Final Fight Color of conflict contest entries

Howdy y’all, I haven’t really posted in this section before but thought a single unified thread for any entries made to the Color of conflict contest should be posted here now that no new entries will be accepted so people can’t jack others shiz and the like.

So to start things off, here’s my entry,

I hope to see the badassery that all of you guys have made too!


hawt and badass man

didnt even know there was a contest to colour that famous line work.

you did great job on your entry dude.

Fucking badass! Way to go Chrisis, I love it.

how are we gonna post anything when you post about the contest after it was over?

It’s not like I’m the one holding the contest, assumed since it was on Capcom’s blog along with other places that people had heard about it.

Nice coloring there (and art, too).

Some sweetass colors Chrisis!

Thank you all for each of your rather kind and flattering comments, did anyone else here on SRK enter?

I failed to make top 5, but these people didn’t!