Final Fight cartoon?

So there was a crappy Final Fight cartoon too?

I thought there was only a crappy Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Megaman.

Is this true ? How long did the FF cartoon last? :xeye:

holy cow!
i wanna know too!

Wow! that’s amazing! And great! Even though I could take or leave seeing the Street Fighter cartoon, a Final Fight cartoon seems so unlikely that it is even more appealing. I can’t believe they did this. In 1995 no less!

We talked about this link at a long time ago. No one’s seen it. There’s no pics, don’t know what’s up with that link. So if anyone has any info I’d like to know too.

Wonder what happened to it. The only thing I remember was the one episode called Final Fight that had all the cameos. The show must’ve been one of those “straight to video” shows…I guess…

Yeah, most of us saw the Street Fighter episode called Final Fight. Still don’t know what’s up with that link though.

maybe it was in works but the whole thing was scrapped for that one episode on the animated street fighter series.

That’s the most likely scenario.

Who wants to bet its some mix up regarding the US SF cartoon? After all the FF chars showed up on that show, and/or this was a cartoon that was going to be done but then never saw the light of day (I remember also seeing an IMDB listing for an unproduced Robocop cartoon as well)


Damn beat to it.

Yeah the forum there had someone who said that. The only thing that throws things off is Poison and Abigail’s appearance in the voice actors roster. I don’t remember either of them being in that episode. I could be wrong but I doubt it. I think it was just Cody, Guy, Haggar, El Gado, Rolento and Belger…

Plus Sodom, Jessica, Andore, Damnd and Edi.E. Edi.E showed up in the end to arrest Belger after he landed on his cop car from falling out of the building. He didn’t speak though.

No info huh ?

I found it by accident.
I’m a fan of U.S, voice actors. I found out one of them is going to be at anime boston. { David Kaye }

So I went to this link :

it’s nm# 84

If it did get scrapped. Did the voice actors for Poison, Edi. E and Abigail get paid? strange.

Well anyway, looking for anything on this is hard. Like Sano said , there’s nothing on this anywhere!!!

After scouring google for some FF information I came across this screenshot:

What game is this from? I don’t recognize it.

Thats from Hyper Final Fight a Beats of Rage MOD for PC and Dreamcast. And it’s very good might I add. The only probelm is that you can’t use weapons (Since it uses the BOR engine)

You can learn about Beats of Rage mods here:

I recommend anything done by Mr Q. There’s heaps of other good stuff there too. All for free. If you have a Dreamcast I recommend you check it out. A beat em’ up with Ryu and Chun Li!

A game where Ryu and Chun-Li beat the hell out of mad gear scrubs?!

That’s really cool. Never knew stuff like that existed.

Anymore cool links ?

I wanna see more pics ! Especially of Ryu beating up bad guys ! :wow:

nigga please

I agree, that sounds cool! I’ve never heard of these things before, and yes, it would be cool to see the Street Fighter characters beating arbitrary jabronies.

The site I posted is the best place to find and download these games for free here’s the link to all the finished mods:

I recommend:

Hatchet Ninjaz - Final
A crazy hip hop flavored ninja game
HYPER Final Fight
Final Fight remixed
Alien Vs. Predator: Aftermath DEMO 2

Beats of Rage Remix
Where you can play as Ryu and Chun Li

It’s a shame that some of the image links seem to be broken. You can also play these games on MODDED PS2s and X-Boxes even GP-32.

Maybe this should be in another thread?

Final Fight 2

Awsome !!

Cool ! Thanks !