Final fight Returns

Now what i want know is will this effect the Sf comic in anyway Udoneko?
Anybody else can reply for their opinion

P.S: I found out there was another thread for this but i would still would like to know if this might effect the comic (i.e Cody’s brother and his last name.)

Prolly not. That game seems to take place years after SFZ3. Looks like they have enough Final Fight stuff to deal with since we haven’t seen anybody from the franchise in the comic yet. Maybe there will be a shout out of Cody’s brother or they may mention Cody’s last name, but I think that would be it. Udon would probably have to acquire the rights to Final Fight for anything more.

I really hope Udoneko answers this one… or Rey, Lesean, would be interesting.

Brother?! Since when does Cody have a brother? Since when does he have a last name?
[when it suits the creators of this new game]
Final Fight was supposed to be better than Double Dragon, now it seems like Cap’s moving backwards.
I, for one, am not amused.

Since when has he not made it obvious he was joking?

Cool! Now I’m expecting to see this FF’s plot/story, although I would like to see this game in 2D.

Relex the game is going to probably be non canon anyways since it’s being made by Capcom USA.

This looks like it’s going to suck. And it looks like Def Jam + Final Fight. Atleast Guy ain’t in it.


I predict they’ll drop the “Final Fight” name and just call it “Streetwise”.

It’s not even done up in the SF/FF universe style!!!

Calling this a “Final Fight” game does a huge disservice to what was already established.
From the this site, it looks like it could be multiplayer.

Here’s hoping.

What the hell do you mean?!! The last Final Fight game(not counting ‘Revenge’)came out 10 years ago on SUPER NINTENDO. What do u expect it to look like?

Do you expect to see a future SF4 in 2D?

FFStreetwise alas isn’t multiplayer so far. The shots where Kyle is assisted by Cody and such is due to the fact that you pick up NPC allies to help you out in the game. Capcom did say that other familiar FF faces would be appearing (and I think implied that some would also be recruitable npc allies as well)

Yeah this could be a try out game depending how good it is,but comparing it’s trailer to Beatdown’s trailer its not looking that great. :rolleyes:

Then i hope the next game can be multi, if that happens.

Is it just me or does Cody look a LOT different from how he used to be? I know he lives a rough life but DAMN.

And Kyle really doesn’t look like him.

I dunno, Cody looked kinda messy and roughed up with his Alpha 3 look, as well. With Final Fight Streetwise fast forwarding what was likely quite a few years (if not an entire decade or more), it’s not inconceivable for me to picture Streetwise Cody as what Cody would look like in a game with GTA-ish graphics. Still rather jarring though since even if it does end up being more than a canon decade since SFA3, the last version of Cody we ourselves saw wasn’t THAT… drastic.

‘Relax’? So, what if it turns out to be canon? I mean, some of u r acting like the Final Fight series’ storyline is a masterpiece or something. In actuality, the whole thing is pretty retarded when u think about it.

I actually do. It makes more sence IMHO. Anyway, as far as FF goes, there is no reason so far why this shouldn’t exist in the FF universe. It’s not like their fighting aliens or something stupid like that. As for Capcom USA making it, does anyone know if CoA own the FF rights as well as the SF ones? Also, does CoJ have ANY involvement in this game? Give it some time, and the answers will surely be released…

Mohammed Ali

I am not acting like it a master peice I am just trying to calm the fans down.

note: Why would I think such a simple story would be cosinder a master peice decent maybe but a master peice never.

ps: when I say decent I mean decent as in a 5 out of 10.

this is how a rate storylines

1 abyssal

2 crap

3 poor

4 semi poor

5 decent

6 average

7 good

8 semi great

9 great

10 master peice.

hmm now that you mention it I have to rethink the score a little

Double Dragon: girl gets kidnapped and the heroes must rescue her from the bad guys.

Double Dragon 2: the Girl gets shot and killed and the heroes must avenge her death.

Double Dragon 3 : the heroes must find the scared stones and defeat a evil mummy goddess.

Streets of rage: secret criminal syndicate organization takes over city and the heroes vow to free it from it’s clutches.

Streets of rage 2: one of the heroes gets kidnapped and his friends must save him.

Streets of rage 3: heroes must save the city from the badguys again.

Final Fight : girl gets kidnapped and the heroes must rescue her from the bad guys.

Final Fight 2: Girl and a old man get kidnapped by the bad guys and the heroes must rescue them.

Final Fight 3: a evil gang lord takes over the city and the heroes vow to save it from it’s clutches.

Double dragon ( 5 )

Streets of Rage ( 5)

Final fight ( 5)

on last thought.

note 3: Come to think of it FF: streetwise storyline is very similar to street of rage 2’s storyline.

In Double Dragon 2 the Girl actually gets shot and killed and the heroes must avenge her death.

Ha ha! I knew this would appear in the SF comics section, it’s amzing how nobody questions it’s place here either, including myself ~ Ahem.
I agree that I would have preferred it in he Final Fight style, now that doesn’t mean it has to be 2d (something like rival schools), just cheese it up a little bit. Although that approach probably wouldn’t work in this day and age and it would be interesting to see Final Fight in a setting more realistic so people can live out their thug beating dreams in a real life setting.
Also I believe this game is being developed by Japan.