Final Fantasy 7: Remake a reality

“Final Fantasy VII: Jenova’s Rebirth is slated for a 4th quarter 2012 release.”



Some of that is fake for sure. That PS3 cover art was just made up from artwork from that Advent Child film.

To be honest, I don’t want them to re-make this game. It’s fine the way it is. Who knows, in the time they would spend re-making an already brilliant game, they could have thought of a whole new, original FF game. It’s not even like the game is that hard to get hold of, as long as you have a PS3. PSN Store £7

That video at the bottom of the site though! That can’t be fake, surely?

LOL, it was a technical demo made during the time the PS3 was launched. Nothing more.

It’s that old? The graphics did seem pretty dated. Either they gave up on the project or they are taking their sweet-ass time.

Square and or :wink2: Enix does tech demos for upcoming consoles from time to time.


This isold.

Old. Fake. Stupid. There’s a final Fantasy thread.

Pick 2.