Final Evo2k3 results


did MDJ enter T4? If so I am suprised jinkid won

Yes justin good job making WC salty once again, the finals were kind of boring though. I wanna see those cvs2 matches/GGXX


buy the dvd.


DTN won SC2.

France Owned.


does anyone know who Watson used in ST?


Forget the fact the 3 whores of 3s Ken Chun Yun are used by everyone in the top places just look at whos 3rd KSK with ALEX!!! now that is impressive.

I look forward to seeing the Daigo KO final i hear it was very close.


he entered. lost to Dom and Jinkid

Who should I play as a beginner

Soul Calibur 2 (85 players)

1st Dan The Nightmare / Nightmare (France)
2nd Will “Semi” Johnson / Astaroth (USA)
3rd Ari “Floe” Weintrab / Taki (Usa)
4th Aris “Aris” Bakhtanians / Voldo (Usa)
5th Andrew “X_SC2” Shin / Ivy (Usa)
5th Marquette “Mick” Yarbrough / Cassy (Usa)


His matches in Final 8 I remember at least seeing him use Ryu, Balrog and Bison.


Watson used Balrog. I’m 95% sure of this cuz I saw his match but I can’t say my memory is 100%. But yes, I’m quite confident Watson used Balrog.


He didnot only use Balrog. He used all the above 3 characters and more.

Against David Spence he used Ryu and Bison. And I saw a Balrog match but I cant recall against who.


Dang, the teams of the top 7 players in CVS2 were all characters of Capcom. No SNK characters!:stuck_out_tongue:

Shoot me straight

What happened to the Fetz guy? I thought he got second at SBO. Did he even enter?


That shouldn’t surprise you. All but 2 of the characters picked were established top tier or highly competitive. Guile’s good, but doesn’t get much respect, and I was pretty surprised to see Eagle up there.

5 Blankas
5 Sagats
3 Cammys
3 Sakuras
2 Bisons
2 Vegas
1 Chun
1 Honda
1 Guile
1 Eagle

Eagle’s the only one I was surprised to see.


I am surprised there were no Mais. Anyways How come there was no A3 this year?


I can’t wait to see the vf4 evo results. Should be sweet.


what does ‘MDP’ stsnd for next too Ricky Ortiz name.(I don’t play MVC2 BTW)

Does it mean Money Down Payment or summit since he owes SRK some cash I THINK.


I think it was established that EVO wouldn’t have Alpha 3 anymore last year. I’m not sure if it’s time constraints or that everything’s been found out, or the VC infinite mayhem that breaks the game worse than Roll Cancelling.


Is there a chart where we can see who won and who lost on the WC vs EC 5 on 5?


justin 4 points
ricky 3
me 2
desmond 1
josh 0

It was definetly a dope experience and i learned ALOT.

Thanks for all the love, you people know who you are:D

Btw, ec did fairly well in singles with us getting 3 people in top 10(not counting ricky)



Can someone post the top 32 in everygame?..
Thanks in Advice!