Final Fantasy XI Thread-nasty

Final Fantasy XI Thread

Instead of posting in negrow thread, I’ll just make a thread about it. So post anything about ff11 here…
Post up people…

Name: Boentiful
Server: Leviathan
Level: 22 monk/9 thief

Just got a chocobo and went to sandoria for no reason yesterday… i didnt like it… trying to be dragoon/ninja or ninja or monk/thief

Name: Linsivi
Server: Leviathan
Level: Elvaan F 18 Red Mage / 7 White Mage

Currently hanging out in San d’Oria (you get levels here faster in the early game than in Windhurst :D)

Planning on using whm until level 30, the I’ll decide what I really want to do. Paladin / Warrior looks bomb, so does Beast Master / White Mage.

Rumor on the street is chocobo licenses are going down to level 15 sometime next week, so my whm should be well above that by then :).


Name: Swerve
World: Ragnarok

20 Thief / 10 Warrior

Just got my Chocobo last night. Word. Gonna probably be come a Samurai/Warrior or Samurai/Thief when I hit 30. Because Samurais are the shit.

Name: DrewDub
World: Leviathan
Race: Human
Job: lvl 1 (…) white mage

…I’ll start playing soon as I move, I’ll bet!

tight ragnarok!!! samurais are the shit!! i was gonna sam/war, but damn dark knights are tight, so im either gonna sam/drk or drk/sam. which do u think will be better? they say great katanas arent all that great, then again neither are great swords. either way, i get HELLA tp.

lvl 11 war galka
i miss leviathan… ragnarok is hella crowded

i also heard the level cap is at 70 and they might raise it to 75.

Scythes are a Dark Knight’s best weapon. **

…because it’s the best world. :wink:

Name: Opm
Server: Kujata
Level: Tarutaru 30 Whm/15 Rdm

Suck on that, cockboys.

EDIT: The current level cap is 70, every few months, it get’s raised by 5.

man, i know sythes are the best for dark knights, but theres something about swords…

i heard guillotine does hella damage. and with sam sub ill be doin that hella. the thing is that it doenst skill chain with many things.

should i sam/drk or drk/sam???

Name: basilita
Server: Leviathan
Job: lvl 15 whm

Going for Ranger/theif because they kill everything for free.


i always agree with rat, nasty.

Nice ^^ Japanese Style

Name: Goenitz
Server: Leviathan
Level: Tarutaru 21 Rdm/11 War

Most likely goin Bard/Ninja or Dark Knight/Ninja just cause Taru Dark Knights look too bomb. Josh I would say Dark Knight/Sam before Sam/DK just cause if you sub DK your magic becomes almost useless because you won’t have hardly any mp. **

ok yeha i think im gonna drk/sam. but yeah, sam armor looks tight!!! haha maybe ill switch just to take pictures. hahaha…

oh yeah, today at work, during lunch, i went WAR on someone and /ja “Provoke” <t> them. then he wanted to fight me. but then i had to go back to work so i left him hella pissed. he got banned from the mall, then security came down and got my name and phone number. i think i might need a new job if they find a reason to ban me from the mall. if i do, ill go down to level one. right now im a lvl 30 cashier/ lvl 15 gamer.

EDIT: are u still banned cody?

Random SS I took while doing Chocobo Quest. I took a lot, but I kinda like this one. The rest were so random cause I was bored out of my mind. Yup **

Name: Anzo
Server: Alexander
Race: Hume
Class: 12 RDM, 15 WAR

Haven’t been very interested in playing it lately…

This downtime is a bitch. First it was until 5pm, now 7pm. Motherfuck.

Ya it’s getting a little ridiculous. Taking a wee bit too long. The notes for the next patch look pretty cool. Except all these level 15 people will be able to get chocobo lisences. That’s semi-annoying. Atleast the riding time is shortened for them and all that. **

yay! lvl 15 to ride chocobos! man… im currently lvl 12. trying to make money so i can buy a great sword.

drk/sam all the way!!!

anyone in ragnarok wanna pt?? message me.