiple universes garbage. I ain’t a big fan of that either.

I’m hoping the Morrison that shows up for Final Crisis is the TRIPPING ON LSD Morrison (just about everything he’s ever written) and not the I GOTTA PAY FOR MY GOLD RIMS Morrison (52). So far, DC people have said that it’s something Morrison wanted to write and not just some haphazard crossover crap - his ideas just conveniently worked in their overall scheme, I guess. Hopefully, that’s the truth.

Secret Invasion is a cool concept, especially because it’s been building up for a while now. It could be one of those ideas that’s hard to execute, though - how many times have we seen an IMPOSTER storyline go horribly wrong? But Bendis ain’t gonna write no Claremont shit. Bendis, like Morrison, gets my trust so I feel like this should be a pretty entertaining story.

I like J.G. Jones and Yu so either way, I am probably gonna enjoy looking at the comics.

I vote Secret Invasion because DC has to stop using the word Crisis. :rofl:

But yeah you never know when someone is gonna drop the ball and mess up, so we’ll see…

Now I’m really behind on comics so correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t been stated or at least inferred that the Skrulls have been infiltrating since Civil War? If thats the case, doesn’t that kind of down play the consequences of the Civil War since some of the instigators of the war could have been Skrulls? For example, if Iron Man was really a Skrull, then wouldn’t him and the Cap’s realtionship pretty much be the same as before the war? (assuming that Cap is not actually dead.)

Even before Civil War AFAIK, including from the beginning of New Avengers and Secret War 3 (So I guess its safe to assume that Nick Fury knows something is up). Also, Bendis has stated in interviews that Ironman and Cap are definitely not skrulls.

im using mini opera (cellphone) so im sorry for the messy post anyway yeah invasion was building up for quite sometime it was even hinted that HOM was beacuse of them thats why i think quicksilver is a skrull oh and still nothing on FC i dont like being left in the dark. so as far as building up to, invasion wins

Secret invasion sounds like they just promoted Claremont.

can anyone tell me what final crisis is about???

and secret war 3???

what the heckzlore?

Secret war is about Nick Fury taking some super heroes to battle Latveria who traded hi tech weapons with some tier B villians and than erasing their memory
the most major thing that happened in this events was that Nick Fury went underground and no one heard from him ever since (Bendis said that he will return in SI)
and Final crisis well nothing is known about it execpt thats its going to be the next big crossover in DC coming out in May 2008

I vote neither after WWH I am tapped out for comic line events until they focus on characters I really like.

So until Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Deadpool, Black Panther or a partially nude She-Hulk or Power Girl take center stage I am waiting on trades or not giving a fuck.

Final Crisis is about me mailing my feces to DC HQ along with a post-it note that says, “ENOUGH ALREADY.”

Civil War shit all over Infinite Crisis.

I’m gonna put my money on Marvel this time, but I really wanna read Secret Invasion.

GM: I already tried that approach.

This is the result

Here’s what they might say to me:



edit: and Morrison >>> House of M part 2 any day of the f-ing week



Infinite Crisis sucked to high heaven, and only served to usher in a bunch of minority heroes.

Dan Didio’s bloodbath.

I don’t even fucking LIKE Marvel, but at least that story had real repercussions.

Peter Parker outed as Spider Man, and the Death of Captain America, as an aftermath.

what was the end result of Infinite Crisis?, I can’t even fucking remember anymore. A whole bunch of dead losers, and what, two meaningful deaths?, and for what?

Both will be ass.

DC resetting their universe again ( or retconning a lot of shit at least).

And Secret Invasion hasnt been building for awhile. That’s a load of shit. It’s cute they’re trying to make everything tie-in, but no way was it conceived around Avengers Dissasembled, and I don’t see why they even bother lying about it.

you’re forgetting batman taking the boys on a loooong cruise of love… lol jk

but yeah the ending for Infinite Crisis was garbage, hell the idea of infinite crisis was pretty fuckin stupid… what made Crisis on infinite earths such a great story was that it served a purpose in the DCU by streamlining all the characters that meant something into one coherent universe…

what the fuck was infinite crisis about? A Luthor can’t coexist with a superman? WTF?

when you seriously break it down that it is the entire premise of Infinite Crisis… everything that happens in Infinite Crisis is a result of that premise…

Civil War was painful to me, I couldn’t make it through. Everything seemed so well…forced. After House of M, which was a cheap way of cutting down on some mutants, I was already growing weary, and then to have Civil War were suddenly characters where acting much differently, to the point of almost being out of character.

People get too caught up in the whole wanting a huge lasting repercussion in the book, because we all know Captain America will come back and Spider-man will regain his secret identity at some point. So it’s hard to pull that card since most people who die get better, and heck, didn’t the Flash reveal his secret identity and get it back before? I wouldn’t think Marvel would be above it either.

Infinite Crisis was decent, I tend to like DC events more because they give more service to their B and C listers, and it was followed by 52, which I enjoyed. (I sorta skipped out on the whole one year later jump though.) So I went from decent to good, and it’s sad that Countdown is bad, but generally speaking my reading experience averages back out to “decent.”

So when it comes to Final Crisis vs Secret Invasion, gimme Final Crisis. I always hated the episodes in science fiction shows where characters were replaced by aliens/robots/clones who would cause a problem until later found out. It’s hard to catch my interest. I don’t know if I like any character now that I did not before all the events with Marvel.

But after the recent DC events I’ve found new characters I’m fond of. I like Booster Gold (who I originally saw for the first time in the JLU cartoon), and even though I would have liked him to stay Supernova, I just like the character. I also like Black Adam, someone else that prior to the events I was only passingly familiar with.

Like always I’ll give them both a try, but going into it, this is what I’m thinking.

Civil War > Infinite Crisis.

Jerk Iron Man > Emo Superboy

'nuff said.