With the new SSF - THE Sega Saturn emulator FINAL FIGHT REVENGE is EMULATED !!! For the first time ever!

Just played it for an hour! One of the best capcom games ever! Love Poison and Edi E.!!!

Capcom should rerelease it on PSP!!!
Together with TMNT: Mutant Melee.

And Udon should play it a bit to incorporate some elements of the game into the comic!


I thought Konami did the TMNT games.


Yeh it did! I would just like to play it on my handheld instead before the big screen tv…

I hope Capcom will make another Capcom Classics Collection for PSP with the following games:

FF Revenge

It would make a lot of people happy!!!

For thoughs that have not played the game could you describe some of the moves characters like: poison, damnd, ect…

I’ve always wondered what moves capcom gave these characters. It would help give a perspective on how they would fight if they ever entered the street fighter tournament. Thank you in advance.

Here’s a link to a post I made to about 6 years ago, just after I’d imported FFR for m’Saturn. It gives an overly-detailed description of the FFR version of Poison. This thing wound up reigniting the firestorm of debate over Poison’s gender that had just begun to quiet down on that group.

I haven’t played the game in years, but some things off the top of my head:

> Damnd has a couple of “power-up” specials that involve him choking down a whole handful of pills (way to help William S. Sessions and his attract mode “Winners Don’t Use Drugs” campaign, CAPCOM USA…).

> Cody has a super that allows him to pretty much combo any sequence of punches and kicks. If this super KOs the opponent, Cody turns his back on them and says “You’re already dead” (a la Kenshirou from Hokuto no Ken / Fist of the North Star) as the opponent violently jerks about in the air behind him, as if struck by a flurry of invisible fists.

> Edi E. has a super in which he hops into a police cruiser and attempts to run his opponent over. If this super KOs the opponent, Edi E. gets a special win pose in which he steps on his fallen opponent and cuffs them.

> Rolento has a similar super, in which he gets into a military helicopter (an Apache? a Huey Cobra? I forget…) – iirc, the punch buttons fire machine guns, and the kick buttons fire missiles.

> Sodom has several of his techniques from the SFZERO series. When performing his Tenchuusatsu super (grab opponent, push him along the ground, then jumping slam him), Sodom’s path can be controlled with the lever. If Sodom pushes his opponent across a weapon lying on the battlefield, it’ll deliver an extra hit of damage to the opponent. If this super finishes the opponent, Sodom gets a special win pose: the camera rotates to an over head view as the fire generated by Tenchuusatsu becomes a flaming kanji character on the ground. There are a couple of different kanji characters – the one that appears is determined by the number of hits the Tenchuusatsu (and any run over weapons) inflicted. Two of the kanji were “death” and “misfortune”… I forget the others, but it was also possible for the flames to form a line drawing of Sodom’s face instead of a kanji.

> El Gado’s “Scorpion” fighting style was one of the only parts of the game that I thought showed good creativity/imagination (I really hated FFR). He has alot of attack poses in which he crouches with his chest, hands, and face close to the ground, holding his legs up in the air above his torso, kicking at his opponent like a scorpion lashes out with its tail.

See GalFord’s “FAQ/Move List” on for more info on the different characters’ attack techiniques.


Oh man, I’ve been waiting forever to play this!!

Could someone it me up with a detailed PM on how to get it running? I’ve got everything I need, but I only get this when I try to run it:

Yeah me too. I PM’ed this thread creator like 2 days ago, haven’t gotten a reply back.

I’ve played the game since release and it blows ass.

Anyway don’t request emulation help please, goddam I thought this would be common sense by now.

Not to mention what the hell is this doing in the art forums.


Hey, as now a lot of people are PM’ing me to how the emu is running, here is the way.

first you get
then you install it
after that you get the Saturn Bios on the Net
then you get Daemon Tools to mount a virtual cd-rom
then you mount the iso or the cue of your rom
then you start the Emulator and tell him where your Saturn bios is
then you manage the controls of the 1 pad
then you have a lot of fun!

PS: if you need the rom just google or use dc++

That last one is wrong. There’s nothing fun about that game at all.

Poison is most definately a woman. Her 3s voice was done by a female. Also you look at her Alpha 2 portraits…scratch that, any of her portraits, goddamn.

PPl just like to say she’s a man because they think it’s ‘shocking’ and ‘cool’.

blame america being opposive towards women in violent …
feminism …fuck yeah !

Hey - I have a lot of fun playing this game!
I suppose this everyone should decide for himself.


Play Capcom Classics Collection and beat Final Fight. Check Poison’s bio that you unlock after finishing the game. It tells you right there in the game that Poison’s a man. The exact quote if you want to read it without playing the game is in the first link in my sig, just scroll down to Poison’s bio.

Anyway as far as Udon adopting anything in Final Fight Revenge they are not even showing Final Fight characters in the comic so forget it. Ken Siu-Chong at the NY comic con told me that the FF characters don’t fit into what they are doing right now, it’s almost like they have their own story, and that he’d like to do a Final Fight one shot one day.

See! This thread is related to the SF comic! Um… yeah…

People say Poison is a man because CAPCOM of Japan has always said Poison is a man. People rail against this idea because they fear (quite incorrectly) that it might cast some doubt on their heterosexuality.

Learn to read Japanese.
Look up Poison in any Japanese publication concerning a game in which Poison/Roxy appeared.
Or simply read the Final Fight entry in David Sheff’s "Game Over, Press Start to Continue."
Either way, if you think a person is female simply because she sounds female and looks female, I’d advise you to be extra careful in modern singles bars and nightclubs.:razz:

EDIT: BTW, ParryAll – I continue to salute your Robot Detective avatar. NICE.


Heck, you don’t even need to learn how to read Japanese to see the male symbol in Poison’s entry in All About Capcom.

Oh noos this has become another Poison sexuality thread oh nooos…

Um yeah, by the time Udon gets to SF3 they prolly shouldn’t address Poison being a man or not, maybe give us a subtle hint or something. Wow, yet another on SF comic related post from me. :confused: :sweat:

To all final fight fans. A toy company by the name of SOTA is allowing people to vote for which street fighter characters to make for round 6.

Here is a link to the whole thing:

Please vote for HUGO, CODY, and MAKI. Show your support for the final fight series and tell all your friends.

Oh and by the way the toy company said that if HUGO wins he will come with a poison figure along side him.