Final Fight 2 ending question

I recently completed that old school fighting action game, Final Fight 2 (on easy, no less) And all I got was credits. No music, no outro… eh? Do I have to complete it on higher difficulty to get one?

nope thats all. only thing good that came out of final fight 2 was maki. other than that go play battle circuit

Complete this turd of a beat-em-up in its highest difficulty and you’ll get a sappy ending of Maki reuniting with her family, Guy’s wife writing him a letter and at the end a brief scene of Guy (in his travels) in a boat reading the letter an-

Man, fuck that. Guy’s ending in “Street Fighter Alpha 2” pretty much retconned most if not all of Final Fight 2’s story. FF2 sucks, FF3 is decent at best w/lots of good ideas that I wanted to see implemented further. Never played FFS or FFR, but the original FF, 20 years later is still king of all Final Fights.