Final Fantasy XI Texas Players Status

59brd/30blm/27rdm/17rdm/15thf/11war/10sam/Rank 6 - on Fenrir - I like my server though.

Hey dorks: Considering there’s an upcoming worldshift to new servers, assuming SE released more information on it so we could see if shifting wouldn’t be a shot in the dark, is it something anyone is considering or thinking about?


Way to bring this thread back from the grave Joe. Go harvest crystals ya bum.

Going to new server with 2-3 of my friends.

Rich Thief in Asura - Motherbear

Yeah, if they don’t continue to be annoyingly obscure I will definitely consider it. As it stands now, I might not even end up on the same server as you monkeys.

52 RNG, 49 NIN, 40 WAR, 39 THF, 32 PLD, 33 SAM, random other jobs below 30.

Alexander server