Final Fantasy VI - Two Terras

Didn’t really think this had a place in GD as it’s a youtube video:


I found a glitch with the GBA cart of Final Fantasy VI, so I posted it on YouTube.

It shows the whole battle with Kefka (including the first phase) so if you wanna just skip it all and get to the point of the video, skip to the part where Final Kefka comes down. You’ll see I have 2 terras.

What. The. Fuck.

wow, that was pretty cool.

Since your copied character has dualcast, I assume it retains all of the equipment as the first character. Does this mean that you can reequip your weapon and shield on that character and keep it in your inventory, as in duplicating paladin shields and any weapons?

Since you don’t get control of your character after the Final kefka battle and the game simply ends, no you can’t duplicate any of the items the cloned character is holding.

Can’t you equip/unequip stuff from the Item menu during battle?

The name of the video is mis-leading as neither Terra is particularly fucking.

First off, thanks to DanielRGT for finding this out.

Secondly, I am now the proud owner of two paladin shields.

You can only duplicate Terra. If you try to duplicate another character, Terra will jump on screen, even if she wasn’t on any of your three teams. This sucks because you can’t steal any extra ragnaroks/ultima weapons.

Make sure all of your characters are dead in the first battle, your character will not duplicate if you have two or more of them alive from the second battle on.

Once you get to Kefka’s final form, Terra will just pop in as shown in the video, de-equip both shields for bucklers or nothing (so you won’t lose a good shield to the duplicate character) in your item screen, and you can do the same for the weapons.

Kill Kefka, wait until the long ending sequence is over, save, and you then have two paladin shields in your inventory.

Aw shit I was found out :sweat:

This is every GameFAQS members wet dream.