Final Fight (Arcade) perfect movie

Final Fight (Arcade ver.) completed from start to end without getting hit, i made this movie years back it took me like 3 months to finally complete perfect without taking any damage.

Anyways Enjoy!..

Final Fight Video


You should know better. VIDEO Section, not GD.

I was wondering how you’d fight Abigail without getting hit. Pretty much impossible to beat that motherfucker without a weapon (on a no damage run, that is). You eventually run out of guys to throw at him. I’m also surprised you didn’t even use the crowd control attack at all. I’ve played this game a lot on SNES and I have to say this was impressive since you can have more than three baddies on the screen simultaneously, nice work.

I’d love to see a no damage Haggar run on the hardest difficulty :wgrin:


Wow…impressive. Lol

wow… at least tell me that was done in sections at least and not all at once

In before lock/move! GET EM, SEP!

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well done chuck :tup:.

Great vid. What I like about this one, not because of the not getting hit, but because there is major use of the WEAPONS. I’ve seen other vids, while also good and a no death vid, but it seems like the guy flat out refused and intentionally didn’t use the weapons. I love the weapons!

Thanks all for all the comments!.. :slight_smile:

I’ll assume you didn’t know where this belongs because you were working so hard on the video, but this is the only time I’ll let you slide, so remember next time.