Final Fight Comics from UDON!

Hey guys,

Well UDON’s just announced that we’ve added Final Fight to our Capcom comic licenses. The FF cast will be appearing in the Turbo series with many of them joining in on the tournament, and we’re also doing some FF backups stories.

Hopefully the characters will be well enough received that we can give Final Fight it’s own series down the line. :slight_smile:

Artwork and the full details are here:

Eager to hear everybody’s thoughts!

(PS, before anyone mentions it… SFIII stories were not moved back for this. The FF backups have always been planned for these 2 issues because in the main story, these issues take place in Metro City)

Excellent news, Final Fight’s an iconic game. It’s great to finally see a comic exploring it’s interesting set of characters.

Thank you

OMG thank you UDON I cant freaking believe it! finally a final fight comic ( or back ups at least)

Please do a final fight comic when these are all done,

Man this is a dream come true! Udon doing Final Fight AND Street figher!

can say how much im looking forward to these!

thats great. we’ve been waiting a long time.


(Sano gets down on his knees and cries)



(Sano gets down on his knees and cries)


This is really cool news!

I eagerly await the chance to see Guy’s story unveiled through Udon’s beautiful art.

So… is it sales that will determine if FF gets its own series?

Gonna have to put this on my pull…thanks!

:rofl: I needed this laugh after the depressing day at work due to the shut down.

Wow, sorry to hear that. :sad:

I still have my job but they’ve done a lot of restructuring and so forth to save money, killed our overtime and things like that. There haven’t been lay offs just yet but anyone who gets fired for the usual reasons isn’t getting replaced right away giving everyone more work to do. Still thankful I have a job for the time being. I have a few friends who have been let go and had to move back in with their parents.

Here’s hoping things turn around in '09. I’d hate for the United States to turn into a REAL Metro City oooh… :wasted:

finally some fuckin love foy my nigga guy!!! ok ok i havent bought sf comics since the 1st sf comic series bc i moved to ny. where is there a comic store that sells sf comics here??? sano u live in ny show me!!! lol

Closest ones to CTF that I know of.

This is a small store but for whatever reason they always hire a cute girl for the bag checks LOL! They carry SF and have an insane amount of old school toys in the back. You can take the 6 train to Astor Place and walk the difference.

This is a BIG store, it’s within walking distance of CTF, just go up Broadway until you hit 13th Street, or just hope on the 6 at Canal and get off on 14 Street Union Square.

There’s a REALLY small one that’s super close to CTF, it’s after Canal, I THIIIINK on Elizabeth St., but it’s really small… Don’t know if they carry SF though.

The next closest to CTF is Chameleon comics. SRK poster Fact4Life works there. You would have to take the J train downtown and get off at Broadway Nassau. It’s a small store but they have a great collection of TPBs.

Another big store, across the street from the Empire State Building. There’s a Black guy named Larry who works there and is very cool who knows LOTS about comics. LOL anytime some comic book story hits the news he’s always getting interviewed. Good guy to talk to and stuff, ask him about the latest comic book movie for laughs. :rofl:

The other biggest stores are run by Midtown Comics. They have two spots, one on 40th between 7th and 8th and another on 45th and Lexington. The one on 40th is better because they’ve been there longer and I’ve had lots of problems with the one on 45th getting their books on time, but SF’s always there. SRK poster Kourin-Chan used to work on the one on 40th.

Oh and there’s a Japanese bookstore nearby where you can pick up Arcadia Magazine, or sit there and flip through it for free LOL! We get Arcadia in NY like the first week of every month, so slower than the West Side and Japan - NY is a lot farther away ha ha!,0,1196359249647498391&fb=1&split=1&gl=us&dq=asahiya+new+york&daddr=52+Vanderbilt+Ave,+New+York,+NY+10017&geocode=14468292608759845815,40.754994,-73.977792&sa=X&oi=local_result&resnum=1&ct=directions-to

OK I think you’re good. :slight_smile:

cool might check out the 1st one since its close to web2zone and thats the only place i no lol. or one day we can meet up in ctf u can take me tot he one thats close by there lol. thnks alot^^

Man I haven’t been to CTF since mid December. They have Tatsunoko vs. Capcom yet? Yeah if you want PM me mid February or something. Getting ready for NY Comic Con in 2 weeks, crap load of comics to put away and look for whenever I have free time. :looney:

I hope they really cover the first Final Fight all the way to streetwise.
this is the grittier dirtier part of street fighter. i hope its a success:lovin:

I would settle for seeing Cody’s little brother Kyle when he was younger. Though I dunno know man neither Capcom USA or Capcom of Japan like Streetwise LOL! I think it’s alright if you go into the game with a big sense of humor like you’re not expecting a legendary game or anything. Just like Final Fight Revenge which is SO BAD it’s good. Zombie Belger doing the Thriller dance FTW! :rofl:


hmm… percular timing. Is there a new FF game coming out? Maybe a FF HD Remix? :wink:

hey sano mind pming me when u going to the comic con so i can go with who ever u going with. i never been to one and always wanted to. is it free to go?

Oh nah you gotta pay. I’ll PM you more info later after SRK’s upgrade-athon lol! Lots of info in the convention thread. But yeah it’s something like 30 for one day and 50 for three days IIRC. I think they stopped selling tickets online but they sell them at Midtown comics. I hear Alvin Lee of Udon is gonna be there with Lesean Thomas. Wow another on topic post from yours truly. :rofl: No Capcom this year - :bluu: - but Konami and a few other gaming companies are coming. :clapdos:

Are you going to have the balls to make Poison a man?

I hope at least it’s kept in the air (no mention of genre). Most comics read like fanfics, nowadays, where the writer just changes whatever he dislikes (Marvel, anyone?).

That could go either way, given for us US blokes Poison’s post-op officially.