Final Fight: Double Impact contest coming to a close!

Hey guys! One of my very few updates is here to letchu know that the “Final Fight: Double Impact” contest is coming to a close on the 8th (Monday). I was very fortunately selected as one of the top 5! AWESUMMM.

There is some voting to be done and there are 4 other very dope entries to check out. I say you do! Head to and (3rd Strike music plays) “make the best pick”! You guys got some tough selecting to do!

Here’s mine for those who aren’t interested in less clickin’ but more seein’, ha.

realllly? no one down on this? I’d really appreciate it guys.

my coloring sucks, so i probably won’t participate.

but wow, those are some dynamite lighting you got going there. i’m really digging it

I wasn’t even a member to capcom’s forums but I decided to sign up and at least give you a vote.

signed up just to vote. hope you get it man.

Thanks a lot for the help guys! Keep it up!

i voted on the one i liked best, which so happens to be yours.


Hey Gammon,

I thought you did a great job! I voted for you man.

Good luck and I hope you win.


Shouldn’t this be merged with this other topic that was made earlier for the same thing?

Hey grats, you won.

Congratulations dude. You definitely deserved the win; sick-ass job, especially the lighting.

Grats dude, really nice work. Crazy lighting, nice and warm above the sword, smooth and cool on the bottom half, and great rendering and texturing throughout. Well done and well deserved win.

Congratulations! Props to you!

Gammon, you have been one of my favorite artists for years man. it’s good to see you do it!!!

Yo thanks a lot guys for the votes and comments! EFFIN’ EXCITED. My trip to visit Capcom will hopefully provide me with a job, THO’ can’t get my hopes up!

Congrats on winning Gammon…your coloring is sick man.

Congratulations on the win!

congrats! you deserved it

Yoooo Gammon! Congrats man! :slight_smile: You kicked ass man!