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“The Wild Ring of Fire”: MARVEL VS CAPCOM fiction

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From Dictionary:

“Fight”: Verb.

Pronounce: “F” as in “Fish”, “ight” as in “light”.

Word Usage Rating: 4/5.

Meaning: To take into struggle over something. To get involved into a violence. To win something by force. To beat over an object. To gain something by combat.

Example sentence: I have to fight for the freedom against the tyrant.

UMvC3 OTT : Where the hell is Piers!

Location: Unknown
Year: Unknown
Date: Unknown
Time: Afternoon
Weather: Unknown: Cloudy, stormy, and sunny.

It is in the future time.

What will happen in the future?

Nobody knows.

Will something bad happen in the future?

Nobody knows.

Will something good happen in the future?

Still, nobody knows.

But, in the future, theres only thing we can be sure of:

All of us are going to die.


We dont know.

Thats why, we must cherish the life now.

We must live our life, do meaningful things for the life, so that the life can be very meaningful.

Thats why people fights: Fighting for the right to live, and the right to see the world.

There was an uncivilized island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Why do I say it is uncivilized?

Because theres nothing! Only uncivilized rainforest. There was even a live volcano, erupting with rage.

The lava was flowing around the volcano. The volcano is like trying to use the lava to prevent the intruders from attacking into the volcano.

Other than the volcano, the whole island was filled with rainforest. Near the volcano, there stood two people.

The two people are wearing gis. One is white, another one is red.

White one got black hair along with red ribbons. Red one got blonde hair and also another red ribbon tied at the back of his hair.

White fighter was wearing red gloves. Instead, the red fighter wore yellow.

They are standing approximately 10 meters apart from each other.

Their faces are pale, and yet filled with hatred.


They want to kill each other.


Because they hate each other.

The lightening flashed and the thunder clashed loudly. The thunder showed unfriendly environment even more spooky.

In the ancient China, theres a phrase:

As long as you fight, you had no chance to give up. A battle could involve a bet for a position, wealth, or a woman.

This phrase is true after all. If you fight, there must be a cause for it. You might want to fight against the opponent in order to win something.

However, the two fighters here, are not fighting for woman, wealth, nor position.

They are betting on their lives. They are fighting for their lives.

Again, unfriendly thunder clashed, along with the lightening hitting around the two fighters.

Both got into the fighting stance. Yet they are doing something other than fighting: Transforming.

The volcano erupted with a loud bang, like attempting to banish the two fighters from the island. But both fighters gave no reactions to the erupting volcano.

Roar! The white fighter screamed. He was transforming. His white suit became dark purple; his white eyes become black; his red gloves become brown; his light-colored skins become dark brown; his red ribbon becomes dark purple.

On the other side, the red fighter also transformed. His red suit becomes blue, red gloves becomes dark yellow, his light-colored skins become dark brown, his white eyes become black.

The scariest part was: The white fighters back, flashed a Chinese character: Destroy!!

On the red fighters back, there flickered another Chinese character: Hegemony!!

They were Ryu and Ken. No, they were not Ryu and Ken. They were Evil Ryu and Superior Ken.

SnH Ryu hollered with both of his arms holding punches. Around the punches, there formed several thunder-balls.

It also seemed that SnH Ryu knew how to control the weather around him, since the thunder crashed by following Ryus hollering rhythm. The clouds on top of him became even darker and thicker. Out from the dark clouds clashed several black thunderbolts. All these hit around SnH Ryu.

The two thunder balls became even larger, and even darker It was like both of SnH Ryus arms were going to explode with lightening bolts.

Superior Ken wasnt scrared of SnH Ryus power summoning, instead, Superior Ken summoned a power of his own. He growled as his gi kept floating like theres air pushing his hair and gi upwards.

Coming out from Kens gi, was an ugly creature. The creature got a body shaped like a cobra, the claws were like those of an eagle. The mouth was like a wolfs mouth. The horns shaped like two trees. That big, ugly creature was a dragon, an evil dragon.

The dragon hollered as to follow up Kens growling rhythm.

Now, both got their own power, the power that was enough to kill the opponent.

SnH Ryu was ready by forcing all the thunder powers into his right arm. Doing so, SnHs right arm become even darker, along with more dark lightening bolts flickering around his hand.

SnH Ryu hollered KILL!! as he delievered his punch against Superior Ken!!

Superior Ken was ready to attack too. He also forced all his might by focusing the kis onto his right hand. The dragon was like obeying Kens ki, and floated behind Kens right arm.

Superior Ken jumped as he extended his punch, aiming at SnH Ryu. The dragon also seemed to understand what Superior Kens intentions: Kill SnH Ryu!

The dragon hollered as Ken shouted HELL as his punch was about to land onto SnH Ryus stomach.

Both of them made contact, both fighters right landed onto each others stomach!! This made a loud voice of bone crashing, heart stopping, and even life risking sounds!!

Both SnH Ryu and Superior Ken spat out blood before they were blown away from each other. Both of them were wounded, and might even died in this battle.

Who would be the winner? Ryu? Ken? SnH Ryu? Superior Ken? Or somebody else?

To Be Continued


Chapter 1: The Burning Dragon

In Japan, somewhere in Japan, things would be more easier if we had a map to display the exact location of where the story actually starts.

Wintertime, it’s obvious, because it was snowing.

The sky was beautiful, large snowflakes were floating around and around.

Up on the mountains. Inside the forest.

An American boy was walking on the trial inside the forest. He was lost, all alone, all by himself. He was walking on the trial inside a heavy snow covered trial.

This gives us a question: Where were his pwerents?

He only wears a red T-shirt, along with blue jeans. He was cold and hungry, yes, he was cold and hungry, yet he was too stubborn to admit this kind of fact.

“Dammit, so cold…” He muttered. He kept shuddering. From his eyes, he was filled with anger, and hate. Why? Nobody knows.

He may mutter this to himself, but, he wont say the same thing to other people, especially strangers. Why? Because he was too arrogant for that.

This American boy keep walking, walking, and finds an opening in the trial. He hears a voice, a man’s voice.

“Let me demonstrate this move: Shoryuken! (Dragon Punch)” The man said. He was tall, and wearing kung-fu clothes, grey kung-fu clothes. He was wearing gloves, brown gloves. This man looks around 50 to 60’s. He acts like he was the master. Wait a minute! wait a damn! he was wearing kung-fu clothes?? in the winter time? He doesn’t even had sleeves on both of his arms!! Doesn’t he feel cold??

It does notmatter, what matter was, what was “Sho Ryu Ken” ?? A fighting style? A fighting technique? A fighting move?

“Sho… Ryu…Ken?” The American Kid hides behind a tree, mutters. He sees this man, wearing kung-fu suit, saying this to a boy, about the same age as the American boy. This kid was wearing a red ribbon around his head, also in kung-fu clothes. Looks like the people in this mountain were weird…

" ‘Sho’ means rise, ‘Ryu’ means dragon, and ‘Ken’ means punch, in the first place, it was designed to destroy something, it was named ‘Death Dragon Punch’, since this was too scary, I modified this move to reduce the damage, and reduce the possiblity of killing a person. Now, I call this move ‘Dragon Punch’. Specifically, this technique was an anti-air attack. For most of the time, we call it ‘Dragon Punch’. You could use this move as long as somebody was attacking you from the air. In order to reach for the maximum power, you must focus all your power on the feet, and try to push all the power from your feet up, push all the energy up. After you jump, then, focus all power on the moving punch. The faster you move your punch, the more damage you could make onto the enemy. Remember, as soon as you finish jumping, you must transform all power from feet to the hand. Your hand was the main part where afflicts most of the damages. You could afflict more damage if you jump higher." That man explains, slowly, and clearly. Yet it took nearly 10 minutes for him to finish this explaination.

“Shut up!” mutters the American boy. That man sure takes a long time explaining this technique. “Just do it! dammit!”

Yes, the American Boy wants it so bad. He wants to know how to fight.
Now, This American Boy wants to see how this technique actually looks like.

A tree blew up, was what actually happened. Yet it doesn’t affect the snowflakes floating around. The snow thickens. It made the American Boy hard to see what exactly had happened.

“Dammit! I hate the snow!” The American kid mutters again.

“Now, you may practice this move, the best way to improve this technique was to practice this with a basketball. First, you would throw this basketball up, then, try use Dragon Punch to hit this ball. Make sure that this ball goes up, not going to other direction. This way could increase your accuracy, and power. Good luck!” the man says again. Yes, another long explanation. I hate it, the American kid thinks.

The kid in red ribbon, he had a face of confusion, but with a smile on his face. He wants to try that move too.

“Dragon Punch!” The red ribbon kid shouts, as he attempts to do the same thing on another tree.

Uh oh. He’s just a kid! He was too weak to blow a tree up!

“Ouch!” The tree doesn’t blow up, what had gone red was the red ribbon’s hand, not by blood, but from pain.

“Ryu! What the heck you were doing!?” the man demands.

Oh, the red ribbon dummy was Ryu, all right. The American kid thinks. But he accidentally steps on a branch, which makes a loud crack.

“Who was there!?”" The man was startled, same as Ryu and the American kid.

The American kid attempts to run away, but he was stopped by the man.

“You! What were you doing here!?”" The man shouts.

"Gr…:The American kid looks at the man angrily. Dammit! Do I had to do it? The American kid was not cold and hungry anymore, he was filled with anger. He was angry, why he accidently stepped on a branch!? What for!? To let that man know and kill that American kid!?

“Dragon Punch!” The American kid attacks, and he actually hit the man!!

“Ouch! Ryu! You see? That was how you were supposed to do… but not on my stomach…” the man groans.

“Byebye!” the American kid attempts to run away. Run away from the two strangers.

But this American kid cannot run far. A Haydoken (Fireball) comes. It hits his back, and stops him.

“Dammit! Why do you want to stop me!? Kill me if you insist!” The American kid isn’t happy about the one who stopped him.

“Well, at least you should apologize…” It was Ryu.

“For what? For trying to send him to hell?” the American kid isn’t happy about Ryu either. All he wants was just to know how to do this move. He was still angry, yet his anger cannot melt down the snowflakes around him.

An unexpected force made the American kid kneel in front of the man. It was another man, standing behind the American kid. He was wearing dark purple kung-fu suit, again!? He had wide mouth, and red hair. His red hair was tied. The weird part was, his hair was standing up, it’s like there’s wind blowing his hair up. His eyes were red, pure red, it’s like his eyes were flickering with “destroy” and “kill”…

Another wierd part was, the snowflakes seems never touch him. The snowflakes were preventing from touching him!

“Akuma? What were you doing here?” That man says, he doesn’t seem to be happy to see the new stranger.

“Gouken, Do not misunderstand me, I followed this kid, and it seems that he’s got talent.” Akuma says. The American kid gets angry again, and wants to punch Akuma.

It isn’t a good idea either. Because Akuma’s eye made this American kid filled with fear. This kid stops, and watched him angryly.

“True. That kid actually did Dragon Punch on me. Ouch” Gouken speaks. As in matter of fact, he was quite astonished that the American kid actually did the “Dragon Punch” with only one peek.

“What was your name? Kid?” Gouken continues.

“I am not a kid! I repeat, I AM NOT A KID! My name was Ken, Ken Masters. Dammit! Don’t just call me a kiddo!” The American kid shouts. It seems that he’s too arrogant to be treated like a child.

“Hmm… Ken? In Japanese, we say ‘Ken’ as punch!! It seems that you had talents in punches and fighting!!” Gouken complies.

“…” Akuma was silent. His right hand then goes into his suit, and takes out a book. The snowflakes never touch the book. The snowflakes were actually changing direction, and float to other direction.

" Take this, it’s important and dangerous." Akuma throws the book to Gouken. He says his last sentence, before he walks off. Ken, Ryu, and Gouken could see Akuma’s back, walking silently. It’s like he was filled with sorrow, lonliness, and frustration.

“Wait!” Gouken wants to stop him. He wants to know what it was all about. But… he was far-gone. Akuma was quite fast in walking.

Gouken then read the cover of this book, and he had a shock on his face. He suddenly hid the book inside his suit. This book was actually dangerous!! Extremely dangerous! What was this book all about?? What was the top secret?

Ryu and Ken see Gouken’s face. Both of them suspect that the book must had something wrong.

“Ryu, get a basketball, and practice the Dragon Punch! As for you, kid, Ow!” Gouken says, but he was interrupted by another punch: Ken punched him again, because Gouken again says something that makes Ken mad.

"Ken… what a violent kid!"Gouken mutters.

“What a dummy…” Ken mutters. Both of them were not quite satisfied with each other.

Instead, Ryu thinks “What a guy…”

The snow continues. Even thicker.

Ryu and Ken were now under the training with Gouken. Nobody knows what their future would be like. Theres only one thing that could be sure: both of them would face each other, or even fight to death!

to be continued.

WHITEYPEDIA, or: facts/Q&A about White People
SF X Tekken - Do you think Claw is there?

Chapter2: The Black Girl

In China, again, I need the map to work it out.

Hong Kong, China. Around February.

A girl was walking inside a traditional market. This market was an old market, which was at least 200 years old. The market was located near the port. That’s why this market was very popular.

This market was filled with people, buying things for the New Year. Chinese New Year. Nearly everyone was wearing red and blue.

This market was filled with joy, energy, and life. It was just the way it was supposed to be. If it was not, then it’s not Chinese New Year.

In China, red symbolizes luck, and prosperity. Instead, Blue symbolizes happiness, and bright future.

But, the girl was wearing neither red nor blue. She was wearing black. This color was very unlucky, especially at such time period. As in matter of fact, many people would consider black was the unluckiest color of all! Because of that, many people reject her, do not wish to talk with her, and even several gangsters attempted to kick her away from this market.

But no, they cannot do it.

Strange feeling goes through their body and their brain as the gangsters attempt to kick her out from the market. The strange feeling comes from that girl! Who was that girl!??

This girl had black hair, tied into two hairballs on both sides of her head. She was wearing black T-shirt, blue pants, and blue shoes. She looks like she’s only 9 or 10 years old. Black was already unlucky, but why does she wear black T-shirt even-though she had blue pants and shoes on?

As in matter of fact, she was going to attend a funeral.

A funeral!? At such timing?

Now, this was weird, absolutely weird! Nobody would want to attend a funeral right before the Chinese New Year! In Chinese culture, it’s extremely unlucky!

“Dad…” The girl was crying.

Why was she crying? Was that because her father was dead? Was that also because her father was missing? Otherwise, he must had done something terrible. From the eyes of the roaming people in the market, they believe that the girl’s father was dead.

That’s right, her father was dead. That’s why she was going to attend the funeral.

But, this was Chinese New Year Eve!! The day before Chinese New Year!! Nobody would rather to hold a funeral right before that day!!

Actually, the girl was going to attend and hold the funeral all by herself.

“Dad?I would put the revenge for you!” the girl mutters.

Revenge? Does it mean that another person killed the girl’s father?

Exactly. Her dead father was killed by a stranger, who calls himself “The Utmost Emperor.”

What the heck was he doing? “The Utmost Emperor”!? The girl isn’t going to cwere about that kind of non-sense. There isn’t such a person that could be powerful enough to conquer the whole world, there isn’t even a person who was powerful to murder all the fighters around the world!

Could he?

While he was killing the girl’s father, he said that in order to become “The Utmost Emperor”, he must remove all obstacles that stands between him and the goal.

But why her dad? Why? Why? WHY!?

Her dad didn’t do anything that would be considered to be an obstacle against that so-called “The Utmost Emperor”!!

Why would he do such thing to an innocent person??

Following up the girl’s memory; she remembers that the murder was wearing red suit, along with red police cap. He also wears a blue garment on his back. The Garment was pinned onto the guards on both of his shoulders. His face was extremely ugly, red eyes, wide mouths, giant nose, and he doesn’t even had eyebrows!

After the murder left, she ran out from her place as soon as possible. She was scwered, very scwered.

She saw him when she was inside a closet. Since her father putted her into the closet before the murder came.

“I, Chun-Li Xiang, would put the revenge and kill the murder for you! Dad!” The girl mutters again.

The girl’s name was Chun-Li Xiang. She was scwered, but the word “revenge” makes her stand up, and face the painful truth.

Chun-Li wants to kill the murder!

But, she was just a girl. The murder was at least three times the size of the girl. How would she defeat him? That man declwered himself as “The Utmost Emperor”, meaning that it would be an extremely hard mission to kill him!!

In what way, what method, what strategy must be planned before proceeding the plan?

“I, Mark Bison, would be the Utmost Emperor!!” The murder says after he kills Chun-Li’s father, with only a slap.

M. Bison?? In the whole world, nearly everyone knows about M. Bison and his troops. From their knowledge, M. Bison’s power was way beyond estimation. His troops may not be as powerful as M. Bison was, but their power cannot be underestimated, otherwise, the consequence would be very unpredictably bad.

“What the heck was she doing in black??” a seller in a shop mutters. He was not happy about Chun-Li, since she was very unlucky.

“That’s it!! I had had enough!” the man in another shop shouts. He wants to kick the girl out from the market. Everyone in the market wants to kick her out. They don’t want any unlucky element existing inside the market!

Three of all the securities in the market start to walk toward the girl, and wish her to leave the market. Not by force, but by words.

“Hey, you, girl in black!” one of the securities says, “please leave this market.”

Chun-Li gives no reply.

“Please leave.” Another security says.

Chun-Li had no reaction.

“Leave now or I would force you to.” The last one speaks.

Chun-Li doesn’t cwere about them. She cweres only about revenge.

“That’s it! ATTACK!” The three securities were out of patience.

The three securities take out their sticks from their waist. Preparing to walk toward Chun-Li.

One of them started to attack with the stick. Suddenly, this security attacks himself with the stick, not by mistake, but by an unknown force controlling the attacking security.

The other two securities thought that the first security did it for fun. So, they attack the girl, without knowing that the first security was actually meant to attack the girl!

Again, both securities hit themselves!! By another unknown force!! There’s nobody helping Chun-Li. Does that mean, Chun-Li had the power to repel or dodge their attack?

The securities want to attack again; however, they were now frightened, by the expression from Chun-Li’s eyes.

Her eyes were filled with anger, sorrow, hate, and even evil. The three securities were scwered of her. That’s right, SCWERED.

The securities want her to leave, but, no, they cannot do it. There’s a weird power within the girl that could repel anybody around her.

“Who the f*** was she?” the people in the market were scwered of her as well.

Chun-Li only looks at the ground, tearfully. Finally, she started walking, walking away from the securities and the people in the market. Soon, she left the market; and on her way to the graveyard.

In the graveyard, Hong Kong, China.

Chun-Li walks toward a grave. The stone carved “Gouden Xiang, 1942-1999”.

“Dad…” Chun-Li speaks to herself.

“Forgive me… I would kill M. Bison for you! I had to kill him?no, I would kill him!” Chun-Li continues with tears flowing out from her eyes.

Her first mission, also probably her last mission: Kill M. Bison!

Was this a possible mission? Probably, all she had to do was train harder, train hard until her power surpasses the power processes by M. Bison. Was this possible? Or perhaps, she could ask for all helps she needs. But, who could help her? M. Bison’s power was way beyond estimation? Who could also had such power in order to fight evenly against M. Bison??

On top of the gravestone, Chun-Li find a booklet, an old booklet. She wonders what this booklet was about. Finally, she opens the book?

It’s a booklet about kung-fu. She still had the chance to beat M. Bison if she actually masters all the moves inside the book!!

Nobody knows if she would master all the moves? This booklet was very thick, about 10 to 15 centimeters thick!! This booklet was in paperback form. There must be at least 2000 pages in total!! Could Chun-Li master all the moves?

If so, would she had the power powerful enough to fight evenly against M. Bison?

  • to be continued.*


Chapter 3 The Gym Destroyer.

New York, USA.

I hate it the most when I do not had the map to show it around.

Time: winter time.



Bang, Bang.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, BANG!


A fast paced hitting sound could be heard at nearly a kilometer away form the source of the sound.

What was this sound?

This sounds like punches and kicks hitting something. More like a saddle or hitting bag.

Exactly, its a hitting bag. From where?

From inside a gym.

This gym was closed, yet theres still somebody training.

A child was training. His eyebrows were very low. His hair was very abnormal. Abnormal, I say, his hair was absolutely bizarre. His hair stood upward, forming a disc shaped top.

Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!! the child mutters.

His hands were already bleeding. Yet it didnt stop him from hitting the hitting bag.

This white hitting bag was already colored in red, by this childs blood from his hand.

On the ground we could see several red dots. Of course, they were also the childs bloods. However, some other liquid also covers these blood marks: sweat. Its like the child had been training for more than 6 hours straight.

FUCK! this child screamed. He screamed so loud that a dog even reacted to the sound a kilometer away. The dog was obviously not happy to that word. He barked loudly, in marking its revenge toward the child.

This bark, was not as loud as the childs scream. Hence, the child in the gym didnt hear the dog barking.

The child was out of patience. His right hand gave it another hard punch. This punch was like the child had summoned all power within his body toward the right hand. This punch, was almost as powerful as a sledgehammer hitting a hitting bag.


The hitting bag didnt blow up, but the chain that holds the bag starts to groan.

FUCK! the child was not finished yet. His left hand gave it another hard punch. This punch, was almost as powerful as a car driving 60 kilometers a hour hitting a hitting bag.


The hitting bag still didnt blow up. Yet the chain finally give in, and drops down the hitting bag.

FUCK IT! NOT NOW! The child yelled again. No! No! He was not over yet! He isnt done with the bag yet!! He still wants more! He jumps up, and his right foot gave the falling bag a hard roundhouse. He hit it!! He hit a falling bag! The falling bag that was just about to touch the ground.

Now, the bag was not going to touch the ground. Because the bag blow up.

Inside the bag was filled with rocks. My god, the bag was not filled with sand, but rocks. Some of the rocks even had some cracks

The rocks were sent flying, by the power of the childs right foot. Many of them hit the mirror lining up around the wall. Each of the mirror gave a loud crack.

The glass that separates both inside and outside also gave loud cracks as the rocks hit the glass. The glass crashes like there had been an explosion by a C-4 bomb.

The equipment inside the gym, like weights, chairs, poles, and other important weight lifting equipment, were all completely destroyed by the rocks that hit those equipment.

As those rocks were destroying the whole gym, the boy remains motionless beside the outside layer of the hitting bag. He was standing on the bloodstains Motionless, completely motionless, like a statue.

From this, we could see how strong the BOY was.

Theres only a word to describe his strength: Strong. Theres no other word to describe it. Super strong? Or, had the strength like a superman?

After seeing the destroyed gym, the pedestrians outside of the gym cannot find a suitable word to describe the boys strength.

Yes, he was damn strong. Very strong. Extremely strong. Its like he had taken steroids.

As all the rocks fell to the ground, as everything went quiet, as all the dusts and sands sank onto the ground, all we could see was just a destroyed gym. Like a bomb that had been blown up inside a gym by a terrorist.

The blood still flow out from the boys hand. A drop of blood dropped onto the ground, the ground of the destroyed gym.

Does it matter? The ground of the destroyed gym, do the janitors had to clean the ground up? No, because the janitors were scwered to death by that boy. If they want to clean the mess up, it would take at least a month or two to completely restore the whole gym to the way it used to be.

Clearly, to be clear, the boy had completely destroyed the gym.

the boy was still motionless.

First, the hitting bag, then the mirror, after it comes the glass, and the equipment, now the ground full of bloodstains.

All were completely destroyed. Except the boy. The boy was not destroyed, but he was the destroyer. A Super Gym-Destroyer.

He was Guile. A child Guile.

He was training. Because his brother was missing. Why missing?

Fuck! Guile mutters. He was still not satisfied with his strength. Or, was he not satisfied with the gym equipment?

Dammit, this was the thirty-second gym I had destroyed! And none of them had satisfied me!

Thirty-second!? What the fuck!? Guile had already destroyed thirty two gyms??

Dammit, thirty two for this year

Wait!! Currently its only February, and now he had destroyed thirty two gyms!? Thats at least one gym in two days!!

Hmm Not Bad a voice came. This voice was slow, yet scary. Its like a ghost growl. Like a monsters hiss.

It startled Guile. Guiles first reaction was throw a punch toward the source of the voice.

But the stranger dodged the punch, easily. Like he was dodging from a turtle walking toward him.

The stranger was wearing red suit, along with red police cap. He also wears a blue garment on his back. The Garment was pinned onto the guards on both of his shoulders. His face was extremely ugly, red eyes, wide mouths, giant nose, and he doesn’t even had eyebrows!

M. Bison!

What the fuck do you want? Guile demanded. His voice was loud yet shattered. At his first look at M. Bison, fear flows around his body that he cannot move.

Guile was scwered of M. Bison. But why? Guile do not know him, but why he was scwered of this stranger??

I want you to be my comrade! The voice was long, flat, yet stern and scary.

Every single word made Guile tense his muscle a bit, yet he was now feeling dizzy. Since he bled too much already.

Bullshit my ass! Guild screamed, in fear. Yet his wording shows his bravery. Was wording enough to prove that he was brave? Only one thing could prove it: fight.

Oh If You dont want to be my comrade then you should die another long, flat and scary voice. His left hand gave a little wave to his left.

The wall aligning M. Bisons left gave a loud crack. The wall was cut into half without warning. Does that mean, M. Bison was so powerful that he could control the air?? Or was he powerful enough to destroy an object far away from him without even touch it??

Yes, M. Bisons power was extremely beyond prediction!!

Guile shuddered, yet he remains in his fighting stance. He doesnt want to die. And of course, he does not want to die NOW.

Die it was the last voice Guile heard before he fell unconscious.

Guile fainted, by what? Fear? The fear that Guile had since he sees M. Bison? Or did he faint by the excess flow of blood? Or did he faint because M. Bison attacked him?

This was a completely destroyed gym.

As polices arrived the scene, both of them were nowhere to be found.

They couldn’t determine whether it was a murder scene, fighting scene, or even a terrorist scene.


The murder scene: They noted excess amount of blood on the ground, enough to kill a man.

The fighting scene: They also noted several marks of fighting.

The terrorist scene: The destroyed gym, like blown up by a C4 bomb.

to be continued


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Chapter 4: The Mask of the Forest

Inside a forest, a forest full of trees and fresh air.

This was a location full of life forms. Including birds, deer, bear, and other wildlife. They were having peaceful life inside this forest Why? Because this was totally un-civilized.

Yes, this forest was uncivilized. But not for long.

Sooner or later, the city at about 100 kilometers away, would had to expand in order to take more citizens.

The name of this city was Tokyo. Tokyo was a very famous port city located in Japan. It was well known for the Japanese food, Japanese style living, and the most important: Tokyo was Japans capitol city.


Why do they want to expand this city?

There may be too much citizens living inside this city, but all they had to do was just build more apartments instead of a house.

Why do they want to expand the city?

So that the city would be larger?

What for? In order to expand the city, they must cut down more trees. This way would only cause the increase of the pollution, the greenhouse effect. The planet Earth was already hot Due to the greenhouse effect.

Due to the greenhouse effect, the average temperature rises at average of 0.5 degrees C. per year.

Think of it, after 30 years, and the temperature would be 15 degrees C higher than now.

To be clear, about 30 years later, there would be no season: and all four season would only be Summer.

In weathers words, we call it The Permanent Summer. If this was a serious problem, why do people still want to expand?

These questions kept running through a kids mind. This kid was wearing clothes on his face. Only his eyes could be seen. He was obviously not happy to what those people in the government were doing.

Well, he was not not happy, he hates them.

Nature was a noun, nature gives us a healthy body. We cannot destroy it. This was an important lesson for all of us, of course, the kid knows that as well.

Dammit! Why do they want to do it? The kid mutters.

His anger was nearly out of control, of course, the kid loves nature. He doesnt want other people to destroy the nature.

He was about to hold a punch and hit a tree.

Stop it! A mans voice came.

The kid stops. He recognizes the voice. It was his master.

Master The kid was not happy about the government and now he was not happy with the master either His right hand still holds a punch, preparing to punch something.

If you actually punch the tree, that means you were hurting the nature as well! The master reasons.

The kid finally put the punch down, however, he was STILL not happy.

Anyways, I am here to give you a new move. The master says.

Yes, the kid was going to learn more moves. So far, he knows how to summon a lion or an eagle from nowhere. The lion was made from iron. Same for the eagle. He also knows how to use the slasher the master gave to him.

What else should he learn?

The new move I am going to teach you was: the climbing The master finally gave a grin.

Climbing? Climb what?

And: climbing what? Climb up a hill? Thats so easy its as easy as saying one-two-three!!

Climb up a tree? Thats pretty easy! Even a regular baby could climb a tree, uh… I mean, even a regular baby monkey could climb a tree!

But The way you climb the tree: you could only use your feet, not your hand.

Ah, thats the point.

Also, when you climb, you walk upwards. Not with your feet holding around the tree. The master adds.

Now, thats difficult. Unless you were lizard, you cannot walk up a tree without the hand!!

The master just walks toward a tree, and his right foot first touches the tree trunk.


The left foot touches the trunk, without the right feet touching the ground. To be clear, both feet were on the tree trunk.

The master was still standing, horizontally. He continue walking, horizontally. As he reached to the highest branch, he walks onto the branch. He was now walking upside down.

UPSIDE DOWN? It seems impossible

But the master did it.

The boy was shocked yet his mask hides his shocked face.

Like this. The master says upside down. As he finishes the sentence, he jumps down and lands on the ground, like he had done it for at least a hundred times.

The boy was still looking at his master in bewilderment.

How I mean, how did you do it? The boy finally gave his first question.

Strider, you had to do only a thing: Focus your power onto your feet. I am saying, focus your ki onto your feet. If you were able to focus the ki onto your feet the ki was able to give the attaching power. This lets you to hold yourself onto a tree without any trouble. The master explains.

ki? The boy asks. His name was Strider Hiryu.

Ki The master responds was a energy stored inside your body, you could control the energy and focus them on anypart of the body. This enables you to attach attack defend, or disappear.

attack, defend, disappear, and attach? Strider repeats, in confusion.

I am asking you to climb a tree, well, actually, the purpose of this training was to practice the controlling and focus of the ki. The master finishes.

Strider knows about the word ki and knows how to use this technique. However, the focus of the ki needs more practice. This was why the master was asking him to walk up a tree.

Here, use this The master gave Strider a dagger.

Try your best. When you figure you cannot walk up any further, use the dagger to leave a mark before you fall, the next time you walk up the tree, try walk past the mark you made. The master instructs.

But This way would disobey a rule the master had: do not hurt the nature.

This was pretty a good idea. Try to overcome the limit.

HERE I COME! Strider shouts. He runs toward a tree. He jumps up onto the tree and fall down right away without marking a mark on the tree trunk. His feet may had touched the tree trunk, but less than 0.5 second

God looks like he had a long way to goThe master mutters as he left Strider behind.

. Strider thought He made two mistakes here.

One: he did this without thinking Meaning that he needs to calm down before doing something

Two: he needs to slow down, not to do thing in a harsh way.

It seems that the master had this all planned along. It looks like the master wants Strider to learn two things: Focus the ki and learn how to do the mind control.

The master was pretty good, I must admit.

Several days later

Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow

In the same forest.

Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow

Several sounds of pow could be heard. Of course this was the sound of running, on the tree.

Yes, Strider managed to walk up the tree for quite a distance now.

Dammit the process was too slow Strider complains. He wants to master the move. The shorter time he requires, the better.

Why? He knows that as long as he knows how to control and focus the Ki, he was able to master many different moves without any difficulty.

Okay now lemme calm myself down Strider calm down, and closes his eyes. He was now focusing the ki onto his feet.

For a brief period of time, his feet gave out white smoke, like it had been burnt by fire.

Here I come!! Strider shouts. It seems that his harsh personality was still there. He starts to run toward the tree. He was pretty sure that he could made it to the top branch without stopping.

Hey! How were you doing! A shout came. It totally disturbs Strider, of course, all the focus Strider had made were wasted. Strider fell down, by what?

Tiredness? Well, half yes and half no.

He fell down because he lost his balance right at the timing Strider was about to jump on the tree. His first step loses the focus, and lets go of the trunk.

Thats why Stider falls down.

Hmm, you need more practice It was the master. Just like he shouted at Strider on purpose.

YeahStrider agrees, and fell unconscious

to be continued

UMvC3 OTT Back to the Norm

**Chapter 5: “The Lost Body” **

A hospital in New York, New York City, New York, USA.

Of course, I use this city, for the plot of this story.

Not because theres gonna be another terrorist like Bin Ladin trying to get an airplane and crash onto the World Trade Center. This fiction, was purely a fiction. None of these things were actual related to the thing happening right now.

Inside the hospital. Of course, I do not need the map for that. Since the hospital was small enough for us to find a way.

Inside a delivery room.

“Push!! Push! Push!” A man wearing green operation cloth commands.

“Push Harder! Breath! Breath!” Another man in green operation clothes follows up the command.

“Ugh! That… Ouch!! Th…” A woman wearing white clothes was screaming. Her legs were being held open, by two women, two women wearing nurse uniform.

“Push! You were almost there! I could see the head!!” The first man says.

“PUSH! PUSH!” the second man commands again.

“You could do it! You were almost there!” The nurse beside her adds.

“Waahh…!” The woman screams, in pain.

“Push!! The shoulder was coming out!!” The man sitting under the woman was holding the babys head, helping to deliver the baby.

“Push! Push! Push! Breath! Breath!” The man holding the womans hand encourages her.

“Hands! They were out!” The man under the woman shouts. They were all shouting in joy.

Instead, the woman was screaming in pain.

“AAAAAAaaah!!” The woman gave her last scream. The scream was so loud that it could be heard outside the delivery room.

“Feet! They were out!! Congratulations!! You had a girl!” The man under the woman stood up, holding a newly born baby.

On the same time, the woman stopped screaming. She finally gave out a laugh, a laugh of joy. She finally accomplished a mission: Giving a new life.

The new baby was red, just like being poured by a tank of red paint.

The only weird thing was: the baby was not crying. The baby opens her eyes right away. Normally, a baby wont open his/her eyes in one or two days after he/she was born.

The doctors and nurses noticed that. Theres something wrong with the baby! The nurses and the doctor exchanged looks of concern.

They decided not to tell this thing on the couple. Since this might let the couple feel “terror”.

What “terror”?

The “terror” that involves the fear that the baby might die right away, or, the fear that the baby would not live long or live forever inside the hospital.

“Oh What a cute baby!” A man says, without feeling the tense feeling between the doctors and nurses.

“Yeah… What should we name her?” A woman says, she doesnt feel it either.

“I would leave both of you alone then.” A nurse says, and all of the nurses and doctors rush out. Its like they heard a fire alarm.

Whats going to happen to the baby??

“The baby…” a nurse began the communication with another nurse while they were outside at the hallway.

“I just dont know! I just dont know! I dont know! I swear to God that I dont know anything!” another nurse refuses to give comment, like she was worried that she might be hit by a lightening from nowhere.

“I dont want to either.” The nurse who starts the communication finishes.

“I agree…” another nurse adds. Actually, both of them knows what would happen to the baby.

The baby was gonna be abnormal, even though she would live for quite a significant period.

How abnormal?

Very. Abnormal, like she had a special power. What kind of power? She might had the power that enables her to beat anybody in her sight? Or, she might even had the speed that even a car cannot surpass?

Inside the delivery room.

“I guess we would call her Cammy.” The man finally made a decision.

“Cammy White, huh? Sounds good.” The woman replies. She smiles in joy. The man beside her joins, and they hugged to each other. Not knowing that the baby in their hand was having a special power.

A month later, the woman was carrying the baby. The babys eyes were still open. Her hands were hitting her mothers breasts hard. Why?

“Stop it! Bad Baby!” The woman commands.

The man was out working, leaving only the woman taking cwere of the newly born baby.

The baby didnt stop. Cammy White would just continue hitting her mothers breasts and struggling to get away from her mother.


Was that because Cammy White hates her mother?

Cammy White hadnt cried since she was born. The pwerents were now suspecting the abnormality of that baby.

The baby was quiet. But very active. Active in a way: Violence.

Cammy destroys everythings in her sight. Like her power was out from control.

Yes, her power was out from control, yet Cammy didnt show it. Since she wants the power badly. In a month, Cammy had already broke a table. (By throwing the table at her mother, notice how strong the baby was?)

“Bad baby!” The woman continues.

Of course, regular babies wont understand what their mother says. Hence, Cammy might not know what her mother was saying either.

She continues the destruction of her only home. Like its her only hobby.

“Fuck it! I said stop now!” The woman was very mad.

“No.” Cammy answers.

What!? Cammy speaks!? Most regular babies require at least 8 months to learn how to speak. And their first word would be “mama” or “dada”…

But… She says “No” like she knows how to speak for a long time.

“No” Cammy answers again.

“Fuck!” The woman was not happy about the baby. Even though she knows how to speak. The woman knows that Cammy understands what her mother was saying.

Yes, Cammy understands what her mother was saying.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!! Stop your motherfucking hands and get your ass in front of the motherfucking wall now!! You would had to do this because the mother says so!!” The woman shouts, like she was trying to let everyone in the world know what she was saying.

“No.” The baby refuses.

Refuses!? How dwere the baby to refuse her own mother?

“hmm… Not… bad…” A hissing voice came.

Not again…

M. Bision.

“I… Could… Sense… Her… Power…” M. Bisons hissing voice continues. The woman was not angry anymore. She was scwered.

The woman was very scwered of M. Bison, who was standing right in front of her. Coming from nowhere.

“Who were you?” The woman asks, in fear. Its like she was asking a king a bad question.

“I… am… the… Utmost… Emperor…” M. Bision replies.

“No~~~~~~~” The woman screams, in fear, and in pain.

Why in pain? Because M. Bison was killing her, softly.

“Tell… me… the… babys… name…” M. Bison holds the womans neck, with only his right hand. The woman was dying. Being help up. Her feet were not touching the ground. Its like hanging up herself with the rope.

“Ca… Cammy” The woman answers, with her final breath. She hopes answering this question would let M. Bision let her go… But… He won’t let go of her. The woman decided to use both of her arms to push away M. Bison, in order to break herself free. But, nope. She cannot break free, since M. Bisons right hand was still holding her neck. His left hand then tore off all her clothes.

“Wh…” The woman gasps. It would be her last word, before death.

She was trying to say “What were you going to do with me.” Would this sentence stop M. Bison? Nope. What she says would only waste her breath; even-though she was still alive.

What about Cammy?

Cammy was not crying, but laughing at the scene.

A baby? Laughing? And Laughing at a murder scene? Also a raping scene??

M. Bisons left hand then poked into the womans stomach, just like he was trying to find an object inside her body.

Yes, he was looking for an object: A kidney.

A kidney for what?

M. Bison pulls out the kidney, and eats it.

Cammy laughs again.

M. Bison finally throws the womans corpse away. His left hand swiping off the bloodstains from his mouth. His right hand then took the baby onto his shoulder. Cammy kept laughing. Like she had seen her favorite scene in a love movie.

But this was not a love movie, it’s a murder scene!!

God. What kind of scene was that?

Nobody would want to see this kind of scene

The man was returning from work, but he doesnt know that he would witness a torn off corpse, and a missing baby.

M. Bison had done it again.

to be continued.


Chapter 6: The Winner VS The Loser

Japan: The Snowy Mountain.

Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow

The sounds of Pow stops for a several minutes.

Then the sound of Pow continues.

Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow

Again, the sounds of Pows stopped again. It seems that there were two fighters taking break for a specific time.

Inside a temple, we could see two teenagers fighting. The two teenagers were Ryu and Ken.

Ryu was still wearing the same clothes. White Kung-Fu clothes along with red ribbon. The only difference was, his red ribbon was longer than before.

Instead, Ken was wearing Red Kung-Fu clothes. His hair was longer than before. His hair was so long that theres a red ribbon tied at the bottom part of the hair, forming a ponytail at Kens back.

Ryu and Ken were now training, practicing Dragon Punch (Shoryu-Ken).

Sho Ryu shouts. His feet were kneeling, in preparing to focus all the ki onto his feet.

Ryu Ryu continues, he jumps, and all the kis were transferred to his right punch.

Ken! Ryu finishes. On the same time, Ryus hand lands on a tree. The tree blew up, just like theres a dynamite blowing up inside the tree.

whoa Nice move!!! Ken complies.

Now your turn! Lets see how high could you reach! Ryu challenges Ken.

Lemme show you! Ken accepts the challenge, and he ran to another tree.

Sho Ken shouts. His feet bend. However, theres a weird part about Kens posture, its like he was not preparing to jump.

Ryu Ken continues. The kis were not focused on the feet, but on Kens right hand punch. Maybe Ken summoned too much ki onto his right hand, since his right hand popped out a flame. Its like his punch was made from flame.

Ken!! Ken finishes, on the same time, his punch landed onto the tree. The tree not only blew up, but also burnt off!! A branch from the blown up tree still had fire on it, and still burning

Ouch!! My hand hurts!! Ken complains. It seems that Ken hasnt mastered the move quite well.

Ryu ran toward Ken in aid for him. Ryu takes Kens right hand, and covers it up with the snow around them. The snow melts before the snow actually touches Kens right hand!

What did you do?? Ryu tries to find the problem.

Nothing! I just summoned lots of whatever-you-call-it-things onto my right hand!! Ken complains.

That? Summoning a lot of kis onto your right hand instead of your feet? Ryu suspects.

Yes Quite impressive. A voice came. It seems that Ken had discovered a new level of Dragon Punch!

Both Ryu and Ken were startled by that voice. It was Gouken, their master. Behind him came another person. A person even Ryu and Ken do not recognize.

The man behind Gouken was wearing pink Kung-Fu clothes, along with a black t-shirt inside the Kung-Fu clothes. His hair was not long, but his hair was long enough to be tied for a short ponytail. His eyebrows were thin, and the eyes were thin as well.

Allow me to introduce my new student: His name was Gouken continues, but before he could finish, the man behind him interrupts, with a lout shout.


Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay, we were not deaf, thank you very much, I know your name was Dan, and I know you were the worst fighter of all! Ken tries to shut him up.

WHAT? WHAT DID YOU SAY?? Dan seems that he does not understand what Ken had said about we were not deaf stuff.

Okay, let me repeat what I had said: we were not deaf, thank you very much, I know your name was Dan, and I know you were the WORST fighter of all!! Ken repeats, like he was not scwered of Dans forceful shout.

WHAT!? HOW DWERE YOU SAY THAT TO ME! Dan shouts again, and of course, he STILL dont understand what Ken had said about we were not deaf stuff.

Do you want me to repeat again? Okay, I said: WE WERE NOT DEAF! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I KNOW YOUR NAME WAS DAN! AND I KNOW YOU WERE THE WORST FIGHTER OF ALL!! This time, Ken shouts, in trying to let Dan know that they were not deaf at all, and he also wants Dan to know that hes a loser.

It seems to be working. Dan was not speaking.

Enough! Thats enough! Both of you should be ashamed of yourselves! Gouken tries to stop the quarrel. Well, actually, the quarrel hasnt started yet.

YES! MASTER! I UNDERSTAND NOW! I AM ASHAMED! I AM ASHAMED OF HIM! Dan points at Ken and shouts again, like he was born in the army, preparing to answer all the sentences to the serge by shouting.

Ken covered up his ears, and whispered to Ryu Was he born inside an army???

I guess so. Ryu whispered back and covered his ears up as well.

Uh Dan could you try to you know turn down your you know, your uh volume?? Gouken asks, like he was trying to tame a wild dog.

WHAT? TURN UP MY VOLUME? SURE! even louder HOW WAS THIS? WAS THIS BETTER?? Dan continues his hollering. It seems that he was preparing to sing in front of a concert and he just figured out the microphone was broken so he had to shout to the 10-squwere-kilometer crowd.

But Theres no concert, and theres no mike there as well. There was ONLY THREE people standing in this courtyard.

Shut your mouth up!! Ken was running out of patience. He decided to shut Dans mouth up by force. Yes, it seems that the force was the only way to shut his mouth up.

Ken! Watch your manners! And Dan, please turn down your volume! Gouken refuses Ken to challenge Dan.

But Ken do not cwere about his masters order, and charges right toward Dan.

Dan was hollering on that time. But he didnt notice that Ken was charging at him.

SHUT UP! Ken shouts. And his right hand was burning again.

Yes, Ken was summoning his kis onto his hand again. He was preparing to do the Dragon Punch again.

Dragon Punch! (Shoryuken!) Ken shouts. Behind Kens right hand, the burning fire formed a fire dragon. This fire Dragon was hollering, just like this dragon was actually alive, and was preparing to eat Dan alive.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Dan kept laughing, without knowing the danger and force was drawing near.

You were gonna shut your mouth up for now! Ken continues. His punch lands on Dans stomach.

Dan let out a loud groan. Ken kept attacking, and linked into multiple hits onto his chest, then toward his face!! All of these hits were only from Kens Dragon Punch!!

Dan was sent flying, his pink Kung-Fu clothes were burning.

OUCH! THAT HURTS!! OUCH OUCH!! ANYBODY PUT OUT THE FIRE!? Dan groans, yet his voice was still loud as before.

What else could control his volume??

Master? Did you notice that Ken used too much kis onto his right hand and none on his feet? Ryu commented.

Indeed, I do notice that. It might be a good idea to change technique of a move for the better! And it seems that Ken had already achieved this step! As for you, you may as well try to find a better way to do the same move with more power!! Of course, by summoning the kis. Perhaps you could alternate the kis focusing point, and perhaps you could do it! Gouken commented, and yes, a long explaination.

OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! Dan kept shouting.

God I made a big mistake. A BIG mistake Ken stops.

Why a big mistake? It might teach Dan a lesson for shouting too loud, but why a big mistake?

Because Dan was still shouting. And, Kens right hand hurts a lot!

Because Kens right hand was still burning by fire. His left hand brings more snow, and covers them up on Kens right hand. Ken also tried to loosen up all his kis toward the entire body.

Master? Could you find a way to let Ken master this kind of move, onto his next level, without hurting his hand? Ryu wishes to help Ken.

Oh, indeed, theres a way for Ken to master this move without hurting his hand! Gouken smiles. It seems that he was very impressed about Kens Dragon Punch. That was to practice more!! Yes, practice! With more practice, you could not only find better focusing point and better technique for that!! Of course, ki was acting an important role in this move. Yes, you would had to help Ken out and try to reach the next level for yourself as well!! Yes Both Ken and you were quite impressive by far!! I am pleased!! Gouken finishes. Yes, another long explanation

OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! COULD YOU JUST TRY TO PUT OUT THE FIRE ON MY CLOTHES?? Dan kept shouting. Like begging for help.

Okay, if you would shut up. Ken finally put out the fire on his right hand and cooled down the temperature on his right hand.

OKAY! OKAY! OKAY! OKAY! Dan shouts.

Ken didnt do anything. He picked up a snowball, and threw it to Dan.

The snowball hit onto Dans chest, like Ken had done it for quite a period.

The snow melts, and put out the fire on Dans Kung-Fu shirt.

Thanks Dan says. (Ah, finally, Dan finally JUST SPEAKS, not shouting. I would say it was a good progress.

No problem (loser) Ken says.

to be continued


Chapter 7: The Zombie Commander

God They kept coming and coming! A man said.

Indeed, it seems theres no end to them. Another man commented.

Both men were standing inside an office, an office of a building that entitled STARS at the top of the building. Both men were wearing the same style of black suit. They also wore the same black tie, black sunglasses, black shoes, and black shirts. Were they MIB?? Man in Black??

No, they were the managers of the STARS, and their office was very spooky.

The office was dark, even-though there were lights lighting up the room. The walls were black, the ground were black, the tables were black, the chairs were black, to be clear, everything in this office were black, even the glasses on the windows were tinted to black!!

The only thing that was weird about them was: their hair were black as well!

Yes, they were counted as the MIB. No wonder this office feels spooky.

Not only the office was spooky; their situation was spooky as well.

What were the two managers doing in this kind of spooky office?? They were discussing their situation. What kind of situation?

A spooky situation indeed, and the situation was about the zombie.

Dammit! The zombies are coming and coming!! They would never stop coming if we dont find out who was behind this kind of damn! The first man says. He was talking about the appearance of the zombies. There had been some unusual appearances of zombies around England, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain,

Indeed, they kept coming. The second man comments. Its like the second was scared of the first one.

Fuck! Would you just stop repeating what I am fucking saying and say anything on your fuck own words? The first man says.

Okay, I would stop repeating what you were fucking saying and say anything on my fuck own words. The second man replies. Was he scared?? How come he dare to say such words onto the first manager?

GRR! The first man was out of patience. It seems that they had been handling the situation for a significant time period that they got bored in handling it. The zombies had been roaming around the cities in London, Paris, Lisbon, and Berlin. The citizens were having trouble handling the zombies, especially the fact that they dont had their weapon on their hand.

What about the polices? What about the military units in these countries??

Of course, they send the soldiers in extinguish the zombies. By what? Bullets?

Bullets were not enough.

Bombs? Would blow them up. Good idea, all right. But

It would also hurt the citizens. In order to avoid unwanted injuries, they must evacuate the city, and throw down the bombs, or, even worse: atomic or nuclear bombs.

But How would they evacuate the city?? The cars were stalled, all of them. By what?

Zombies. The zombies destroyed the cars, destroyed all the transportation units. Now, all citizens in these cities could only do one thing: run.

Thats why this situation was very spooky, and scary.

Back to the office, in America, a loud knock comes. This knock was very loud and panic. Its like a call of emergency. And yes, it was an emergency, about what?

Come in, and tell me your fuck bad news. The first man said. He seemed not happy with the knock. It was like he knew it was a bad news.

Sir! We got another report!! The messenger opened the door, quickly, and shouted.

Fuck! Another report of zombie in loose?! The first man said.

Fuck! Another report of zombie in loose? The second repeated.

Fuck! Would you shut your motherfucking mouth up! The first man shouted.

Sir! We have the report of a new agent. The new agents name was Jill Valentine, and she is now a new member of the STARS agent, and now she had just attend her first mission in clearing out the zombies. After a failed mission last week, Jill says that the way your people and those STARS agents are suckers. She also commented that the agents were working in STARS for nothing. She thinks that the way we handle the zombies would not only exterminate them, but also revive those zombies, in becoming a worse, more powerful zombie. She also thinks you suck, you had no brain, and you deserves to go with the zombies and go to hell. The messenger mumbles, like he was trying to read a message from a piece of paper within a second.

What what what what what what what what what!? The first man said. Obviously, he was not happy about the messengers message. Fuck it! Fuck that! Fuck the new agent! Fuck Jill! Fuck Valentine! Fuck those zombies! Fuck the STARS! Fuck all of you! Fuck! The first man shouts and kicks the messenger out from the office.

Whatever Go fuck yourself. The messenger mumbles to them as he stood up on the hallway. His left hand picked up the fallen files, his right hand kept rubbing his butt. Yes, the managers kick was very powerful.

Now, what do we do? The second man said. (Yes, finally, he says something from his OWN BRAIN)

jeez Stop asking me questions, ask that motherfucker. The first man said. He was not happy about Jill Valentines comments.

Another knock came. It was slow, and steady. Its a womans knock. In telling differences between a woman and a mans knock, you use the loudness and the rhythm. Mans knocks tends to be loud and impatient, like they were trying to break the door open. Woman knocks with soft words. Like they were trying to tame the door, even-though the woman knows that the door was not alive at all.

to be continued


Chapter 7, “The Zombie Commander” continued…

Who was it? The first manager shouts. He was still unhappy about Jill Valentines comments regarding their actions on the zombies. What actions?

So far, The STARS team tried to eliminate the zombies by force, with weapons and power. The problem was, when Jill Valentines last mission, rescue the citizens in Pariss Eiffel Tower Zone. The STARS Team nearly throws down an atomic bomb, which could eliminate all building, all life forms, and any CIVILIZATION existing in this site. Fortunately, Jill Valentine overrode the command line and aborted the armed missiles that were targeted onto Pariss Eiffel Tower. In order to do this; many members of the STARS had almost sacrificed their lives for that mission.

The motherfucker. The woman answers.

What!? The first manager gave a shocked face. A not only unexpected visitor, but also a visitor they would never had guessed.

There was no more knocks, but some gun cocking. What was She trying to do!?

Stop it you The first manager tries to stop the mad woman from doing something foolish.

But, the foolish action had already begun.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Four gunshots came. One at the doorknob. Another one at the center of the door, the third one onto the feet of the door, and the last one, shot directly at the first managers left foot by passing though the hole third bullet made.

She got a scary accuracy.

BANG. The door was kicked open. A woman, with good body, walked into the black, spooky office. This woman was wearing blue formal dress, with a white towel wrapping around her neck. She wore silver high-heeled slippers. She was not anybody, she was Jill Valentine, the superior Zombie controller.

Jill Valentine was standing, with her left hand on her waist, his right hand holding the gun, relaxed totally beside her right leg. Her head was facing toward the two managers, with her chest pointing toward them.

Jill Valentine got good boobs. The second manager thought as his eyes were looking around Jills body. But The gun in her right hand completely erased his mind. Because the second manager was conquered by a thing:


This office was still spooky, even the lights were on.

Oh, sweetie~ what brings you here? May I serve you with good hot tea? The first managers tone changed, completely. It was like the manager was trying to tame a hot-faced boss.

I will need a good hot tea. Jill answers, After I kill both of you useless managers.

Not only Jill answered this in a cold breath, she also gave both managers a cold stare. It was like here eyes were artificial, without any expression and emotions. Her eyes were dead onto the two managers. Because of that, the office becomes even spookier.

Her gun, was a 6-round traditional 9MM gun. She just fired four bullets, and now she had two left. Jill was not attempting to do any reloading or other preparation. Her stance was the same.

What? Why do you want to kill me? I can give you anything you want!! You name it and you will have them in no time! The first manager begged.

Oh, yeah, I need something, something that was really important to me! Jill Valentines face brightened. Her eyes were staring onto the first managers eyes.

Oh what was it? You can have them as soon as you name it!! The first manager thought that the plan was working.

I want Jill spoke. She moves toward the first manager. The first manager walked backward in fear. He walked backward until he got to his manager chair. The manager chair is black, completely black, made of black leather. But, soon, the chair will have red dots. Stained by what?


Your Jill spoke again. At the same time, Jill Valentine pushed the manager onto the chair as she walked around the chair. As she got to the back of the chair, her left hand kept patting the first managers face. Like patting a pet dog. The first manager seemed pleased with the plan. But A word would completely change the fact.

Soul. Jill finished her sentence. At the same time, a gunshot came. The source of the shot was from Jills right hand, the gun blew from the back of the chair. The bullet hit the back of the head directly.

The first manager is dead. A useless person is finally dead.

The second manager stood there, in bewilderment.

The next second, the second manager is lying on the ground with a hole on his forehead. Another useless person is dead as well. Will this save the world? Such action had nothing to do with saving the world, but why did she do that?

Hmm. Easier than I thought Jill spoke after she replaces her guns. She spoke like there had been a plan all along.

Finally, she walked out from the office. The security camera outside the door is off. A person turned it off. Who did that? Jill?

In the security office,

What A Sucker A voice spoke.

All the televisions were blank, because he turned them all off. Who is that stranger??

Inside this dark security room, the outline of this man is hardly visible. Nobody knows who this stranger is. Is he alongside with Jill Valentine? Or is he an enemy against Jill?

Is he on the good side or the evil side?

The managers office is still spooky, even-though the lights are on.

to be continued


Chapter 8: Flower Bloom, Sakura Bloom, Evil Bloom


It was springtime. The flowers were blooming in the mountain. The birds were singing. The flowers were pink. In English, we call them cherry-flowers. In Japanese, we call it Sakura.

The music from the wind blowing in the mountain was very pleasant. The singing was extremely comfortable. Everyone would rather drop off from his/her work to hear and feel this peaceful mood.

But A shout totally disturbed the mood.

LISTEN, MAN YOU OUGHTA DO FIREBALL (HAYDOUKEN) LIKE THIS!! NOT LIKE THAT!! A shout could be heard. This voice, was very loud, like a person from 100 kilometers away could hear him shouting.

A pink kung-fu cloth man shouted. Obviously, he is Dan. His hair was long, long enough for him to tie a ponytail on his back. He used his right hand, and gave a swing from the back to the front. On the same time, a group of ki erupted out from Dans right hand. How typical.

This move, is slightly different from Ryu and Kens Fireball. (Haydouken) The projectile shot toward a man with red kung-fu clothes.

LIKE THIS!! YOU DUMBASS! Dan shouted. He shouted with a smile on his face. What kind of person is he anyway?? How did his parents teach him??

Did his parents teach him how to control the volume?? Afraid not, otherwise, his volume has no limit.

Before the projectile can reach the man with red kung-fu clothes, the projectile gave out a splat, and disappeared. It seemed that Dans Fireball (Haydouken or Gadouken) goes for a limited distance as well.

God Do I have to give you another shot of Fire-Dragon Punch!? (Burning Shoryuken) The person with red kung-fu cloth demanded, in a quieter voice. Yes, he is Ken, the person who had spent the last 5 years trying to shut Dans mouth up.

And he was never able to do it. Dan was still shouting.

Are you born on the same date as the shouting concert in Japan!? Ken demanded. (Note: The shouting concert is a little game, with at least a thousand people participating. There are three different games in total. The first game is two people shouting to each other, and comparing the highest volume. The second game is, to compare all shouters dB. The last game is, with a group of 30 or 50, all shouting together, and see which group has the loudest volume etc. Of course, this game was nearly banned by the government. Since they are too loud.)


Enough Both of you You have to control your temper In order to reach the peak of this move, you have to be patient no shouting Another person, in white kung-fu clothes spoke.


Ugh That because I practiced a lot. I use my law of ki and focused them onto my both hands Not with cool posture. The white kung-fu fighter tried to reason with them. He is Ryu. The honorable fighter.

OH, REALLY? THE POWER OF THIS MOVE IS ALSO AFFECT BY THE POSTURE!! Dan denied. Obviously, he shouts as he talks.

They were debating about the fireball (Haydouken), discussing which element and which part of ki affects the power and speed of the fireball (Haydouken) the most.

Who started the debate? Obviously, it was Dan.

And it seemed that Ken was not very pleased with Dans shouting, of course, after that burning hot incident, Dan became quiet. But after a specific time period, he returned to his regular self and became the Loudest shouter of Japan, nono, Loudest shouter of the world, oh, nope, it was Loudest shouter of the Universe

Ken was having trouble doing the fireball (Haydouken) correctly, and that resulted his fireball (Haydouken) went for a limited distance. Dan then tried to correct his posture But Dans fireball (Haydouken, or Gadouken) goes for a limited distance as well and Dan didnt notice it either.

Instead, Kens Dragon Punch (Shoryuken) is more powerful than Ryu. Since Kens hand was covered up by fire, which can increase the power of such move. Ryu, still the original Dragon Punch (Shoryuken). Instead, Dan had the same type of Dragon Punch (Shoryuken). Because Kens Dragon Punch is the strongest of all, Dan wouldnt bother to correct Kens posture, otherwise, Ken would give another hot ticket on Dan.

Ryu finally spoke:

If I have that book, I might have the chance to help both of you out Ryu mumbled.

Book? The book Master Gouken tried to hide from Ryu? What is that book about? Does it have the ability to improve Kens fireball (Haydouken) or Dans fireball (Gadouken)??

What? What are you talking about? Ken heard Ryus mumbling.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever you say, man Ken tried to shut him up. The most important thing is, Ken did not care a thing about what Dan had said. Since, listening to him, is like listening to a boring, senseless, and dull rap music.

Is there any possible way to stop Dan from shouting?

Fireball (Haydouken)!! A persons voice came.

It hit Dans back. And It also sent Dan flying. It seemed there was another person other than Akuma, Gouken, Ryu, Ken, and Dan, knows how to do the fireball (Haydouken).

Who was he? No, Who was she?

Ryu and Ken turned their head toward source of the fireball (Haydouken). It was a girl. The girl is wearing high school uniform, a white headband was tied onto her head. She wore the same gloves as Ryu, red gloves with pads on back of the hand.

Ryu turned his head to her then turned his head back toward Dan. He has the looks of concern. He IS concerned about a thing. Not Dan, but the book. He is still thinking, about what? Of course, the book.

to be continued


Chapter 8 “Flower Bloom, Sakura Bloom, Evil Bloom” continued…

But, Ken didnt notice the book Akuma gave to Gouken at the first day Ken arrived the temple. Since that time, Ryu was always in deep thought, trying to find out what this book is about.

Why did Gouken have a shocked face as he read the title of this book??

Since then, Ryu had tried millions of ways in attempting to get this book, or persuade Master Gouken in giving him the book. Ryu even tried to steal this book; however this would only ruin Ryus honor.

There was only a person still wishing to know who ACTUALLY stopped Dan.

Who Are you? Ken demanded.

Sakura, the one who can shut Dans mouth up. Sakura answered.

Oh, really? Can Sakura actually do it? Well, she ACTUALLY stopped Dan from talking, nono, shouting.

Oh good, I love you man Ken replied right after Sakura finished the sentence Finally, peace came to Kens ear. Ken really wanted some peace, and he finally got his well-deserved peace.

At least there is someone able to shut Dans mouth up for now, by force.

What? Dont joke, of course Because I am here, to see my long time idol: Ryu. Sakura joked.

Her long-time idol?? Ryu? Ryu is her long-time idol?? Why? Ryu hadnt left the mountain since he was a child. How did the word went out even though theres nobody leaving this mountain??

Ryu didnt hear it. He was deep in thought about the book Master Gouken hid inside his clothes. This book had been Ryus sole goal.

Hey~~ I think you got a secret admirer. Ken joked. His right elbow hit onto Ryus left hand.

Ryu still didnt give any reaction at all. He was still thinking.

It seemed that this book is very important. Why was this book important?

I remember as he put the book into his gi, I saw the first word Ryu recalled. Yes, indeed, he saw the first word of this books title, but he cannot see the rest of the title.

What kind of title can shock the Master??

Something that has the power to control the world? Something that has the ability that can destroy the world? Or, this book might be what M. Bison is after??

I remember the first word was Sho Ryu recalled.

Sho? As in Sho-Ryu-Kens Sho?

Sho? Isnt it supposed to mean rising??

How come such word, combining with other words in this title can shock a Master??

Hey~~ Ryu!! What are you talking about?? Ken and Sakura shouted at Ryu. It startled Ryu.


Not again Dan.

Sakuras smile faded. She turned her head toward Dan.

Was he a singer before he came here? Sakura asked Ken.

Dan is still alive? And Dan is still able to shout? Will there be an end to it? Kens peace, was short-lived, I must say.

Where am I? Ryu said. He is at nowhere.

Everything was white. Theres no ground, no sky, no nothing.

He is like inside a white vacuum, inside a white infinite balloon. Nothing is there, Ryu cannot see anything, ANYTHING.

Bang! Bang! Bang!! Sounds of battle can be heard in Ryus ears. He turned around and saw two fighters fighting.

Who were they?

As Ryu tried to draw closer to them, there was something stopping Ryu from stepping forward. Something like ki, pushing him away.

Oh, well, I can still see both of them here. Ryu thought.

But What he saw is

Two fighters were fighting the hell out from each other. It was like both fighters are fighting to death, fighting for survival, and fighting to finish their life. Both fighters were having blue gas around them Their skin were glowing, with blue gas.

Blue ki?? Ryu recognized this. So far, Ryu is still at Red, the second weakest power level ki of all Ki Power. Nearly nobody can reach to such high level, unless the two fighters were very good in fighting.

ALMIGHTY EMPEROR!! One of the fighters shouted. Ryu recognized the voice: It was himself!! Ryu looked at the source of voice clearly, it was undoubtedly Ryu!!!

This Ryu was different from the original Ryu. The fighting Ryu had dark brown skin, his kung-fu clothes were purple, his ribbon was purple, and his gloves were brown. The way the fighting Ryu wore was completely different from what Ryu originally wore. The fighting Ryus face expression was filled with hate, anger, and craziness. His eyes were red, burning red, and the eyes were even giving out smokes and light The fighting Ryus hair even stood out, like there was wind blowing the hair up. On his back, Ryu could see a word clearly: Destroy.

ALMIGHTY EMPEROR! The fighting Ryu shouted again. He was on air, and both of his hand had a group of blue gas around. Suddenly, he blew out five blue fireballs with the size of twice the size of a basketball. All five fireballs shot straight toward another fighter. The fireballs was not like what Ryus Fireball (Haydouken). The fireballs are sphere-shaped, and they were like missiles, following up the opponent.

YOU FUCKERS EAT THIS!! Another fighter shouted. Ryu recognized this as well!! It was Ken!! But This Ken was also different from the Ken he knew. His gi was blue, his hair was brown, and his skin was also dark colored. His eyes were flickering red, like he wanted to kill the opponent now. On his back, Ryu could also see it clearly Hegemony.

EAT THIS!! HYPER-DRAGON!! The fighting Ken shouted. Ken gave out five punches also, and Out from his hands, five dragons blew out. The five dragons, no, the five real-lived dragons were floating around and hit directly to the five fireballs!! It gave out a loud impact. Both groups of kis gave out several loud explosions, and everything went quiet.

The Ryu watching two fighters fighting was wide in shock. His eyes were wide open and his mouth dropped open. Why did Ryu and Ken fight?? Why???

Suddenly, FIRE HURRICANA!! and INVINCIBLE DRAGON!! came. Again both moves gave out loud explosions. One of the fireballs was bounced off from the fighting area, and shot directly toward the observer Ryu!!

NOOOOO!! Ryu shouted.

to be continued.


Chapter 9: The Shadowloo Riot


This is a secret place. Nobody knows exactly where this ruin is.

What is a ruin? An abandoned place? A location of unknown civilization? A secret hideout of hideous fiends?

But, this ruin, is not only an abandoned place, an location of unknown civilization, a hideout of hideous fiends, but also a location, where the WORST NIGHTMARE is.

What is the WORST NIGHTMARE? Imagine, a person you love the most, is being tortured, bullied, and murdered, and you are there, watching him/her hopelessly. You struggle to save your beloved, yet there are some obstacles standing between you and the beloved. If you struggle not to see what had happened to your beloved, and they force you to face it, and force you to see this disgusting incident. You struggle to give the revenge for your beloved, yet they are too strong for you to take them down.

This is, perhaps, the worst nightmare for the fighters. Why? Because even you know how to fight, yet you cannot do anything with it.

Why do the fighters fight? This is a good question, after all.

Some fighters struggle for survival. Some fight to overcome their challenge. Some battle for the glory. Some use the force to achieve a goal. Some use the techniques, to conquer the whole world.

What is this ruin?? Is this the place, where the person who wants the whole world lives?

Exactly. This is M. Bisons hideout.

Inside this ruin, an underground cave entrance could be found.

In the cave, it was a large-scaled maze, designed to confuse the newcomers, and even the invaders.

At a corner of the maze, it was a prison. A prison that locks the invaders.

But, since this ruin is hard to find, then there wouldnt be any invaders.

So, this prison is useless.

But Not anymore.

Is that there came an invader?

No, not an invader, but a captured prisoner.

Who is that captured prisoner??

A teenager girl wearing sky blue swimsuit, with red pads that was attached with red gloves walked into the prison.

Hey, you, get up now. She said.

The prisoner said nothing.

I know you can hear me. Get up now. Otherwise I will have to force you to. The girl spoke with stern voice. She was serious about it.

The prisoner still said nothing.

Thats it! Guards! She shouted. Take him to the execution courtyard!

I will not see him. The prisoner finally spoke.

What? Are you sure? Do you want to be tortured again? The girl gave out a smirk. An evil smirk. A smirk that might even enough to scare away a tiger.

Torture all you want, because I think its all you can do. The prisoner said, with a calm voice. It seems that the girls evil smirk didnt work well.


Thanks to you, I am strong enough to face the fear. The prisoner said with a giggle.

A giggle!? A prisoner giggled while he was going to be tortured?!

Only abnormal person would do such thing: giggle at a terribly wrong time.

But, perhaps, he giggled at the right time It was the girls turn, to be scared.

Cammy, you know what? Have you ever had the taste of fear? Huh? Now, come, let me show you what fear is. The prisoner said, with hissing voice. His face showed no fear, but with a little hint of evil.

You Cammy said, in fear. It was her first time, feeling a weird feeling within her.

You know what? You are only a doll under M. Bisons hand. You are just a bitch who would rather kiss M. Bisons ass than doing something useful, like having sex with me. Come on, let me show you my dick. Yes! Yes!! Come on and suck my dick! The prisoner giggled with an even louder voice.

In reward, the prisoner got a direct-hit on the head from the guards metal stick. However, it didnt even daze him a bit.

You fucker Cammy shouted. Yes, she was humiliated, by a prisoner.

For most of the time, the guards was supposed to humiliate the prisoner, but this was completely the opposite.

Guile!! Shut your motherfucking mouth up! M. Bison wants to see you. And you will be tortured once again!! Cammy shouted, tearfully. Yes, indeed, she was humiliated, totally.

Torture, torture, torture, torture, is that all you can do? Why dont you just do something useful? Guile shouted, in trying to reach Cammys heart. Guile knew that theres something within Cammy that can be considered to be on the good side.

Cammy! I know your mother! And I know you saw your mothers death, by M. Bison!! Why dont you try to kill M. Bison?? Why are you a comrade of the mothers killer!? Guile shouted again. Cammy still didnt say a word. She turned around, and waved her hands, in signaling the guards to take him away.

Why did she turn away her head?

She was crying.

Perhaps, it was her first time that she cried.


It was her first time to think about her mother, for real. The time she was a baby, she disobeyed her mother, and even attacked her mother. Does she know that the woman she attacked, was her mother?? Theres a theory: Cammy attacked the stranger, and she misunderstood that her mother was a stranger.

to be continued


**Chapter 9: “Shadowloo Riot” continued… **

It was also her first time, to think about her family. What exactly happened to her family? What happened to her father? Why did M. Bison ate her mothers kidney after he killed her mother?

Things got more complicated. Cammy thought.

Why theres a mother? Why theres a father? Why was Cammy born? Why Cammy existed in this world? Why M. Bison took her to this ruin and trained her to be his comrade??

Why am I like this? Cammy muttered to herself. She is confused.

Obviously, Cammy was born to fight, but she also had a weak heart. Perhaps, her weak heart was a serious weakness.

Underground ruins courtyard. The weird part is, its an underground cave, but the sunlight could shine into this courtyard, just like theres a giant light shining the whole courtyard. Its not bright, but not dark.

Guile was taken into this courtyard.

Now see your brother! One of the guards said.

And now see your brothers death! Another guard taunted. At the same time, he pressed a button from a remote hidden in his right hand.

A cage was raised at the center of the floor. Inside the cage was another teenager. His hair was blonde as well. He wore yellow leather coat, along with green pants. He was wearing a pair of glasses.

Charlie! Are you all right!? Guile shouted.

What? Charlie was Guiles Brother? (Note: I dont care about cannon shitty relationships. I give you a good advise, that is: whether you like it or not, I make up the relationship because its MARVEL VS CAPCOM, the combination of two different worlds, and the relationships will be mixed up completely. So, I would rather use Charlie and Guile as brother relationship. Its not up to the readers to control who is whos bother and who is whos mother and other stuffs. If readers do not like this, then do not just leave comment and say I hate your fiction because your fiction do not follow up the way Street Fighters relationship was supposed to be. What a typical Japanese thinking)

Charlie didnt say a word. He was locked, by 5 chains, one on his neck, two on his two hands, and other two on his feet. Charlie cannot get out from his cage.

Get outta of here! Charlie suddenly shouted. You have to! You can finish this Shadowloo when you are strong enough!

Perhaps, but is it possible for Guile, alone to be strong enough to destroy Shadowloo??

And most important, will Guile be strong enough to kill M. Bison?

Do not forget, M. Bison called himself the Utmost Emperor, if so, then his power should not be underestimated.

Guile might have destroyed 32 gyms in only 2 months, but he was still not strong enough to battle evenly against M. Bison. Thats why he was captured by M. Bison easily.

GO NOW! YOU HAVE TO ESCAPE! Charlie gave out his shout again. He shouted in despair, in a way in trying to let Guile know that he was not strong enough to face the worst nightmare.

The worst nightmare was about to come. What is the worst nightmare, in Guiles eyes?

Charlies death. Yes, a guard at the other side of the courtyard shot a rocket toward the cage.

Guile was being held down by both guards. Within Guiles eyes, he could see a rocket was shooting toward the cage. It was like God of Death drawing near toward Charlie, preparing to swallow Charlie alive.

GO!! Charlie gave out his last shout, before he was blown up to smithereens.

And Guile was there, watching his bothers death, a horrible death. A death Guile would never forget.

It was Guiles worst nightmare, and it came true.

Guile was really, really, really mad. The Shadowloo killed Charlie!! And Guile couldnt accept this terrible fact.

F F FUCKERS! Guile hollered, like he had summoned all the strength he could afford. His face became red, his muscles were tightened, and his eyes were filled with hate and evil.

His right hand got free, because the guard was shocked by Guiles reaction. His right hand, punched the guard at the left side. It wasnt a normal punch, it was a hard punch, a fierce punch, a punch that was powerful enough to dislocate the guards neck.

Guile hollered again, and chased after the guard at his right side. His right hand caught the guards clothes, then his left knee gave a hard kick on the guards face!!

This attack was also strong enough to break the guards neck as well. Guile had killed both guards, within half a second.

The guard with the rocket launcher shot another shot of rocket, but this time, toward Guile.

SONIC BOOM! Guile shouted, both of his hands swung around, forming a group of ki, shaped like a dish, and hit the rocket. The rocket blew up in the middle air. The smoke nearly covered up the whole courtyard.

This smoke also temporary blinded the guard. But, it wont to the same on Guile.

As the smoke cleared away, the guard couldnt find Guile.

But Guile was standing less than a meter right behind the guard, standing tall.

Grr Guile growled. His left hand caught the guards neck, and broke the neck with his tight grasp!!

Go! Get out of here! I cleared the way!! Just go straight down, and you are out of here! A girls shout came.


What about you? Guile was shocked that Cammy actually turned against the Shadowloo and attempted to help Guile in getting out of the ruin!!

Dont worry about me, just say I am a spy! Cammy spoke. Go now!!

thanks Guile said, and ran out from the courtyard.

to be continued


Chapter 10: The Zero Counter.

Do robots have feelings?

If not, they can be treated as servants, giving them orders to do something that might exceed humans power. We can also give them missions that no human can succeed. The robots can even take the mission that might risk human life.


Because robots know no fear.

Robots are made without fear. If they know fear, then they are not robots.

Thats why the robots can take some serious, life-risking, and dangerous missions.

But, the creator of the robots would rather cherish the robots instead of using them.


Because the creator might had spent up to years of time in investigating, researching, and using up to almost billions of dollars in creating a precious creation.

If the robots were destroyed in a mission, it would be not only a huge economic loss for the creator, but also a great loss in the feeling, the loss of triumph.

What if, the robots actually have feelings?

How would the robots have feelings?

By programming, of course.

If we ask the robots with feelings to accept a life-risking mission, would they accept it?

Perhaps not. Because they do not wish to die in vain, they wish not to do such dangerous things. Because the robots with feelings, are almost like a human. The most important thing is perhaps, the robots might even know the word fear.

Megaman is a good example.

Doctor J, in intentions for peace created him. Megaman was created in a war, a war of robots.

Megaman was created in order to fight against evil. He was created to gain the long gone peace.

Its why Megaman fights, fighting for peace.

The Js Headquarters.

Inside a triangle bedroom, the bedroom for the robots. There was a charger at a corner of the wall, in order to recharge a robot to their full state. In another corner, there was a door, leading to the pathway outside. In another corner, was a computer, used to report a robots status, and reporting the mission. On the side opposite of the door, a square window that can see outside. Both walls hang two pictures, pictures of the robots family. Below the window lies a bed. Of course, a bed for the robots. Robots do have the right to live like human.

One day.

The computer at a corner suddenly beeped loudly. What an unfriendly beep. It totally disturbed the robot inside this room.


Megaman! You got a new mission! Urgent Mission!! The computer beeped loudly, like trying to wake a dead man up.

Oh, great, just about to have a good night sleep on my lovely bed Megaman complained. He was not wearing his blue helmet. He also removed the covers on his two arms. He is like regular human, because he was wearing regular humans clothes.

What is the mission?? Megaman replied, like he wished that his two mikes inside his ears were malfunctioning.

Report to the head office now. Specific details will be given there. Computer beeped loudly, like trying to wake up a dead, broken robot, even-though Megaman was very well alive and awake.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever, askin me to do some destroyin the enemys base or whatever Megaman thought as he put on his covers on his two arms. He also prepared his helmet, and ran out from the room.

Megaman reporting. yawn Megaman yawned as he arrived the office.

Megaman! I need you this time, I really do! The head of the headquarter was very, very glad to see his face again. He saw Megaman as a god, since he never failed a mission.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, whats the mission, and I will come back alive and an accomplished mission tomorrow. yawn Megaman yawned again. Its like Megaman hadnt slept for the past month.

Zero is missing. The head reported the mission statement right away. He hated to spend time in explaining the mission outline.

What!? This time, Megaman is wide awake. Like he will stay awake in the next whole year.

Zeros missing. The last location he showed up is Anaheim, Alaska. Go there and find him. Theres Hs headquarters. Zero reported his arrival over there. The head said.

Zero is missing? How? Megaman saw Zero as his father, his teacher, and also his best friend. Because, Zero was the only one who taught him how to battle, and survive. Zero also shared the pain together with Megaman. He cannot bear to lose his best friend.

I will go there! Megaman replied with a stern voice. He was ready for the mission.

Go now, my best comrade. The head said, with a smile. He knew that Megaman could do it.

Megaman ran out. He ran out to face the worst mission, and perhaps, his last mission in his life. Will Megaman return safely? Or will Megaman return alive??

Anaheim, Alaska, Hs Headquarter. Front Gate.

Here Megaman gave out a deep sigh. He was ready for the mission.

He entered the gate. But he was not being welcomed, but being attacked.


Hs Headquarter and Js Headquarter are allies, and the soldiers, robots in the Hs Headquarter would recognize Megaman right away since they knew Megaman is the best robot of all in the Js Headquarter.

But, why were they attacking Megaman??

And the weird part was, there were no human soldiers there. Only robots, ONLY robots.

The first wave of attack was the electric rabbit. From its two ears, fired out huge lightening waves, in trying to shock Megaman to death. Megaman dodged the lighting waves easily, and from his left hand fired out a fireball. He destroyed the electric rabbit easily.

The first wave of attack was positioned at the gate. He finished the enemy easily. Where was the next wave? And what would the next line of enemy??

Megaman stepped into the gate, and walked into the courtyard before a huge door. He looked around, in searching for any extra danger there.


He then fired another fireball onto the door, in blasting the door open.

He entered the headquarters, but he didnt expect the trap behind the door.

There are two cannons behind the door, firing multiple value of attacking dishes shaped like Chun-Lis bracelets. All attacking dishes were like missiles, in rushing after Megaman.

What!? What the heck happened this base!? Megaman shouted as he tried to dodge the attacking dishes. But, the dishes flew back toward Megaman again after it missed him.

Megaman had no choice but to destroy the dishes that were attacking him. He then jumped onto the fortified wall and threw out two more fire-waves, in destroying the two cannons.

What happened? Megaman muttered.

He jumped past the two destroyed cannons, and ran around the hallway, in trying to find any helpful clues. The hallway was a bit tilt upwards.

But the third wave of attack hid there. The ceilings had many holes, dropping several sphere-shaped with the size of a softball high-voltage electric balls onto the ground. The worse thing was, the hallway was a bit upward tilted, hence, the balls would roll down toward Megaman!!

Megaman shot multiple fireballs and destroyed the attacking balls. But the ceiling kept dropping them. There would be no end of them unless he did something different.

Fuck it! Why theres no end to those damn attacks!? Megaman complained.

Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster! Megaman mumbled as he shot more fireballs onto the balls. The more he destroyed the balls, the more balls coming at him. The rate of shooting become quicker and quicker.

But, they kept coming.

Megaman decided to use another attack. He jumped onto the wall and with the launcher pad at his back, pushing him onto the wall. What was he doing there?

to be continued


Chapter 10: “Zero Counter” continued…

Dammit! I will finish you all fucking off after I fully charged my cannon!!

He kept charging the power onto his left-handed cannon.

After several minutes, as he found a space between the balls, he jumped back to the floor.

NOW, LEMME FINSH ALL YOU FUCK UP! Megaman shouted and fired a giant fireball, with the size of four times the size of a bus.

This giant fireball not only swiped out all the attacking balls on the floor, but also destroyed the launchers at the ceilings. Loud explosions nearly deafened Megaman, but it wasnt important. He needed to find Zero and fast. Now he also needed to find out what had happened to the base.

He ran past the hallway and arrived at a courtyard at the end of the hallway.

The fourth wave of attack was there.

There are five flamingo-shaped robots lining up at the top of the hill in the courtyard. Each fired out a buzzing saw toward Megaman.

Goddamn it! Megaman was mad, and he shot out 5 more fireballs, each at one buzzing saw coming from five different angles.

The worst part is, the fireballs were ineffective to the saws!!

The five saws were drawing closer to him. One even drew close to his neck.

Am I finished? Megaman thought. Suddenly, a flash of thinking came.

Fine! Let me do it! Megaman tried the plan he just thought of: run past the saws and destroy the flamingos!

And he got it! But the five saws were not going to give up like that. They kept chasing after him. He needed something to block the saws.

Finally, he found a good object to block the saws: A wall, a metal wall, a titanium wall.

He ran over the wall, and hid behind the wall.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!

The five saws finally gave up and dropped onto the ground.

Megaman then left the courtyard, and climbed up the hill. There was a secret passage to the head office through the hill.

Climbing up the hill sure wasnt pretty at all. As he arrived at the top of the hill, he found the fifth wave of attack: Two manually controlled battling robots. Intelligent robots inside the driving seat were controlling the two manually controlled battling robots. The driving seat was wide open that Megaman can see who was exactly driving the battling robots.

Megaman, this is your funeral! The intelligent robot at the right side said as he controlled the battling robot to lift up its right hand, preparing to fire a rocket launcher that can fire 10 missiles with only a shot.

Megaman was trapped. The battling robot at the left side caught Megamans head. Now, Megaman couldnt move. All he could do was struggle.

Easier than I thought. I will go and report the boss that Megaman had been captured. Then I will show him your corpse. Bwoahahaha! The intelligent robot at the right side said, as he turned off in heading toward the principles office.

As the right battling robot climbed down the hill toward the principles office, the controller inside the driving seat heard several footsteps from behind. Sounding like something was following him.

It was another battling robot, the left-sided battling robot.

Have you killed him yet? The right-sided intelligent robot asked as he turned his head around. But He didnt see another intelligent robot inside the driving seat. It was Megaman sitting inside the driving seat!!

Looks like Megaman had already destroyed the intelligent robot at the left side with his hand cannon again

I am looking for the boss too. Megaman replied with a smirk, a evil smirk, a smirk that even a robot would be scared of.

You you!! the intelligent robot was pissed off, and controlled the battling robot to fight against Megamans battling robot. Megaman only gave out a chuckle, within a second; both battling robots got into fighting stance.

In the next second, both war robots started fighting, like wrestling. But in the next few seconds, both of the battling bots were stuck together. By what? It was Megamans plan all along: Using the bots hands and grasp the opponents hand tightly that the opponent cannot move any longer.

F Fuck! the enemy shouted, he couldnt get the bot out of the way. A dark shadow covered him up. He wondered what the dark shadow was. It was Megaman, standing on top of the battling robot.

Promise me, do not fight again. He stared down toward the intelligent robot inside the driving seat with his left hand cannon aiming at him. Promise me, get your ass out of here, and never come back.

I I I promise!! yes, the enemy was scared. After all, this robot still wanted his life.

I hate to do it But Its for the world peace So Megaman started. His cannon started charging.

So what? the enemy didnt notice the danger.

SO I WILL HAVE TO DESTROY YOU! Megaman shouted as he fired out a hot fire wave that completely destroyed both battling robots. Simultaneously, Megaman jumped off from the two battling bots.

Fifth wave of attack is dead.

Quick, quick, quick Megaman muttered as he continued his way.

As he arrived at the principle offices front gate, the sixth wave of attack came.

Goddamn it! Megaman complained. It was a giant snowball with the size of an traditional American house rolling down right toward Megaman!

Megaman barely dodged the snowball. But another one came right after the first snowball. Again, Megaman dodged it. The more snowballs he dodged, the more snowball kept coming.

Dammit! This wave is not sweet! Megaman mumbled to himself.

Finally, he saw the source of attack: A bird-shaped robot at the top of the hill, throwing down a golf ball. As the golf hit the hill, it rolled down, and got bigger gradually. Oh, thats how it attacks

I Do Not Have That Much Time To Megaman wasnt happy about the attack. His left hand cannon aimed at the snowball, charging.

SNOWFIGHT! Megaman finished the sentence with a hard blow of fire wave, destroying both the snowballs and the source of attack at the same time! Again, there came out loud explosions.

Megaman gave out a deep sigh. Finally, he had finished all different waves of attack before he arrived at the principles office.

But, the mission was not yet completed.

Well done Megaman. A voice came inside the principles office. It came from the speaker inside the office.

Who the heck is that!? Megaman demanded for the answer. He wanted to know who had altered the programming of all the robots.

Do not worry me, worry about your friend. Let me show you a familiar face. The voice continued.

A door at the opposite side of where Megaman stood opened. Out came another robot. Unfortunately, the office light was turned off. All Megaman could see was the outline. But there came a bad feeling.

Zero, the person standing in front of you is your enemy, destroy him. The voice kept going.


As the light came on, Megaman could see Zero standing in front of him. Zeros eyes were blank. His right hand was holding his lightening saber, his long, blond hair was waving like there was wind blowing around him.

Zero No Megaman muttered.

To be continued.


Chapter 11: The Mutant War-zone

What happens when a person was found to be abnormal?

What happens when a person was found to have destructive power?

The other regular people detests him.


Because they are abnormal.


They think the people with abnormality are monsters.


They are scared to see the truth that they are abnormal.

A question rises:

If you found out that one of your friend has mutant power, what would you do?

Hate him? Help him? Love him? Encourage him?

The answer lies differently among different people.

Street Fighters are fighters with superior power.

X-Men are fighters with mutant power.

Are they all abnormal?


Do they deserve to die?


Do they deserve to be treated like regular human?


Thats why X-Men fight. They are fighting for the right to be treated equally with other human beings.

America, Summer time.

A secret hideout.

A bedroom.

Cyclops was wearing his red quartz glasses, blue T-shirt along with white shorts. He also wore a pair of slippers. He was pacing around his bedroom. After a few minutes of pacing, he finally stopped pacing and lied onto his bed. He was considering something that was eating him.

What was eating him?

Some problem, of course, but what kind of problem?

Was it his power that troubled him? Nope. He could control his power perfectly.

Was it about her girlfriend Jean Grey? Nope. Their relationship were going quite smoothly, even though Logan (Wolverine) was somewhat involving between their relationship.

Was it about the X-Mens future? Close. The X-Men are getting along quite well. They are also searching for more people with mutant power, and help them to get along with the people around him/her. But There was an unexpected danger drawing close to them.

What was the unexpected danger?

Knock, knock, knock. Sounds of knocks came from the bedroom door.

Come in. Cyclops reacted to the knock. He was still lying on the bed. His eyes are closed.

Dear, time to have a meeting. It was Jean Grey. She had red hair along with orange tight clothes.

Comin up. Cyclopes replied. He sat up with his left hand rubbing his hair. He gave up on thinking about the trouble.

Listen, there must be somebody doin a spy over here! Logan shouted. He was not wearing his mask. He was wearing white T-shirt along with blue jeans.

But who? Tell Gambit. The person with brown hair, along with red eyes said. He was wearing brown coat along with black armor.

I dont know, but I smell spy. Logan reasoned.

Gambit do not see any spy over here. Gambit think that the enemy made a secret link to our base. The person with coat answered. It seems that he called himself Gambit instead of I. How weird

Enough talking, I am sending a troop to find out the source. The person in a yellow electric armchair said. He is Professor X, also known as Xavier.

Alright! I will go! Logan said. He was very energetic. He liked to move around, and he was slightly impatient toward some situation. However, he was still learning.

Logan, you are not going. You stay. Professor X commanded. And you too, Gambit.

What!? Gambit and Logan were not pleased with Professor Xs decisions. They tried to object this decision, but they received only cold stare in return.

Cyclops, Storm, and Rogue will do the mission. Professor X finally decided.

Cyclops didnt say a word. He was still thinking.

What had happened, exactly?

Two months ago.

The alarm went wild in every sector of the headquarter.

The alarm showed that there was an intruder in every sector.

But… how?

All sectors are buried underground. How would intruders get into every sector!?

By digging an underground cave!?

But how?

If digging an underground cave, then only one sector will sound the alarm, not every sector. The alarm sounded in EVERY sector There must be something else disturbing the headquarter.

Since then, nearly every member of the X-Men didnt get good sleep, in trying to prevent intruder in invading the base.

But there was never an intruder in the base.

All they could find was only the alarm switch being opened. They couldnt find any secret passages that led to the alarm switches.

Something was terribly wrong.

It was what bothered Cyclops.

to be continued