Final Fantasy XI Beta

Anyone actually playing this then? For those who aren’t aware, the FFXI beta is free with this month’s Official Xbox Magazine in Europe and USA. Takes a good four hours to install and about 5meg on your hard drive.

I’m playing as a Red Mage Tarutaru in Windhurst (my name is Jipped) and I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing. I’m still Level 1, so I’d be good company for any fellow noobs at this game.

Any takers?

I assume you meant 5GIGS?

Bah, 5 gigs. You win, I lose.

No, I was really just making sure.

How big is the 360 HD? 5 gigs is a hellofa big chunk it seems like…

This is only for the 360 right? And not for the reg xbox?

Wow, old bumpage.

Saffron - yeah, it is. It’s a big ol’ chunk o’ memory change. Takes a good few hours to install everything too.

9999 - Xbox 360 only (well, and PC and PlayStation2). I’ve kinda lost patience with this game now but still, if anyone here is on the Ragnorak server…

Is FFXI for the Xbox 360 tied into the same servers as the PS2 and PC people are using? Cuz I know PS2 and PC people can play together, are Xbox 360 people playing along side them?

yes you can i believe…no mic use though

FFXI is a waste of time. Great way to break up relationships…lose braincells…hell, even kill yourself. :lol:

personally i love it…doesnt destory my life…probobly because i had a life before i started playing it…

I just can’t stand MMORPG’s. They’re so…uncompetitive. Outside of leveling up it’s basically like a role play on aim with graphics. “I can level up faster than you can” is not competitive gameplay at all to me. I already waste enough time on aim…don’t need to that stuff in vid game form.

well i dont think they are about competition…it about unity in finding good members for good parties for essicanly doing quests easier and fast…but most of the games are lvling up with is a downer (mostly just FFXI) not so much in WoW but i do love having other things to do…but what you just said is what most people think actually what i thought and found its not true

I play final fantasy XI pretty often (on Quetzecoatl server). I basically just use it as an excuse to shoot the shit with my friends I don’t see much anymore. Most of the time we just do non-standard stuff anyway, like naked races from country to country. Those PVP battles are nuts though, very competitive. (Ballista is what it is called)

exactly what i do but i lvl up while doing that then when im not with my friends i do quests

Footsy - as already answered, you can play with PS2 and PC players (hella bots on some servers because of it) but no voice chat. Therefore, a USB keyboard is really the only way to go.

Anyway, I kinda agree with Devil Jin. The only thing that separates a Level 75 from a Level 10 is the amount of time invested into the game, really. There’s no element of competition and skill isn’t really a factor (besides finding a cute party configuration and ensuring there are no idiots amongst your group). It’s a nice game to play while chatting shit with friends but that’s about it. I hate the grinding in FFXI, it’s far too long and repetitive, even with friends.

Still, I started again as a white mage after beta, and it’s hella fun running around the server healing random people.

final cut - what’s Ballista like? I don’t think I’ll ever level up enough to try it but it sounds interesting.

Ballista is this kind of pvp game where teams get together and fight other nations. Like Windurst Vs Bastok, whatever. Fun to watch.

Just don’t be a Paladin. Nobody likes Paladins.

I thought nobody liked Summoners. Or Beastmasters.

Dude, I was a summoner, that shit was awesome. Now I’m just working on being a monk. That shit is damage central. I have the most fun soloing lately in low levels, so I’ve just been working on any character that can use hand-to-hand.
My past faves have been SMN, RDM and BRD, but lately I have been really into kicking ass with MNK.

Oh, when I meant nobody liked, I meant in party set-ups. Like, you never see Summoner or Beastmasters in parties. I really wanted to play as BRD but I knew I’d never really stick with the game long enough to see it out. I could have done it on the noobie Hydra server but on Ragnarok, everyone is high level so partying is a pain. I think I stopped around level 13 or 14 or so (as a WHM taru). Was planning on getting BLM as my sub. Meh.

I uninstalled this last night but like a complete dipstick, forgot to cancel my subscription first. Man. I’ve got a fun Saturday of re-installing ahead…