Final Evo2k3 results

in a clean format


1st: Daigo Umehara “the beast” (N. Ryu)
2nd: Ohnuki Shinya “Nuki” (N. Chun Li)
3rd: John Choi “choiboy” (O.Sagat)
4th: Mike Watson (balrog)
5th: Jason Cole “afrocole” (N. Dhalsim)


1st: Eiji Komatsu “Chibita” (Lion)
2nd: Masafumi Yoshioka “Ohsu-Akira” (Akira)
3rd: Ryan Hart (Kage)
4th: Akinori Sato “Neo Tower” (Jacky)
5th: Ohnuki Shinya “Nuki” (Aoi)
5th: Yoshihisa Ishikawa “Kofu Megane” (Aoi)
7th: Shin Dong Il “Maddog-Jin” (Jacky/Lei-fei)
7th: Mike Abdow “Myke”

Soul Calibur 2--------------

1st: Dan The Nightmare (Nightmare) - France
2nd: Will Johnson “Semi” (Astaroth)
3rd: Ari Weintrab “Floe” (Taki))
4th: Aris Bakhtanians (Voldo)
5th: Andrew Shin “X_SC2”(Ivy)
5th: Marquette Yarbrough “Mick” (Cassy)


1st: Kim Bong Min (Jin/Devil)
2nd: Ryan Hart (Jin/Heihachi)
3rd: Kenbou Kawakami (Lei/King)
4th: JOP (Ogres)


1st: Josh Molianro “Jinkid” (Jin)
2nd: Anthony Tran “Jackie Tran” (Jin)
3rd: Wiley Adams III “TreyPhoenix” (Jin)
4th: Chetan Chetty (ChetChetty) (Paul)


1st: Kenji Obata “KO” (Yun3)
2nd: Daigo Umehara “the beast” (Ken3)
3rd: Keisuke Imai “KSK” (Alex2)
4th: Tetsuya Inoue “Ino” (Yun3/ Makoto2)
5th: Hsien Chang (Ken3)
5th: Ricky Ortiz (Chun2)
7th: Shinya Ohnuki “Nuki” (chun2)
7th: Mark Rogoyski “Mopreme” (Chun2/Ken3)


1st: Tetsuya Inoue “Ino^” (K- Blanka/Cammy/Sagat)
2nd: Daigo Umehara “the beast” (C-Guile/Cammy/Sagat)
3rd: KenRyo Hayashi “Mago” (C-Honda/Chun/Blanka)
4th: Ryo Yoshida “D44_BAS” (A-Blanka/Sakura/Bison)
5th: Justin Wong (C-Vega/Sagat/Blanka)
5th: Amir Amirsaleh (A-Sagat/Sakura/Bison)
7th: Jason Cole (K-Vega/Sagat/Cammy)
7th: Arturo Sanchez (C-Eagle/Sakura/Blanka)

GGXX --------------
1st: Daigo “the BEAST” (sol)
2nd: Soh Miura “Miu” (sol)
3rd: Saif Ebrahim “ID” (sol)
4th: KenRyo Hayashi “Mago” (johnny)
5th: Aznhitler (johnny)
5th: Alex T (sol)
7th: Kono (Eddie)
7th: Eric Choi “Zim” (Baiken)

MVC2 ----------------
1st: Justin Wong (Mag/Cable/Sent)
2nd: Ricky Ortiz (Storm/Sent/Cap, MSP)
3rd: Rowtron (Sent/Cable/Mag, Mag/Storm/Sent)
4th: Kuan (Mag/Cable/Sent)
5th: Randy Lew “NanoBoi” (Cable/sent/capcom)
5th: Josh Wigfall (Mag/Cable/Sent)
7th: SooYoung Chon “SooMighty” (Mag/Storm/Sent, MSP)
7th: Long Tran “ShadyK” (Mag/Storm/Cyc)

The characters picked in 3S is kind of weird in my taste: Only 1 makoto and no Urien at all for the top players?? WTF happen??

I’ve always been told that Yun, Ken and Chun are the top tiers in the game…

Urien was probably avoided because many games were on console, where his unblockables do not work. Same with Oro…


Again, ken, yun, chun are top tier and mokoto is top at random. Notice the person playing mokoto has yun as back up.

The guy who won SuperBattleOpera made Makoto look like over-the-top tier to me tho hehe


Best finals (in order): 3S, CVS2, VF4, ST
Worst finals (in order): XX, T4, MVC2

I didn’t really watch SC2 or TTT

You forgot SC2 in your results.

Yeah where the hell was Izu?

All of the 3rd Strike games were played on arcade machines.

I’m interested in player counts for each tournament. If someone could post how many players entered each tournament, that would be good.

no sc2 results?

did MDJ enter T4? If so I am suprised jinkid won

Yes justin good job making WC salty once again, the finals were kind of boring though. I wanna see those cvs2 matches/GGXX

buy the dvd.

DTN won SC2.

France Owned.

does anyone know who Watson used in ST?

Forget the fact the 3 whores of 3s Ken Chun Yun are used by everyone in the top places just look at whos 3rd KSK with ALEX!!! now that is impressive.

I look forward to seeing the Daigo KO final i hear it was very close.

he entered. lost to Dom and Jinkid

Soul Calibur 2 (85 players)

1st Dan The Nightmare / Nightmare (France)
2nd Will “Semi” Johnson / Astaroth (USA)
3rd Ari “Floe” Weintrab / Taki (Usa)
4th Aris “Aris” Bakhtanians / Voldo (Usa)
5th Andrew “X_SC2” Shin / Ivy (Usa)
5th Marquette “Mick” Yarbrough / Cassy (Usa)

His matches in Final 8 I remember at least seeing him use Ryu, Balrog and Bison.