Final Fantasy Dissidia thread. Sequel announced!


I have a feeling that there’s a thread already made for this game…but I didn’t even get any results when I put in ‘Final Fantasy’. I da know if it’s just something wrong with my computer or what…but if there is a thread already made then please point it out for me so that I can post it in the correct thread.

Anyway…there’s already been a trailer out for this fighting game but a second one came out recently


if you’re having problems viewing it there then go here

Final Fantasy Dissidia - OverClocked ReMix Forums

My money is on Seph being broke

Higher quality on gametrailers
Dissidia: Final Fantasy Video Game, Japanese Trailer 2 | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

Dissidia Final Fantasy Hands-on - PlayStation Portable News at IGN


Villians that have been shown through a poster and labeled (credit to Ultima)


character trailer:
Dissidia: Final Fantasy Video Game, DKS3713: Characters Trailer | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos |

ProfJamesJoynt posted up a translation:
Final Fantasy Dissidia

Dissidia Final Fantasy DuoDecim section:

Dissidia Duodecim announced.

TGS Trailer

Full Trailer via GT, Full Trailer via website, download, [media=youtube]kxHvHJwDoXg&hd=1"[/media]

Vaan confirmed via Shonen Jump

Assist video and explanation by Ichipoo

Laguna confirmed

Ultimecia Confirmed


[media=youtube]QcYRcMJ3MWM"[/media] shows Yuna, Prishe, Gilgamesh, and Aerith who is only usable by playing the japanese demo currently and is an assist.

Final Japanese Trailer Subtitled

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is the ultimate fighting game of 2018! u heard it first here!extraxtreme

saw the trailer earlier today, looks very good but they should of made a next gen version aswell :confused:


To be honest i can barely understand the mechanism of this game so i prefer to wait for more in-game footage.


From what I’ve read there are skills that do HP damage and those that do damage to the foes MP meter. Sounds like it could be interesting. Just have to wait and see.


Well, we got Castlevania: The Fighter, so it was pretty inevitable we would get another Final Fantasy related fighting game


That shit looks like it will give fanboys orgasms.


I saw screens for this a long time ago, I was curious and wanted to see it in action, and now I did.

Looks awesome to me, I plan to buy it and pimp out my main man Squall (No homo)

Also when Squall and Sephiroth were dueling, I think I shed a tear.


I’m gonna have to snag someone’s psp to play this game when it comes out…


i’m surprised Cloud wasn’t in this bitch.

…maybe an unlockable? :x


^ There no way in hell Cloud is not in this.


ill play if i can use wheelchair cloud


Cloud and Vincent are pretty much given due to their extreme popularity (Which I’m not included in).

We need a Dan like character, throw one of the Cid’s in and I’ll be happy.

Here is a character list so far:

Final Fantasy: Hero- Warrior of Light, Villain- Garland.

Final Fantasy II: Hero- Frioniel, Villain- Emperor.

Final Fantasy VII: Hero- Blank space, Villain- Sephiroth.

Final Fantasy VIII: Hero- Squall Leonheart, Villain: Ultimecia.

Final Fantasy IX: Hero- Zidane Tribal, Villain: Kuja.

Final Fantasy X: Hero- Tidus, Villain- Jecht.

They have stated that unlockables are a possibility, and that as a character advances he gets more equipment, XP and money to spend.

To achieve the full story you need to beat it with every character, and all of them interlock.


2008/2009 crazy time for fighting game fans


Just heard about this. It is a fighting game? Hmmmm…I was hoping it was some Kingdom Hearts type deal.

Well, I just hope it is good.


Have game companys become bored and are now just sticking any1 in a fighting game?


this game has been announced and shown AGES ago, i think a vid was shown a year ago so theyre probably giving the mechanics a thorough testing.

im not surprised cloud hasnt been shown, because he will be the last boss (you heard it here first) :badboy:

also wanted to note that i like the fact sephiroth looks like the warrior of light, so many things pointing towards my genius theories :wgrin:


It would be nice if they put in characters not from FF7 on.

edit: Given that other character list, put in people from 4 and 6.


Everyone knows the last boss will be Cid.


Final Fantasy characters have been in a previous fighting game, Ehrgheiz. So it’s not a new concept.


This would have been mildly interesting if it were a FF Megamix or something. The Main Hero vs. Main Villain model sucks.