Final Fantasy Dissidia thread. Sequel announced!


Open Beta on jan 12 to 21, from 6:00 PST to 13:00 PST


I’m going to pick up the game when it goes on sale. Monster Hunter will eat my time this month.


Anyone tried the beta?
The game feels a bit slow, I don’t like the lock on system at all and the matchmaking is long.
Still I think the netcode is great, 7 lag free games in a row so far and the game is beautiful. I’m actually having fun now that I’m starting to understand what’s going on.


Played a bit this morning. Used Cecil the whole time. I’m actually curious what the tier list looks like since its been in arcades for awhile


Having no interest in buying it, DL’d it and played it for 20 minutes before deciding it was too much chaos, button and gameplay wise


too much chaos? that’s the nature of war, even between two teams of 3.

there’s a lot of skill and depth there.


just downloaded the beta, went through the tutorial
rly liking it so far


Dissidia NT has the greatest netcode ever!!


It’s a fun game but man January is expensive with AE’s character pass and DBFZ.
I’m worried about the single player content for this game and the fact that it won’t be enjoyable online if I don’t find 2 friends to play with, random people don’t seem to understand that it’s a team game.
I played like 50 games and only 2-3 were laggy, that’s impressive for à 3vs3 game. Can’t wait to try Noctis!


NT feels more clunky than its predecessors; I really dislike the new guard mechanic.

It’s still fun as shit, though. Cecil is awesome.


hey the block mechanic is a lifesaver. just dont hold it if they are gonna use a HP attack.
plus its so epic when blocking sword users attacks. clang clang clang! xD

well the new combination of beta test characters are up


I much preferred the old style where it wasn’t held but timed and granted you a punish (but you got punished if you blocked too early and got baited.)

I’m trying Kain now; Gungnir is an awful HP attack (to be fair it was bad in the last one) and Jump is… strange. Kinda wish they left Jump as a basic HP attack.


I have zero clue what I’m doing; is there a "
Tutorial online which actually goes over how you’re supposed to play?


When you launch the beta you go immediately in the tutorial, or just go far right in main menu.


How to actually play the game, not how the controls work. What’s the basic tactics? How should an assassin approach combat? What’s a marksman priorities? How does the mixup game function?


Dissidia is a lot of baiting, dodging and punishing. There is, quite obviously, a far greater emphasis on spacing than there is execution; if you’re trying to learn anything, it should be how far moves reach so you can whiff punish.

I believe the Assassin archetype is probably best suited for assaulting the slower casting/marksman characters. Just stick to their ass and prevent them from dominating the battlefield with their large nuke spells which tend to take a while to cast.

There really isn’t much of a mix up game. Try to predict dodge directions and catch their dodge recovery frames. Seems like blindsiding the fuck out of people engaged with a teammate is the best plan of attack.


Solo queuing kind of sucks, just takes one laggy guy on either team to make the whole game unplayable.


When three bronze players try to team up on you at the start of the match lol


Dissidia NT is outstanding, while it’ll take DLCs to bring it up to 50 playable characters, SE has the money and already the determination to make that happen.

so it’ll improve with each new addition, and overall the general gameplay is solid.

now they just gonna make sure to have good taste when adding more characters to the playable selection. this year definitely should add Yuna at least.
if they add Prishe instead they ought to get slapped.


With this game’s existing summoning mechanics, it would make a lot more sense for Yuna to be based on her Final Fantasy X-2 incarnation, perhaps using her EX Skill to switch dresspheres between Gunner and one or two others (Songstress and Mascot, maybe?).

That the entire story is gated behind the game’s competitive multiplayer was a massive step down from Duodecim’s wealth of single-player content. I can watch every bit of story that Dissidia NT has to offer on YouTube because most or all of it is in cutscenes. That’s a real pisser compared to the branching, muti-tiered Duodecim narrative.