Final Fantasy XI Thread-nasty

Just got level 23. Woot. Now I’m taking a break. And I shall now direct you to JPN videos of the high level Weapon Skills. This is pretty bomb.

Name: Tweak
Server: Migardsomr (with ma friends and the SA goons :D)

I do believe I’m addicted :frowning: I got bored after a while with warr when I was in the beta, but mage is extremely fun.

Red Lotus Blade and Dark Harvest are my fav so far. I don’t think they are on that site though.

P.S. My av is tight! <3 **

those ws are called something different in english right? becaue i was trying to find them to see what level i would need to be to learn them, but i couldnt… but yes, they were tight.

lvl 13 war

going to sub rdm until lvl 30

and yes, sean ur av is tight!

Yeah they’re not there because these are the highest weapon skills for all the weapons in the game.

And your av is crazy tight.


31 Dragoon / 30 Warrior / 13 Bard / 9 White Mage / 12 Monk

God, I’ve been sitting at 31 for like 12 days now. Wish my fgt friends would hurry up.

Just got lvls 24 and 25 last night. Was going mad nuts in this one party, pulling 200+ exp chains three to four times in a row. That was crazy nice. Dunno if I should start looking for my Kahzam keys now or just go to 30 here in Qufim.

Are you goin Ninja or Sam or something? **

My “free” trial was set to end and I decided to just give all my money (about 36000) to my linkshell leader and cancel my account. The game has lots of cool features and improvements in certain areas, but I couldn’t help just being bored with it overall.

I might just end up doing both the Ninja and Samurai quests for the hell of it. I might level up both my Thief and Warrior so I can use both of them and just use them whenever I feel.

update… level 15!!! at this rate, im going to be doin my jub job quest real soon!!!

whats a good palce to level solo at level 15? tahrongi is all easy, except for the even matched dhamels…

i pt’d with a high level dark knight today. he did the ws that were on that video! i was like damn!!! too bad i didnt gain any xp…

You’ll need Kazham pass eventually. Especially if you’re getting Samurai or Ninja Quests. Might as well get em now.

I wanna see a Samurai use his two hour and Renkei by himself. That’d be tight. **

Word. I got reeeeeal bored last night so I stayed up until 4:30 getting all three keys. Rock. I also need to kill some tigers for their teeth. 3 of them for a quest in San d’Oria gives you 2100 gil.

Seansean, I’ve seen a Samurai do that. Well not renkei by himself, but laying WS after WS. It’s scary as all hell seeing a Samurai do 5 Penta Thrusts with his polearm. BY HIMSELF against an evil weapon.

EDIT: Josh, if you’re 15, expect to start partying. It is DAMN hard to level a warrior by your lonesome. It’s possible, but that’ll take way too long. You need to be in a party. And you need to tank for them. Hehe. Go to the Valkurm Dunes for lvl 15-20. That’s where I was. Gotta get the subjob quest done anyway, might as well hang there.

yeah ive seen then pentathrust thing… i think u can do mulipiles even without using the 2hr if ur a hgh enough samurai… becasue of his gained tp thing, by the time all five hit, he might have 100%.

is the sub job quest hard? is that where i need to be to do it anyways??

another thing, i get invites to parties all the time… but then sometimes i dont trust them… because ive been let down by many white mages who dont heal someone who hold a lot of aggro. i know when to provoke and i do it really well. i thought there were a lot of warriors out there, but it seems like theres just arent many GOOD warriors out there.

23 mnk/ 15 thf right now

woulda gotten to lv 24 if i actually got a good group last night… it was nasty… 1 hour looking for group, got one, someone died, looking for raiser, 2 ppl left, another hour looking for group, got one, someone died, looking for raiser, and so on so on so on…

fucking grosstron… 3 hours for nothing… shoulda studied for art final instead

where do you get the kahzam airpass?

Qufim is just ugly. I don’t like it. Exp isn’t even that great. It’s like a low budget peninsula/maze with way too many people. It’s pretty ugly. It’s like the stuff that’s worth killing requires you to be buffer then most of the people there are. It’s fuckin dumb. I don’t see why people are hyped off of it. SS of random taru’s and me waiting for groups in Qufim. Stupid place **

Exp not that great?! Come on now, Sean. You’re probably just not hunting at the right places in Qufim. Unless you know of another place that’ll give crazy awesome exp from lvls 20-25, I highly suggest Qufim. Go in front of the tower and/or hunt at the lake. Pugils and Giants give mad exp. I got there at lvl 20 and for the 5 levels I was there, I never got a kill below 100 exp until I got lvl 25. Worms for 20-21, Crabs and Pugils 21-23, everything else from 23-25. Getting invited to a PT is crazy difficult there unless you’ve got your crew there with you. shrug

Boentiful: The Kahzam pass can be acquired by gathering three keys: one in Yughott Grotto, one in Palborough Mines, and one in Giddeus. The keys are rare drops.

Rare drops from like random yagudo’s orc’s etc. ?

I had my first good party in Qufim earlier and the exp isn’t that bad. Bomb exp is the maze lvl 12-16. That’s like 100+ and you can chain. Qufim isn’t quite that good but it’s still good. All the groups I’ve been in have been scared to fight Potemkins but I wanna kill them. We were fighting crabs and that was easy for good exp. It’s just hard getting a group and once you do the chances of it being good aren’t very high. Too many random people beind stupid.

Example: Earlier today we had to wait like 30 minutes for this guy cause he wouldn’t go back to hp. Wanted a raise. His hp was in Pt. Jeuno. 3 of us got raised in Pt. Jeuno and came out there and he refused to go back to hp. That’s the kind of people that give me a bad impression of Qufim. **

Yeah drops from certain Yagudos, Orcs, and Quadavs. Forgot which ones, though. Try and bring a thief with you. Treasure Hunter comes into play so much when looking for these things.