Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2


Are these games worth getting? I’ve seen comments on it and people are 50/50. I just want something different to play, my game library almost consists of fighting/shooters only.


You get 50/50 answers because it is a 50/50 game. Some like it, some hate it. I wouldn’t mind the linearity of the game if the characters didn’t suck so much cock(Hope being the most annoying)… and if the combat system didn’t gag on top of the sucking… You can tell which side of the 50 I’m on.

Games are cheap now, try it if you want to.


FF13 is really an all or nothing game if you’re used to the older, more complex style of JRPGs. I would say it’s a holiday romance at the least than a game you’d want to keep around.


There is a part in the game were you are unable to use regular attacks. This is a good chunk of the game too. In fact the whole first part of the game is like one big unskippable tutorial. Complete with whiny retarded characters making stupid expressions at the ground because talking is to hard when your emo hairstylist isn’t around to agree with you.


Hmm… I ended up buying Heavy Rain brand new. Been a while since I bought a PS3 game since I got my 360. Still 50/50 on this game.


I really enjoy 13 and 13-2. Do not expect the gameplay to be the most fun new thing you’ve ever played though. You play more of a strategic mind, while the characters do the work. (before you give this flak, how many times in 1-6 did you just mash A on attack until the battle was over?) The paradigm system is really great, I feel the story is enjoyable. Xiii-2 gets better in some aspects, worse in others. I would really recommend these games simply because of lighting returns coming out this year, look up a video for that one. :wink:


You can do much better than FF13.


Like getting Ni No Kuni.


The irony of Final Fantasy XIII is that the characters who were most poorly received in the West(Vanille and Hope) are the most well-written characters in the game, while Lightning and Snow are one-dimensional paper dolls with zero depth or intrigue of any sort. Hope is the only character who develops at all throughout the story, and Vanille is a well-presented personification of the adage “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” that subverts the genki girl archetype that has, by now, become commonplace in the Final Fantasy series.

I think everybody can agree that Sazh is a badass, though.

I’m… so sorry.


Lol Heavy Rain isn’t that bad… so far. I keep hearing about Ni No Kuni, never looked into it.

Eh? So the computer plays the game for you?


It’s a good game. But girly men (i actually came from the PS era) use the common rants given to every FF in the past during it’s release. It was good, different, challenging, and the protagonist wasn’t a crying around 70% of the game because of self amnesia while being haunted by cross dressing long grey hair antagonists.

13-2’s monster capturing was fun as hell too.


my main problem with that game, was that it was way too lifelike. i have my own kids that i can play with. i don’t need to play with these digital kids as well.


I see. I also read people complaining that you can’t really explore? I think the only FF I owned was 7. I remember borrowing 10 from my friend, it was awesome.

I see. I also read people complaining that you can’t really explore? I think the only FF I owned was 7.

I lol’d.


Yeah, the lack of exploration was one of the major complaints. You literally walk in a straight line for the first half of the game. Your combat options are also limited during that time as well.

The problem with the game runs much deeper than exploration, at least for me. The crystarium tree is mostly worthless because it gives you no room for customization until the end game, and at that point, your characters are already established, and to deviate from their roles would be foolish and time-consuming. The weapon customization is a crapshoot; you use items to boost their experience and upgrade them, but you don’t know what kind of effect the item has on a weapon until you use it. The problem is compounded when you realize that certain items are really hard to find, so you end up grinding.


Ergh. I hate grind fest games, and I used to be an MMORPG player.

I was also considering buying God of War III, and Metal Gear Solid 4, but these games need to be played from the start right? I’ve missed out on so many exclusives. :frowning:


Both games have HD collections if you want to catch up.