Final Fantasy 7 on a flash drive?


So I was chatting with my brother-in-law the other night and we were talking about gaming and stuff and he had mentioned that one of his co-workers, before getting fired, was supposed to get him FF7 modded to fit on a thumb drive. Anyone know if this is possible and knows how to do or get a hold of that I’d like to know and possibly give him a surprise gift…??


The file size for that game is less than 2gb, so it’d be easy to put on a flash drive.


Sure, my local install is only 3 GB with all the mods and HD FMVs included.
Modding it to run from USB without requiring a CD would of course be out of scope of what should be discussed here.

If you can still manage to find PC CD installers of FFVII, I HIGHLY recommend looking up the model and field mods on the Qhimm forums (as well as other graphical mods). You can change the normal “LEGO” look of FFVII to these:

You can just grab the UMI (Unified Model Installer) if you want, but if you do it manually, you can get really sweet models, like the weapons from this thread:

Then, there’s also the FMV restorations, that turn the FMVs into HD videos, so you can enjoy it without blockiness on HD LCDs.

And once you’ve seen battle scene mods like these, I don’t think you can enjoy the default ones anymore:

I think if you want to give it as a gift, adding these touches would make it really great.

PS. All these mods are legal (Square actually knows about Qhimm forums, and some Square employees visit from time to time).


Doesn’t the recent re-release not require a CD anymore?


From what I’ve read, the new version is just a repackaged old version, but stuffed full of SecuROM DRM, such that doing something like a portable USB installer would be harder…?


Yeah I don’t see any reason the game wouldn’t fit on a thumb drive, so long as you have one large enough.